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Cast, P.C.: Sun Warrior: Tales of a New World, Book 2.

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Cast, P. C. Sun Warrior: Tales of a New World, Book 2. Wednesday Books/ Macmillan, October 2017. 576p. $19.99. 9781-250-10075-7.

Eighteen-year-old Mari is the Moon Chosen healer of the first book and the Sun Warrior who can call down sunfire in this colossal sequel. She is also an anomaly in this world of rivals due to her deceased parents. Her mother was an Earth Walker, a moon worshiper living in underground burrows, while her father was a Companion, a sun worshiper and member of Nik's tribe who live in the City in the Trees. Both groups are threatened by Skin Stealers, whose newly resurrected god--Death--plans to lead his people out of their poisoned city to attack the neighbors. As the son of the murdered leader of the Companions, Nik should be the new Sun Priest. Instead, Nik chooses Mari. The two become the catalyst for the Pride, a new group with members from all three warring factions, since the blind Skin Stealer princess, who serves the same goddess as the Earth Walkers, has fled Deaths advances and thrown in her lot with them. Joined as well by a feline warrior and his lynx companion, the group decides to leave the battle behind and take the river to a new home on the plains, land of the Wind Riders and their horse companions.

Fascinating post-apocalyptic settings, intriguing characters, and plenty of battles will entice and capture readers from beginning to end. This story begins at the point of book one's cliffhanger ending, literally, and catches readers up on what happened before as the story rushes forward and then ends in another cliffhanger, leaving readers needing more. Libraries should stock up on this title, particularly if the first book was a hit with readers.--Bonnie Kunzel.

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Author:Kunzel, Bonnie
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2017
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