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CastExpo 1990: challenging the global market.

CastExpo 1990: Challenging the Global Market

The 94th AFS Casting Congress and CastExpo '90 set for Detroit's Cobo Hall, April 21-24, is a sell-out! For those foundrymen looking for strategies to improve professional and company performance in the next decade and beyond, the huge, triennial casting exhibition and its concurrent technical conference will be the place to begin.

More than 300 leading companies serving the billion dollar metalcasting industry will be exhibiting their goods and services. Over 100 technical papers and expert panels are scheduled to help put our global marketplace into manageable perspective.

A new fee structure has been introduced this year to give more people the opportunity to attend CastExpo. An "exposition only" fee of $25 for AFS members and $35 for nonmembers has been instituted and will provide access to the entire 125,000 sq ft of exhibit space for those not wishing to attend the technical sessions.

A full schedule of events has been planned by the Detroit host chapter general committee. In addition to such traditional events as the Hoyt Memorial Lecture, the Sand Division Dinner and the AFS Gold Medal presentations, educational and cultural events are being provided for attendees and their spouses. These include plant visits and tours of the historical points of the grand old Motor City and its museums, all carefully planned by the Detroit Chapter, according to George Booth, honorary chairman of the Congress and general manager, Casting Div/Ford Motor Co.

Committee rosters include:

General Committee: Chairman--Mitch Puklicz, Ford Motor Co of Canada; Bill Edison, George Fischer Foundry Systems; Bruce McClelland, McClelland & Co; Dr. Gary Ruff, CMI Tech Center; Paul Carey, Ashland Chemical Co; Charles Grech, Ford Motor Co; Conrad Perkey, Ford Motor Co; Blanche Williams, Ford Motor Co.

Banquet Committee: Chairman--Charles Grech, Ford Motor Co.

Plant Visits Committee: Chairman--Mike McCrary, Ford Motor Co; Kasi Goundan, GM Tech Center.

Publicity Committee: Chairperson--Blanche Williams, Ford Motor Co; Rocky Corradin, McKay Foundry Sales; Robert Damschroeder, Hickman, Williams & Co; Tony Gorton, Ervin Industries; Paul Jones, GM Tech Center; Ed Kemmerling, Ford Motor Co; Bruce McClelland, McClelland & Co; James Paternoster, Harvard Industries; John Slick, Wayne State Univ; William Veresh, Vib/Con, Inc; Mike Warchol, Ford Motor Co; Diane Zekind, CMI-Tech Center, Inc.

Reception Committee: Chairman--Adam Kafka, retired president, George Fischer Foundry Systems; Robert Gardner, retired, Casting Div/Ford Motor Co; Michael Tahy, Intermet Foundries, Inc; Roy Nosek, retired, Beardsley & Piper.

Spouses Committee: Honorary Chairperson--Mrs. George Booth; Co-Chairperson--Mrs. Paul Carey; Co-Chairperson--Mrs. Mitch Puklicz; Mrs. Wendell Doolin; Mrs. William Goetz.
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Feb 1, 1990
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