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To the "Victim" Go the Spoils: The Evolution and Operation of Spoliation of Evidence Law in Florida Product Liability Cases. Blackwell, Donald A.; Simm, Stephanie M. May 1, 2019 7639
German manufacturer must defend products suit in Massachusetts. Berkman, Eric T. Feb 14, 2019 1454
Products liability - HVAC - Warranty. Feb 12, 2019 751
Jurisdiction - Personal - Foreign manufacturer. Feb 5, 2019 807
Jury finds tobacco co. liable for man's fatal lung cancer. Nov 15, 2018 427
Monsanto Loses Landmark Glyphosate Case. Sep 3, 2018 347
Toppling a giant. Vieth, Peter Aug 27, 2018 1045
Woman injured when she's catapulted from wheelchair. Aug 16, 2018 386
Judge's order sets 1,200 Xarelto product liability suits for separate trials. Mar 8, 2018 231
Judge orders 1,200 Xarelto product liability lawsuits for trial. Mar 8, 2018 232
Defective gun sights lead to class actions. Dec 26, 2017 480
Talc, product liability insurance and recent class action lawsuits. Jun 28, 2017 1891
Duty to Warn and Third-Party Conduct: A Look at Two Recent New York Cases. Nov 23, 2016 3967
Preventing the next blockbuster case. Jun 17, 2015 863
Overcoming tensions between drug/device defendants and treating physicians. Yates, Pamela; Anziska, Evan; Bates, Walter William; Adams, Allison Reprint Jul 1, 2014 3924
Snow drift. Brief article Jun 9, 2014 233
An August decision by H&P Industries Inc. and sister company Triad Group Inc. to voluntarily file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection could doom or significantly reduce the amount of damages awarded to plaintiffs suing the affiliated firms. Oct 1, 2012 225
From the editor ... Sagall, Richard J. Editorial Jul 1, 2012 718
1-800 bad drug. Gaby, Alan R. Editorial Jul 1, 2012 793
A silver bullet: under the proper circumstances, a favorable workers' compensation ruling can be the solution to end a plaintiff's product liability suit. Jones, Dan; Gray, Mike Mar 1, 2012 1651
Foreign sovereign immunity. Case overview Oct 1, 2011 997
$60 million Trasylol[R] settlement reached. Finkel, J. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 195
Bench press. Mitchell, Teresa Sep 1, 2011 1059
Finding fault with Ault - why the exclusion of subsequent design change evidence in product liability cases makes sense, even in California. Livingston, Craig A.; Hentschel, John C. Jul 1, 2011 5173
FDA defeated in selenium health claims case. Aug 1, 2010 330
Zinc, Denture Creams, and Lawsuits. Gaby, Alan R. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 264
Drug company pleads guilty to health fraud. Faloon, William Mar 1, 2010 1150
Drug company pleads guilty to health fraud. Faloon, William Mar 1, 2010 1083
A movement, a lawsuit, and the integrity of sponsored law and economics research. McGarity, Thomas O. Jan 1, 2010 13803
Japanese court rules on link between cigarette smoking and disease. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 244
The ghosts of journals past. Brynko, Barbara Jul 1, 2009 1553
Forum Non Conveniens. Jun 1, 2009 1439
Oh, no! Not Victoria's Secret ... formaldehyde in bras. Gerson, Charlotte Brief article Mar 1, 2009 199
Eye injuries from 'toxic sofas' is part of largest consumer class action. Brief article Jan 16, 2009 312
Berrett & Taylor, LC. Taylor, Mark D. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 102
Fabian & Clendenin. Cannon, Doug Brief article Jan 1, 2009 106
Richards, Brandt, Miller & Nelson. McCarty, Mark L. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 102
Not authorized promotion. Mokhiber, Russell Brief article Nov 1, 2008 244
Wyeth v. Levine sets up a showdown in the preemption corral. Porter, Rebecca Oct 1, 2008 1764
The last-minute expert. Slavik, Donald H. Oct 1, 2008 1218
Developing memorable expert testimony: you can turn your expert's dry technical testimony into a powerful teaching tool. Using PowerPoint slides to reinforce key points of your direct examination will help the jury understand, and remember, what your expert is saying. Sullivan, Robert; Langdon, Bob Oct 1, 2008 2216
