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Castell Howell Foods now have 12 tonners and 18 tonners from Gray & Adams.

CAMARTHENSHIRE based food and catering supplies wholesaler, Castell Howell Foods Limited, has recently ordered some 18 tonne multi-temperature vehicles from Gray & Adams (Dunfermline) Limited, having taken delivery of its first 12 tonne multi-temperature vehicles from the company last year. The vehicles are used to deliver a range of ambient, chilled and frozen foods and non-foods to catering customers, including pubs, restaurants, take away outlets, hospitals and colleges--in a region spanning from South Wales, the Midlands and down to Taunton in the South West.

The 12 tonne Iveco and Mercedes vehicles, which were specified with an external length of 6500mm and an internal height of 2200mm, are fitted with triple doors at the rear and double doors to the nearside. The triple rear door system comprises an 850mm centre door with equal width doors to the near and off sides. The bespoke side doors have an overall aperture height of 1950mm and an aperture width of 1350mm, with the individual doors being 800mm and 550mm wide respectively. To assist driver access, double flush fit folding steps are positioned below the 800mm doon For safety purposes, the steps are linked to engine immobilisers which engage when the steps are down.

To cater for Castell Howell's multi-temperature operation, the 12 tonne vehicles have variable stow, interior moving bulkheads and Carrier Supra 750MT refrigeration systems with one remote evaporator centrally mounted adjacent to the front bulkhead and a second one mounted next to the rear doors.

Martin Jones of Castell Howell Foods said: "We were seeking to change one of our two vehicle suppliers and we were familiar with the prominence of Gray & Aclaras in terms of the robustness of their bodywork. Build quality was the vital issue in our decision because we will run these particular vehicles for several years. Gray & Adams were able to manufacture unique specifications for us to cater for the vagaries of our largely urban multi-drop delivery operation."

For greater accessibility, the new 18 tonne Scania specifications have two double doors en the nearside to enable direct access into the front and rear compartments from the side of the vehicle. Access into the back of the body is via triple rear doors with Ratcliff tail lifts with 1050 alloy platforms for loading. For operational efficiency, the interior moving bulkheads incorporate sliding centre doors to enable movement between the front and rear compartments from inside the vehicle. The bulkheads are designed to move between the rear of the foremost side doors and the front of the rearmost doors. A triple temperature environment is provided by Carrier Supra 950MT refrigeration units with two MTS 1450 remote evaporators at the front and rear respectively.

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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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