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Cat lover in jail for threat to neighbour.

Byline: anna lewis Reporter

A NUISANCE neighbour threatened to "get" a fellow flat resident whom he claimed had mistreated his "precious" cats.

Serial offender John Mcarthy, 37, terrorised neighbour Christopher Rees to the point that the threats forced him to move away.

Mcarthy, of The Avenue, Mountain Ash, was already the subject of a restraining order in respect of his neighbour when he shouted threats at him from his balcony, Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard.

Rachel Knight, prosecuting, said Mr Rees had moved away from his home as a result of stress caused by the incident. She said: "The defendant appeared to say: 'I know what you have done to my cat. I have plans to get you.'" The incident came after a restraining order was imposed on Mcarthy in November 2017 following verbal threats he made towards Mr Rees.

At the time he was given a suspended jail sentence of 12 weeks.

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said: "On November 8 last year Mr Rees was made aware of banging on his door.

"There were threats of violence and abuse towards him. You made accusations towards him throughout the day." She added: "You are now 37 years old and have been before the court on 46 occasions for 88 offences."

Joanne James, defending, said Mcarthy described his cats as "precious" to him.

She said: "They are his lifeline."

Ms James added Mcarthy, who admitted a charge of breaching a restraining order, could also be left "homeless" as a result of being sent to prison.

She said: "I know there were violent threats and this has caused the complainant some stress but it has never escalated to violence. This incident was a short one - it was a matter of moments and then he went back into his flat. Any suggestion he had plans for the complainant certainly did not manifest which suggests they were perhaps empty threats."

She added: "He will lose his flat after appearing absent for months. He has eight weeks before that accommodation is lost for him, a matter which becomes serious indeed as he will become homeless."

Mcarthy will now serve his 12-week suspended sentence with a further sixweek sentence to be served consecutively for breaching his order.

Half of this will be served in custody.

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 17, 2018
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