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Man Sentenced To Death Over Murder Of Employer's Wife For Revenge On Sack Letter. Jul 17, 2021 289
California Construction Worker Charged with Workers' Comp Fraud. Jan 22, 2021 303
Slain OFW's employer gets death sentence in Kuwait. Dec 31, 2020 515
Pinay wins trafficking case vs Malaysian employers. Oct 10, 2020 325
Two employers convicted, arrested for violating Social Security Law. Sep 19, 2020 555
Employers Face Increase In COVID-19 Wrongful Death Lawsuits. Chantell Foley, Fisher Phillips Aug 27, 2020 1891
Sotto bill shields employers from Covid-19 claims suits. Jul 23, 2020 460
Sotto bill protects employers from COVID-19 related lawsuits. Jul 22, 2020 319
Sotto wants private employers protected from COVID-related lawsuits, claims. Jul 22, 2020 307
Verdict on Sunak bid to fix Covid-19 jobs plight; DM1ST BIZ BUREAU EXPERT HELPfor your businessBIZUPDATE. Jul 15, 2020 392
Verdict on Sunak bid to fix Covid-19 jobs plight; BUREAU EXPERT HELPfor your business; BIZUPDATE. Jul 15, 2020 392
Businesses Warn Fear of Liability Lawsuits Could Stall Rebooting of Economy. Andrew G. Simpson Apr 15, 2020 1442
Businesses Warn Fear of Lawsuits Could Stall Rebooting of Economy; Urge Coordination. Andrew G. Simpson Apr 15, 2020 2083
Woman lodges case against employer in UAE over end-of-service benefits. Ismail Sebugwaawo Mar 17, 2020 315
Employers await ruling on data case; The latest news from HR, recruitment, employment law and staff issues by Ken Symon. Feb 28, 2020 476
Slain OFW's employers in Kuwait charged with murder - Bello. Jan 28, 2020 225
U.S. Attorney: Oklahoma Man Sentenced for Stealing Almost $370K from Employer. Stephanie K. Jones Nov 15, 2019 277
Lawyer: Ignoring NLRB Action Risks Lawsuits, Investigation. Campbell-Miller, Sarah Jun 10, 2019 757
Walmart Shift On Greeters Leads to Suit. Friedman, Mark Jun 3, 2019 775
UAE law: You can be suspended over a case even if it is unrelated to work. May 9, 2019 731
Judge Erastus Githinji sues employer over retirement. Mar 25, 2019 223
Tesla Sues Ex-Employees For Trade Secret Theft And Connivance With New Employers. Mar 22, 2019 479
Texas Insurance Adjuster Sentenced for Stealing $100K from Employer. Jones, Stephanie K. Brief article Mar 7, 2019 221
Historical society, church were not statutory employers. Feb 23, 2019 926
House help charged with robbery with violence on her 70 year-old female employer. Feb 22, 2019 208
Breastfeeding case raises bill: Lawmakers may get to decide former DHHS employee's case before a jury does. Quinlan, Amanda Jan 18, 2019 715
Ohio Business Owner Sentenced to Prison for $425K Workers' Comp Fraud. Jones, Stephanie K. Brief article Dec 11, 2018 274
Court sentences man over hacking into employer's account, stealing N1.57m. Dec 8, 2018 206
Employer fined $25K for failure to maintain comp insurance. Oct 28, 2018 428
Company's actions support joint employer status. Oct 28, 2018 558
Househelp charged with murder of her employer and son. Oct 3, 2018 283
Exclusive Remedy: The Scope of Protection in Illinois Workers' Comp. Sep 13, 2018 772
California Court Rules Workers' Comp Law Provides Exclusive Remedy in Utilization Review Case. Sep 3, 2018 448
California High Court: Workers' Comp Law Provides Exclusive Remedy in Utilization Review Case. Aug 23, 2018 626
Death sentence for herdsman who killed employer in 2016. Jul 10, 2018 124
Shepherd's Bush man sentenced for revealing sexual abuse victim's identity on social media; John Harmon shared details about a victim of a sexual offence on her employers website. May 3, 2018 342
2 security guards charged with theft of employer's N5.36m door handles. Apr 12, 2018 254
Solon on Demafelis case: Kuwait gov't 'not in position' to enforce death sentence on employers. Apr 4, 2018 532
PHL welcomes Kuwaiti court's death verdict to Demafelis's employers. Apr 3, 2018 408
Koko: Mending of ties with Kuwait urgent after Demafelis employers sentenced to death. Apr 2, 2018 449
Palace welcomes sentence on Demafelis employers. Apr 2, 2018 823
Court bars co-worker suits for foreseeable' accidents. Mar 12, 2018 824
Trump Businesses Could Profit From Supreme Court Case. Jan 18, 2018 1422
Facebook ads that let employers target younger workers focus of US lawsuit. Dec 21, 2017 442
Canadian dad sues Japanese employer for paternity rights. Wood, Glen Dec 14, 2017 683
CONTRACEPTIVE CLASH: AU And Allies File Federal Lawsuit Challenging Trump Administration's New Birth Control Rules. Hayes, Liz Dec 1, 2017 1348
States where employee lawsuits are most likely to happen. Nov 27, 2017 501
