Printer Friendly EGBA does not agree with the new gaming laws in Schleswig-Holstein.

FRANKFURT, Germany -- Germany's northern most state Schleswig-Holstein, has decided to reverse its stance on last year's licencing model for online poker and gambling operators and go for a far more restrictive and controlling licencing model. The current model which was brought in last year was what the European Gaming and Betting Association called "a sustainable and European-Union compliant licensing model".

While many people praised the licencing model, the new government of Schleswig-Holstein which was recently voted in has decided that this is not the preferred way to regulate gaming. Instead the state of Schleswig-Holstein has proposed a new and very controversial gaming legislation. The EGBA was clearly not happy with this sudden policy reversal, calling it a "prohibitive and restrictive model". The new policy is said to restrict sports betting to only 20 licences and is imposing what the EGBA call "an uncompetitive tax regime".

The EGBA, who represent some of the largest European online casino, poker and gaming operators told Schleswig-Holstein that to ignore these very blatant criticisms and warnings from other European countries was to court disaster. They went on to suggest that Schleswig-Holstein consider leaving the policy alone as their proposed legislation would provide legal instability and upset a lot of people. The EGBA stated this was clearly "evidenced by the multiplication of complaints and litigation even before the new legislation is introduced."

The official EGBA opinion that we,, have read, is that this new proposed legislation would not only be harmful to all parties, it would produce a certain air of legal uncertainty, especially for German players. The Security General of the EGBA, Sigrid Ligne went on to say "The European Commission's detailed opinion against Schleswig-Holstein sends a clear message that member states are no longer going to be allowed to impose gaming regulations that fail to meet the tests set by the Court of Justice of the European Union".

The European Commission will now need to go through all the complaints received from Germany and neighbouring countries in order to mount a campaign to restore legal security and maintain the old legislation.
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