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Castles and Landscapes: Power, Community and Fortification in Medieval England. (reprint, 2002).




Castles and landscapes; power, community and fortification in medieval England. (reprint, 2002)

Creighton, O.H. (Studies in the Archaeology of Medieval Europe)

Equinox Publishing Limited, [c]2005

270 p.

$35.00 (pa)

Applying the theories and methodologies of landscape studies to the study of medieval English castles, Creighton (archaeology, U. of Exeter, UK) draws together the research of historical geographers, documentary and architectural historians, and archaeologists to present a holistic account of the interrelationship between castles and their physical and cultural landscapes, resulting in a book that is not simply about castles, but is "also a study of the impact of medieval power and lordship upon the landscape of England." He examines the military, symbolic, and administrative roles of castles; the interrelationship between castles and the medieval church; the impact of castle-building on urban settlement; and the contribution of castles to the development of the countryside. He concludes with discussion of avenues for future research. This text is distributed in the US by David Brown Book Co. and is a paperbound edition of a work first published in 2002.
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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