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Casual rugs get the nod in Atlanta.

ATLANTA - Area rug suppliers aren't letting the summer slow down their introductions for the Atlanta Rug Market this week

Buyers say they'll shop for casual items, including Arts and Crafts loop-hooked pieces and updated tribals. Earthy, rich colors, such as sage, rust, rich brown and gold, are updated versions of their 1970s counterparts.

Retailers and suppliers see continued popularity for jute and sisal, as well as natural styles and colorations of all descriptions. Colored sisals and fabric-bordered sisals are appealing to customers craving style diversity.

Here's what suppliers will present at Atlanta:

AMERICAN RUG CRAFTSMEN: Will show a new printed jute collection. Six designs will be featured. A 3-by-5 retails for $39. Will present 12 new woven products using both 5 and 8 color design technology. English florals, classical designs and antique themes win be available. Price points had not been set at press time. Will feature the Woven Inset Border Collection. The program features five carpet colors and a number of woven inset patterns. A 5-by-7 retails for $300.

AMIRAN-ZALOOM: Five new designs have been added to the Sirius Collection of wool machine-made rugs from Belgium. Traditional Persian and Chinese designs and jewel tones are featured in the collection. The new designs are descended from antique Caucasian patterns. A 6-by-9 retails for $299. Additions of new patterns and colors have been made to the Melody Collection of hand-tufted Indian rugs. New English floral, Chinese floral and floral border designs are now available in a variety of colors including teal, emerald, light green, rose and navy. A 6-by-9 retails for $399.

ASIA MINOR: Will feature new designs in the existing Topkapi Ushak Carpet Collection of handspun wool, vegetable dyed pastel and neutral carpets in the traditional Ushak weave. New designs in the traditionally colored handspun wool and natural dye Avshar Carpet Collection will also be presented. Also to be shown: semi-antique Bessarabian kilims. All rugs are made in

ATLANTA RUG: Will introduce three new colorways in its Luxmi Collection of hand-tufted Indo-Aubusson rugs. Also new for the market: Pooja, a handknotted Indo-Aubusson line and Heera, a handknotted Indo-Tibetan line.

BEAULIEU: Will introduce Home Expressions, a newly styled collection of area rugs designed exclusively for furniture stores and floorcovering retailers. The introductory collection will consist of 16 original patterns in a variety of styles and colors. The nip will be available in 3-by-5 and 6-by-9 sizes and are classified by yam type. They are available in BCF olefin, set to retail at $69 for a 6-by-9; in heat-set olefin, $169 for a 6-b3,9; and heavy 2-ply olefin, ranging in price from $179 to $249 for a 6-by-9.

CAPEL: Will add a new group of wool loop hooked rugs to its Rockwell Collection. The rugs depict Saturday Evening Post covers. Seven designs in varying scatter sizes are being shown. Prices start at $129 for a 2 foot-3 inch by 2 foot-8 inch and range to $1,602 for a 7 foot-9 inch by 9 foot 8 inch. The firm is also expanding its Soumakan Collection by adding two new designs to the mix. The rugs are made of wool in Belgium and feature tribal patterns and more conservative persian designs. A 5 foot-7inch by 8 foot-5 inch retails for $780. The company also is featuring its newly designed retail ad kit in Atlanta.

CHANDLER FOUR CORNERS: Will showcase several new designs: China Shop, Forest, Small Town, Early Bird and Vines. Each is available in flatwoven or handknotted styles. The firm win also introduce a line of coordinating handmade cotton applique pillows.

CLAIRE MURRAY: Has signed licensing agreements with textile supplier Crown Crafts and yarn supplier Spin-Rite. New rugs and rug kits will be shown; prices were not available at press time.

COLONIAL MILLS: Will introduce the Potpourri Collection of wool and cotton blend rugs. Available in the firm's tight, flat Fabraid braid and the coiled Fabricord braid, the nip are offered in ovals, rounds and rectangles. Custom sizes and colors are available. Prices vary depending on size and content but typically start at $199 for a 6-by-9.

COURISTAN: Will introduce Sensations, a four-design collection of acrylic contemporary rugs. A 5 foot-4 inch by 7 foot-5 inch retails for $559. Genesis, a wool line of new tribal pieces, features intentional imperfections in the design, uneven lines and an overall subtle, muted effect. A 5 foot-2 inch by 7 foot 7 inches retails for $979. Royal Opera is a retro-inspired tone-on-tone collection made of 100 percent wool with a tone-on-tone high-low embossed effect. A 5 foot-5 inch by 7 foot-9 inch retails for $1,119. Coronado is a collection of woven jute rugs in natural, green and cocoa colorations. A 5 foot-2 inch by 7 foot-5 inch retails for $299. Three Pocahontas designs, inspired by this summer's film, will be rolled out. They will range in price from $10 to $25.

