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Cast your vote now on APHA Constitution changes.

APHA members will decide this month whether to make changes to voting procedures under APHA's Constitution.

In November, APHA's Governing Council passed measures concerning officer elections and Association-wide votes. Now it is up to members to approve or reject those changes by sending their votes to APHA.

Specifically, the council passed a measure that would strike language specifying the way the council elects Association officers during an election run-off. Currently under the Constitution, if no one candidate receives a majority vote, the candidate receiving the smallest number of votes is dropped after each round of balloting until a majority vote is reached.

The Governing Council also passed a measure that would add language to the Constitution allowing APHA to carry out Association-wide votes electronically or via other means. Currently, the Constitution requires that votes be carried out via mail, which is why ballots are published in The Nation's Health.

Because the changes would amend the Constitution, they would need to be ratified by members in an Association-wide vote.

To vote, members must cut out the ballot at right, which contains a mailing label on the reverse side to prove APHA membership, and mail it to APHA. Only originals of the ballot, which must be received by Tuesday, April 10, will be accepted. All current APHA members are eligible to vote.

Portions of the Constitution that would be affected by the changes were published in the December 2006/January 2007 issue of The Nation's Health, online at <>.

For more information, e-mail or call (202) 777-2433.
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Date:Mar 1, 2007
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