Bridging the gap from concept to prototype: a case study. Wilson, Jeffrey M.; Vozikis, George S. Jun 22, 2008 5561
Fortification frauds. Jacobson, Michael F. Editorial Jun 1, 2008 439
In FDA preemption cases, a loss on devices, a close call on drugs. May 1, 2008 558
Playing dinner table roulette. Jacobson, Michael F. May 1, 2008 468
Parker Hannifin: give it a rest. Bertorelli, Paul May 1, 2008 567
Ninth Circuit holds that the General Aviation Revitalization Act's eighteen-year statute of repose for products liability claims applies to U.S. suits involving U.S. built aircraft whether or not aircraft accident occurred abroad. Apr 1, 2008 578
Supreme Court wrestles with Pharma suits. Brief article Mar 3, 2008 297
Supreme Court decision will impact orthopedics: Senate panel questions the industry about relationships with physicians. Mar 1, 2008 1031
The US Supreme Court has agreed to consider giving patients the right to press product-liability lawsuits against Medtronic Inc (Minneapolis MN) and other medical device makers. Brief article Jul 2, 2007 149
Purdue to pay $634 million in Oxycontin Case. Brief article May 14, 2007 208
Preemption in products liability cases: an analysis of federal product preemption under FIFRA and Bates v. Dow Agrosciences. Davis, William M.; Ryan, Elizabeth Haecker Apr 1, 2007 12394
A jury award over a death blamed on the Merck & Co (Whitehouse Station NJ) drug Vioxx will stand after a judge let the company's request for a new trial expire. Brief article Mar 12, 2007 101
Fresh air. Brief article Jan 8, 2007 133
An update on FDA preemption of state law claims. Haston, Tripp; Ayers, Marc James Jan 1, 2007 3325
Pharmaceutical Co. owner detained. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 172
Litigation vs. ADR. Raynor, Lee Oct 1, 2006 2197
Out-of-state Accutane claim reinstated in New Jersey. Ertel, Karen Jun 1, 2006 518
Matrixx settles lawsuits, but 'stands by Zicam'. Brief Article Mar 13, 2006 301
The burden of proof conundrum in motor vehicle crashworthiness cases. Roth, Larry M. Feb 1, 2006 5041
Vioxx verdict causes shock waves in industry. Sep 12, 2005 539
Pfizer fraud alleged. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 277
California court allows delayed discovery of medical device claim. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Aug 1, 2005 598
Older Americans at higher risk of product-related injuries. Sileo, Carmel May 1, 2005 505
Amer Group Plc receives writ concerning tobacco product liability. Brief Article Mar 9, 2005 164
Lawsuits sniff out zinc hazard in nasal cold remedy. Jablow, Valerie Feb 1, 2005 478
Rector company suing over 2002 fire damage. Friedman, Mark Brief Article Jan 17, 2005 248
New resources aid Vioxx plaintiffs and their lawyers. Jan 1, 2005 329
FDA approval preempts medical-device injury claims, Third Circuit says. Porter, Rebecca Oct 1, 2004 1039
The path to preclusion: federal injunctive relief against nationwide classes in state court. Moorcroft, Kara M. Oct 1, 2004 16725
Breach-of-warranty claim illuminates lighter risks. Jarlow, Valerie Sep 1, 2004 815
Plaintiffs try to drive General Motors toward auto compatibility. Jablow, Valerie Aug 1, 2004 818
Popcorn flavoring damaged worker's lungs, jury finds. Porter, Rebecca Jun 1, 2004 704
First mad cow lawsuit filed. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 188
Ninth Circuit lets crime victims sue gun makers. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Feb 1, 2004 764
Elements of the cigarette-fire. Grisham, Lynn A. Nov 1, 2003 3212
Make the most of company-employee depositions: to get the best results from this routine part of discovery in products cases, ask questions that are anything but routine. Evans, Mark J. Nov 1, 2003 2379