DALYN: Will introduce Colour Cafe, a new custom border rug program. It Will have 128 colors and four different textures of carpet will be available. More than 100 designs will be offered, and customers can mix and match the items. It is a high-end product for higher-end furniture stores and decorators. Prices start at $995 and mm to $5,000 for a 6-by-9. Will also showcase new designs in the Premiere Collection of polypropylene rugs. A 6-by-9 retails for $199.

EBISONS HAROUNIAN: Will feature Maharaja, a grouping of low-end Indo-Persians. A 6-by-9 retails for $349. Ethnic is a program of handmade woolen nomadic rugs with Gabbeh and Ferdous designs. A 6-by-9 retails for $499. Gulnar is a program of affordable Indo-Persians. A 6-by-9 retail for $549. In Sultan II, a program of Indo-Persians, a 6-by-9 retails for $699.

EDWARD BASHIAN & SONS: Will feature the Easthampton Collection of machine-woven goods. Five sizes and five designs are available; a 6-by-9 retails for $179. The Monterey Collection of Spanish machine-made berber-style area rugs have a floral trellis pattern. A 6-by-9 retails for $189. The Newcastle Collection of wool hand-hooked latex-backed rugs is from China. Will feature three new designs: Floral Wreath, Carnation and Garden Rabbit. A 6-by-9 retails for $299. The Kashmir Collection of wool hand-tufted rugs comes from India. A 6-by-9 retails for $450. The Classic Bukhara Collection is composed of wool rugs. A 6-by-9 retails for $799.

EMEREM: Will present the Ferreghan Collection of machine-made wool rugs from Bulgaria. They will feature traditional stylings with natural colorways. A 6-by-9 retails for $159.

FEIZY: Will introduce the Aldridge Collection of Tibetan rugs. The rugs, recreated from 19th century designs, are made of wool using a distinctive Tibetan knot. The new collection features four distinct, traditional designs: a bold geometric design of stylized flowers on lattice; decorative maize squares intertwined with foliage; chrysanthemums; and a lattice key design. Colors available are rust, brown, gold, black, plum, olive and navy. A 6-by-9 retails for $2,700.

FRITZ & LA RUE/PANDE CAMERON: Will feature Gros Point, a collection of based on old English tapestry. A 5 foot-6 inch by 8 foot-6 inch retails for $699. Lillith, an all-new tufted line, handmade in India of wool pile, features three designs. A 5 foot-6 inch by 8 foot-6 inch retails for $935. The firm will also feature a new high-end hand-knotted collection of European Kirmans. A 6-by-9 retails for $4,295. New designs have been added to the Nizam, Tuscany I and Tuscany II collections. A 6-by-9 in Nizam is $3,245; a 6-by-9 in Tuscany I is $1,995; a 6-by-9 in Tuscany II is $1,895.

HAROUNIAN RUGS INTERNATIONAL: Will show the Harvest Collection of handknotted vegetable-dyed rugs. The collection features Oushak, Sultanabad and Mashad designs in sizes from 4-by-6 to 12-by-20. Retail prices start at $599. The French Collection is a collection of Savonnerie designs produced with New Zealand wool. Retail prices start at $699. The Antiquity Collection consists of handwoven rugs in tribal, Arts and Crafts and nomadic designs. Retail prices start at $399. The Vintage III Collection is a dramatic collection of William Morris and Arts and Crafts designs. Retail prices start at $599. Le Louvre is a collection of Aubusson-woven carpets in both Aubusson and Savonnerie designs. Retail prices start at $999.

INNER ASIA: Will show two new colorways in Diamond Checkerboard and Lhasa Caravan. A 6-by-9 retails for $3,240. The firm also win start rolling out its new 2-by-3 size scatter rugs and 2 foot-6 inch by 8 foot runners. Also being previewed at this market: the Lifestyle Collection of Nepalese woven rugs. The grouping features a number of designs, including an Arts and Crafts design called La Tene. A 6-by-9 will retail between $2,000 and $2,400.

KARASTAN: Will make a number of introductions. Further information not available at press time.

L'ART DU TEMPS: Will introduce the Gianni Versace Collection of handmade wool rugs by the famed fashion designer. The rugs are part of a larger collection for the home known as the Versace Home Signature Collection, which also includes pillows, cushions, comforters and throws. A 6-by-9 rug will retail for $9,000.