Ambulance service 'fully supports' tough sentence; employers react to jailing of man who raped schoolgirl. Sep 30, 2017 503
HR strategies to positively affect your 2018 budget: avoiding these common HR pitfalls can prevent an employer from costly lawsuits. Brune, Erica Aug 1, 2017 1098
Hispanic Employment Discrimination Litigation in the U.S.: An Examination of Court Cases from 2011-2014. LaVan, Helen; Katz, Marsha Jun 22, 2017 4312
Berkshire settles California's `bait-and-switch' workers' comp insurance case. Jun 8, 2017 489
Maid sentenced for stealing from employer's home. Oct 6, 2016 314
Employee cleared in Dh1.2m loan default case. May 2, 2016 330
ABC leads coalition suing agency over union-biased 'persuader' rule. May 1, 2016 721
Family accept blood money in case where husband and wife employers are accused of killing housemaid. Apr 18, 2015 210
Suit attempts to apply NLRB's 'joint-employer' status to discrimination cases. Idalski, Annette A. Feb 1, 2015 173
New McDonald's discrimination suit could show how far the NLRB's joint-employer status extends. Jan 23, 2015 456
New McDonald's discrimination suit could show how far the NLRB's joint-employer status extends. Jan 23, 2015 494
Documenting a defense against E&O claims. Eisenbaum, Michael S. Oct 1, 2014 932
In support of an implied state constitutional free speech tort in public employment retaliation cases. Zwickel, Howard L. Sep 22, 2014 25437
Telecommuting: a 'reasonable accommodation'? Casolaro, Nicholas F. Sep 5, 2014 725
Business verdict in favour of new flexi-working rules. Aug 19, 2014 451
Worker's lawsuit demanding compensation for injury at work site dismissed. Aug 11, 2014 306
Karabus sues former UAE employers. Bateman, Chris Oct 1, 2013 1197
Learning curves: employers confront a new litigation risk as unpaid intern lawsuits spread. Swanton, Mary May 1, 2013 1103
Supreme Court class arbitration case could have big implications for employers. Mar 26, 2013 331
Avoid costly age bias lawsuits. Perry, Phillip Mar 22, 2013 961
Death penalty upheld for maid, lover in employer murder case. Feb 20, 2013 303
Connecticut Post reporter sues employer for age discrimination. Feb 1, 2013 134
Black store managers sue Wet Seal for discrimination. Jul 13, 2012 202
Banana plantation workers sue Dole, Dow and Del Monte over pesticide. Jun 5, 2012 161
Black pilots, supervisors sue United for discrimination. May 30, 2012 136
Regulators sue Dewey, Warsaw office transfers to Greenberg Traurig. May 16, 2012 632
Maid charged with attack on employer. Mar 25, 2012 277
Divergent accounts: two lawsuits raise the issue of ownership of social media profiles used for company purposes. Maleske, Melissa Mar 1, 2012 1536
Sacked Heathrow saleswoman sues employers over Muslim workers' 'Christian hate campaign'. Nov 28, 2011 307
Mystery man -- or accomplice? McKay, Serenah Oct 31, 2011 468
Employers risk being sued for spying on staff via social networks. Sep 2, 2011 322
The ongoing battle over overtime: the Department of Labor opened the floodgates to class-action suits when it reversed an interpretation of how loan officers are classified when it comes to overtime pay. Subsequent court rulings have made the outlook even more murky. Carroll, William J. Sep 1, 2011 2379
Truth or consequences: don't set yourself up for a lawsuit when giving references. Curry, Lynne Jul 1, 2011 638
Wrong employee classification can lead to lawsuits: law, not wishful thinking, applies. Bell, Robert Apr 4, 2011 1492
Estimating empirical Blackstone ratios in two settings: murder cases and hiring. Bushway, Shawn D. Mar 22, 2011 7381
CLA plans to penalize employers for overwork deaths. Liu, Philip Brief article Mar 10, 2011 269
Non-compete upheld. Brief article Jan 17, 2011 272
Guilty is as guilty does. Brief article Dec 27, 2010 225
Immigration enforcement versus employment law enforcement: the case for integrated protections in the immigrant workplace. Saucedo, Leticia M. Nov 1, 2010 9204
Family values and employment relations: a Jamaican case study/Valores familiares y relaciones de empleo: un caso de estudio Jamaicano/Valeurs familiales et relations de travaih une etude de cas Jamaicaine. Cowell, Noel M.; Saunders, Tanzia S. Interview Sep 1, 2010 10730
Diversity, disparate impact, and ethics in business: implications of the New Haven firefighters' case and the Supreme Court's Ricci v. DeStefano decision. Muffler, Stephen C.; Cavico, Frank J.; Mujtaba, Bahaudin G. Jun 22, 2010 7608
Charity worker sues employer; Tribunal told of 'bullying and hostility'. Jun 5, 2010 588
