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Cat and mouse.

On April 12, Todd Keller of Tucson, Arizona, was mountain biking in a remote area of Sabino Canyon in the foothills of the Santa Catalina mountain range north of Tucson. He was looking for a certain trail but couldn't find it, despite backtracking his path twice. During a third attempt, he heard leaves rustling nearby. It was a mountain lion, which jumped out and began sprinting toward him.

Keller recalled for the May 19 Arizona Daily Star that he was "confident this lion intended to attack." Keller realized that he had unknowingly ridden past the hidden predator twice while looking for the elusive trail, and the "third time it chased me. There is no way it could have mistaken me for its usual prey."

Keller was armed with a handgun, which he carries both for protection and as a way to signal his location should he become lost. As the lion approached, Keller braked to a stop, jumped from his bike, and turned to face the cat from a distance of about 30 feet. When Keller yelled and fired two warning shots, the animal retreated and disappeared behind a bush some 50 feet away. When it reappeared moments later and again ran toward him, Keller fired a third shot that wounded the aggressive feline, which ran off and did not return.

Keller reported the incident to Arizona Game and Fish the next day. Four days later, trackers hired by the agency found the crippled creature in Sabino Canyon and killed it.
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Title Annotation:Exercising the right: "... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
Author:Lee, Robert W.
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Date:Oct 4, 2004
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