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Cashing in on college football.

School's back in, and tailgating and pigskin are right around the corner.

The economics of football can be difficult to quantify. You have ticket sales. That's easy. You have numbers of giant pretzels, chicken wings and hot dogs sold. Very specific. But the ripple effect of dollars flowing through college towns and states goes far beyond people attending games.

Still, since each fan is a potential customer, it's a number we should get our heads around. Because if they like what they see, they might come back during another of our favorite seasons: tourist season.

Here's a quick look at some football numbers to ponder while you get yourself psyched up for the big Gamecock vs. Old-French-word-for-Gamecocks matchup next weekend.

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Title Annotation:marketing
Publication:Charleston Regional Business Journal
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Date:Aug 24, 2018
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