LOUIS DE POORTERE: The firm will unveil two rug designs, Hadschlu and Bakhtiari. The Hadschulu is a new rug in the Marco Polo Collection. Crosswoven of New Zealand wool made on Wilton looms, the rug has geometric patterns and 300 color combinations. A 5 foot-7 inch by 7 foot- 11 inch rug retails for $499. Also new: the Bakhtiari, in the Muskabad Collection. It is a floral diamond design encircled by a feather-shaped frame, and is cross-woven of wool on Wilton looms. A 5'7" by 7 foot-11 inch rug retails for $899.

MARCELLA FINE RUGS: Will add a new design, Arts and Crafts design, 15-13A, to the existing Highgate Collection. The rug features a cornhusk-colored center medallion within a putty-colored field, intertwined with lipstick red, pine green and brush-tone leaf motifs contained within a cornhusk-colored leaf design border. Made in India of wool, a 6-by-9 retails for $1,207. Will also roll out a new design in the Seville Collection of Tibetan Weaves. Style 06-33A features a bold Art Nouveau design of stylized flowers and leaves, within a simple border in crimson. A 6-by-9 retails for $1,408.

MASTERLOOMS: Will feature four new additions to the existing Everest Collection of Tibetan-style carpets made in Nepal. Ranging from traditional Tibetan looks to bold contemporaries and Arts and Crafts designs, the rugs include three different price points ranging from $1,365 to $2,535 for a 6-by-9, depending on quality.

MER: Will introduce Inca Empire, a collection of pre-Columbian Peruvian designs reproduced in India. The collection features bold colors and geometric designs. A 6-by-9 retails for $199. Savannah is a collection of antique French Savonnerie-influenced designs produced in a wool petit point from China. These retail for $399 for a 6-by-9. Eurotek, a collection of European contemporary designs. They are hand-tufted and retail for $299 for a 6-by-9. Willow Creek is a program of Turkish style and tribal village designs. A 6-by-9 retails for $2,499. Afghan Collection is a group of one-of-a-kind Afghan rugs. Prices were unavailable at press time. Three new traditional Persian designs have been added to the Meridian Collection: a panel Kirman, a navy Sarouk with a burgundy border and a light beige all-over floral Kirman.

MIRAGE RUG IMPORTS: Will showcase new wool Turkish tufted designs from China. The rugs look like Turkish handknots. A 6-by-9 retails for $399. Will showcase a new line of wool petit point hooked rugs in Savonnerie and Aubusson designs. A 6-by-9 retails for $399. Also will showcase new wool Bidjars, Persians and florals from India. A 6-by-9 retails for $699.

MISSONI: Will introduce the Missoni Natura Collection of natural rugs. Five field designs, including wool, sisal and wool and sisal mixes are available, with a choice of seven border designs and colors. A 6-by-9 retails between $1,200 and $1,500 depending on the design options chosen.

MOMENI: Has added the Serena Collection of wool machine-made rugs from Belgium. They are a Persian designs with antique color backgrounds. A 6-by-retails 9 for $499. A new sisal design has been added to the existing Elite Collection of machine-made rugs. A 5-by-8 retails for $199. New designs have been added to the Hilo Collection. A 5-by-8 retails for $399. New border designs have been added to the Indo-tufted Contempo Collection. A 5-by-8 retails for $399. New designs have been added to the Windsor Collection of hooked rugs. A 5-by-8 retails for $299. New Aubusson weave and kilim designs will also be available; price points were not available at press time.

NATCO: Will add four new designs to the existing KidsTime Collection of interactive juvenile rugs. The new designs are Snow Valley, Town Center, Games and Construction. A 3 foot by 6 foot-7 inch retails for $29. Will introduce the Imperial Tapestry Collection of tapestry rugs in woven fabrics. A 5 foot-5 inch by 8 foot-6 inch retails for $149. Will introduce the Christmas Fabric Collection of braided rugs. A 20 inch by 30 inch rug retails for $14.99. Will also introduce the Avanti Collection of heatset polypropylene rugs. A 6-by-9 retail for $99.

NATURE'S LOOM: Will introduce S.T. Coleridge, an addition to the firm's existing Meadow Collection. The rug is inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem, Xanadu, and features nature inspirations. The firm will also include new colorations in its Golden Bough series of wool Indian rugs. A 6-by-9 retails for $1,499.

NOONOO: Will make a number of new presentations. Further information was unavailable at press time.