Judge, not jury, must determine front pay in FMLA cases. Schmitz, Cristin Jun 1, 2010 1042
A history of violations: Michigan workers' compensation case is a wake-up call for business. Boss, Randall S. May 1, 2010 1026
Wage-and-hour lawsuits a looming uninsured risk for employers. Apr 4, 2010 259
Wage-and-hour lawsuits a looming uninsured risk for employers. Apr 3, 2010 259
Wage-and-hour lawsuits a looming uninsured risk for employers. Apr 2, 2010 259
Wage-and-hour lawsuits a looming uninsured risk for employers. Apr 1, 2010 259
Disciplinary committee. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 296
Needle stick suit: judgment for RN & employer upheld. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview Nov 1, 2009 1020
On your guard: a deep recession, which embitters employees, and the passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act make a strong case for the purchase of employment practices liability insurance. Donovan, Marla Oct 15, 2009 1127
Unions barred from filing suits on behalf of members. Dahl, Dick Oct 1, 2009 991
Employer allegedly bilked workers; Grand jury indicts temporary work firm. Sep 24, 2009 566
Borders, labour impacts, and union responses: case of Spain. Stobart, Luke Case study Sep 22, 2009 9735
RN injured on job can't receive compensation & sue. Tammelleo, A. David Jun 1, 2009 985
Litigation comes to an end for residential management firm. Brief article Dec 3, 2008 217
Employee discrimination claims and employee-initiated lawsuits: does procedural justice climate moderate the claims [right arrow] disputes relationship? Wallace, J. Craig; Edwards, Bryan D.; Mondore, Scott P.; Finch, David M. Sep 22, 2008 5750
Caregivers in the crosshairs: employers must be sensitive to the needs of employees who care for children and seniors in order to avoid costly family responsibility discrimination lawsuits. Milano, Carol Aug 1, 2008 1772
Employers vs. employees: a wake-up call from the Rob Lowe case. Michaels, Jae Margret Cover story Jul 1, 2008 1421
Look before you leap into the tip pool: suits in Calif., Mass., raise questions about N.H. law. Vrountas, Christopher T.; Ayer, Allison C. Jun 6, 2008 865
Take preventative steps to minimize risk of wage claim lawsuits. Jun 1, 2008 642
Companies should stay abreast of latest case law. May 16, 2008 713
RN collecting workers' comp. sued hospital for a 'second injury'. Tammelleo, A. David Case overview May 1, 2008 967
High court ruling opens 401(k) can of worms. Griffith, Dodd S.; van Buskirk, Laurel Mar 28, 2008 805
Law enforcement in crossfire: when police officers carry out their jobs, confrontation with suspects can lead to tragic outcomes. These often result in lawsuits for the officers' employers, as well as personal crisis for the officers themselves. But training, assessment and accreditation can help manage the risk. Molenaar, Dennis Jul 1, 2007 1839
Bringing background to the foreground: in "negligent hiring" lawsuits, employers can be held accountable for information they should have known. Baldor, Jorge Jun 1, 2007 1172
Think twice before striking back; discrimination suits aren't likely to take an employer under, but retaliation against complaining employees is a risk that's often overlooked. Roberts, Jack May 1, 2007 1324
More workers alleging job bias against employers. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 278
Consultant sues employers over support issue. Feb 10, 2007 238
Labor unions sue Bush Administration: action seeks to complete rule on employer payment for personal protection equipment. Mayberry, Peter; Franken, Jessica Feb 1, 2007 957
Boss of the year. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 99
Inappropriate conduct. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 81
Norwegian court of appeal exonerates SAS. Brief Article Mar 21, 2005 129
Opening the door to a lawsuit: employment practices risks also apply to homeowners who hire domestic help. McElwee, Andrew Feb 1, 2005 746
Healthcare; Study: smaller firms trimming benefits. Heffes, Ellen M. Sep 1, 2004 445
Wage-Hour lawsuits: is your company a target? Bernard, Bryan K. Dec 1, 2003 592
Responsible person. Laffie, Lesli S. Dec 1, 2002 278
MT: employer seeks medical exam of employee: is employer entitled to independent medical exam? (Legal Case Briefs for Nurses). Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 544
Canadian bishops argue against 'vicarious' liability. Brief Article Oct 23, 1998 187
Some relief for worker classification disputes. Quinn, Tina Steward Brief Article Jun 1, 1998 225

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