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Cash over class for Lady Greed.


IN the window of my local BHS on Sunday the ladies had placed a mannequin in a wedding dress to represent a member of staff who'd worked there 20 years, was just married... and jobless.

There were Christmas trees erected to make up for the festive display that won't be there this December. Or ever again. Because the new bride's future and the future of most of the staff in Romford BHS and 11,000 nationwide has been destroyed. And not just destroyed, needlessly destroyed. By greed.

Which brings me neatly to this woman... Tina Greed. Sorry, I mean Green.

For while billionaire Sir Philip has been in the spotlight for his role in the collapse of BHS it is actually his wife who should be hanging her peroxide head in shame.

Since 2004, Lady Greed has been the legal owner of her husband's major shop investments. In 2005 alone she received a dividend of PS1.2billion.

Obviously it's all a massive (entirely legal) tax dodge with Lady Greed enjoying non dom status in Monaco. But she who lives by the scam must die by the scam.

And if she's enjoyed the benefits of the BHS bonanza she must also share the public opprobrium following its closure.

To misquote Dolly Parton, it costs a lot of money to look that cheap. And I'm sure Lady Greed has needed every penny of her BHS bonanza to keep her in nips, tucks, toy dogs and too-tight leather trousers.

With the complexion of one of BHS's cheaper handbags and a brassiness outshining its lighting department, Lady Greed is a living, breathing embodiment of cash over class.

And PS5billion of the former can never outweigh a complete dearth of the latter.

Still, in 2006 our discredited honours system made her a Lady while her husband arose (on his stack heels) to become a Sir. But to borrow that great movie quote: "She ain't no lady".

How could she be?

What kind of Lady would have allowed the best part of PS400million pounds to be taken out of BHS - millions of them in the last few months - before selling it to inexperienced, incompetent wide boy Dominic Chappell for PS1?

What kind of Lady would lay back on her PS100m superyacht thinking of Monaco while her husband shafted 11,000 dedicated BHS workers?

What kind of Lady would collude with her husband's reluctance to sort out recompense for the 20,000 who face losing their BHS pension? BHS shop window

The Greens are holed up on their four storey yacht feigning indifference to public fury. But a woman like Lady Greed who's spent her life wanting to be adored must now be panicking.

Friends (or the closest thing these kind of folk have to friends) have deserted them. Colleagues are sidestepping their "unacceptable face of capitalism" tag.

Even the usually myopic Monaco authorities are looking into Tina's carryingson and she could be stripped of her residency.

For too long, Lady Greed has chosen to pull down her Ray-Bans against the glare of ugliness around her. And I'm not talking about her husband's gut. I'm talking about her family's greed.

She can hide her eyes no longer. Because the public revulsion at what has gone on will not fade. Us Brits have long memories of bad behaviour.

Apparently the first time Tina Green met Philip she thought him "dreadful".

But she changed her mind and ended up several billions richer.

I wonder if now she thinks she may have had it right the first time.


FAREWELL Sad BHS shop window

BONANZA Tina Green
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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 31, 2016
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