NOURISON: Will introduce the Windham Collection of museum-quality Persian designs. These 100 percent wool rugs are made in China of high-quality wool with a knot density of 300 knots per square inch. The finn will also roll out the Royalty Collection of 160-line Persian designs made in China. The Royalty Collection is made of wool with touches of silk.

ORIAN: Will showcase its expanded Magic Collection. This will include 14 new styles and colors in traditional heatset incorporated weave. These rugs include traditional looks, contemporary border designs and new lifestyle designs. In addition to these 14, there are 6 new designs m the new Double Worker weave. This new technology gives styles and colors an expensive-looking antique quality.

ORIENTAL WEAVERS: Will expand its Cairo, Renaissance and Amoun Collections. New colorations and designs will be added to all three collections.

SAMAD BROTHERS: Will show the Chateau Collection of Chinese 160-line rugs. A 6-by-9 retails for $1,799. Will also show the Avant Garde Collection of antique replica needlepoints made in China. A 6-by-9 retails for $1,999. Also shown will be the Royal Majestic Collection of softly colored needlepoints. A 6-by-9 retail for $1,999.

SHAW RUGS: Will introduce the Connoisseur Collection of woven two-ply heatset polypropylene rugs. They are manufactured in Ringgold, Ga., and a 6-by-9 retails for $149. Will introduce two lines of braided rugs. The first collection will feature continuity products to retail at around $299 for a 5-by-8 oval rug and the second will offer promotional products to retail at around $150 for a 5-by-8 oval rug. The firm will introduce a new juvenile collection and new patterns in the existing Pineapple Woven quality. They are made in Ringgold, Ga., and a 6-by-9 retails for $69. The finn will also roll out an extensive collection of novelty nip in its Coastal Woven line. The rugs will retail for $119 for a 6-by-9. They are manufactured of two-ply heatset polypropylene in Ringgold. Also to be shown: new colorways and new patterns in the existing Chatham Collection. They are made in Ringgold and a 6-by-9 retails for $199.

TINNIN ORIENTAL: Will introduce Feraghan, an 11-design collection woven of New Zealand wool. Inspiration for the designs originated in the Feraghan area of Northwest Persia. A 6-by-9 retails for $378. Three new designs, will be added to the existing Kasadir Collection. Each style contains 13 colors with jewel tones including ruby red, dark green, teal and navy. Cross-woven in Belgium on Waton looms, these rugs are made of 100 percent New Zealand wool and retail for $725 for a 6-by-9. Two new patterns have been added to the Beshir Collection. Each design features 13 colors cross-woven of New Zealand wool in Belgium, A 6-by-9 retails for $795.

TRANS-OCEAN: Will introduce the Windsor Collection of polypropylene Persian patterns, mad, in Belgium. A 6-by-9 retails for $399. The Gibraltar Collection by noted designer David Shaw Nicholls will make its first Atlanta appearance. The handmade collection is produced in China and includes four contemporary designs: Fez, Tunisia, Algiers and Rabat Mat. A 6-by-9 retails for $399. Stencil is a wool handmade stencil pattern made in India. A 6-by-9 retails for $399. Scrolls is a wool scroll tonal bordered pattern, hand embossed and handcarved. It is made in India and a 6-by-9 retails for $349. Cochin is a wool, self-tone embossed border, made in India. A 6-by-9 retails for $299. St. Moritz is a handloomed flatwoven cotton rug made in India. A 6-by-9 retails for $149.

Canyon is a cotton, multicolored piece with striped highlights. It is made in India, a 6-by-9 retail for $149.99. Lancaster is a cotton and jute piece in a bordered flamestitch pattern. Made in India, a 6-by-9 retails for $99.99. Mardi Gras is a jute pile flatweave made in India. A 6-by-9 retails for $99.99.

TUFENKIAN TIBETAN CARPETS: Win feature Shoowa Border, a reproduction of the traditional textile designs of the Shoowa, an African tribe from the Kingdom of Kuba, now known as Zaire. The firm will also show Doneged Branches, an abstraction of a traditional Arts and Crafts design and an adaptation of another Tufenkian rug, Donegal Black. In this design, geometric branches blooming with triangular leaves grow out of comers and stretch toward the middle of the carpet. Also to be featured: Tabriz Medallion, a traditional Tibetan design with an oversized central medallion. It is available in moss, tan and rust. Prices were unavailable at press time.

WHITNEY RUGS & CARPETS: Will expand its successful cotton chenille line of floorcloths and throws from Italy. In addition, the firm will add a new William Morris collection of wool rugs from Spain.
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