Danger at play: inquisitive children invariably handle the products they encounter in their homes. Manufacturers face lawsuits when they ignore the risks their products pose to kids. Swartz, James A. Nov 1, 2003 2591
Crash-and-burn cruisers that kill: law enforcement officers across the country are being injured and killed when the special Ford Crown Victorias they drive catch fire. To build a successful case, lawyers must know the history of the vehicle's defective fuel-tank design. McGroder, Patrick J., III Nov 1, 2003 2423
Ghostbusting prejudicial evidence: no haunting the manufacturer. Streza, Ralph; Twyman, Carmen Morris Oct 1, 2003 4649
Plaintiffs may not file for nationwide class certification in state courts, Seventh Circuit says. Moen, Christian Harlan Sep 1, 2003 924
The rise and fall of hormone therapy: what began decades ago with promises of eternal youth for women ended last year with troubling research findings that hormone therapy drugs cause cancer, heart attacks, and other serious side effects. New litigation seeks compensation for injured women. Millrood, Tobias Aug 1, 2003 3590
Companies knowingly sold virus-tainted blood products abroad, class action claims. Moen, Christian Harlan Aug 1, 2003 663
CryoLife settles 5 product liability lawsuits, but says one insurer will not pay part of settlement. Brief Article Jul 25, 2003 274
South Carolina high court allows attorney-fraud claim in Ford rollover case. Moen, Christian Harlan Jul 1, 2003 1003
The best-selling defect in America: the Ford F-150 SuperCab is dangerous. Why is it still on the road? Wigington, Jeff Jul 1, 2003 2593
Bayer: spreading AIDS? (Names in the News). Mokhiber, Russell Jun 1, 2003 408
DaimlerChrysler buckles targeted by consumer groups, lawsuits. Tischler, Eric Jun 1, 2003 504
The second age of asbestos. May 1, 2003 788
Use the defendant's safety aids to your advantage. Booth, Lawrence R. Apr 1, 2003 360
COURTSIDE: Virtual Liability? Zirkel, Perry A. Mar 1, 2003 1485
Settlement concludes first MTBE products trial. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Jan 1, 2003 646
Chrysler fails to reverse $3 million punitive award. Sanders, Carol McHugh Jan 1, 2003 690
Lawsuit alleges link between dental amalgam and autism. (Mercury in Fillings). Peters, Sally Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 134
Ford-Firestone class certifications nixed. Sanders, Carol McHugh Jul 1, 2002 590
Philip Morris puffed up low-tar cigarette claims, jury finds. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Jun 1, 2002 591
Baseball pitchers in line of fire, jury decides; bat makers liable. Reichert, Jennifer L. May 1, 2002 1749
Legal aspects. Apr 1, 2002 1465
Avoiding the `misuse' defense in products cases: manufacturers often cite product `misuse' to blame consumers for their injuries. Plaintiff attorneys can thwart this effort to avoid liability by using careful discovery and creative pleading. Dell'Osso, Daniel Feb 1, 2002 2357
MN: surgical LPN files product liability suit: Cement Mfgr.'s failure to warn of health hazard. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 521
CPSC strikes Honeywell. (Pediatric Briefs). Tucker, Miriam E. Dec 1, 2001 120
The next wave in products litigation. Brown, Lee Aug 1, 2001 2961
Ruling may boost lead paint litigation. Jurand, Sara Hoffman Jun 1, 2001 723
Scientific misconceptions among Daubert gatekeepers: the need for reform of expert review procedures. Beyea, Jan; Berger, Daniel Mar 22, 2001 26320
Claim against helicopter maker not time-barred; Ninth Circuit lets case proceed. Scarlett, Thomas Feb 1, 2001 543
Machine guard removal cases. Scrudato, Paul A. Nov 1, 2000 4963
Defense verdict in lead paint case is no harbinger, consumer advocates say. Hellwege, Jean Sep 1, 2000 889
First Tobacco Suit Filed Against Insurers. Mar 1, 2000 298
U.S. District Court: CONDITIONS. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 113
Plaintiffs will benefit from Third Circuit's rejection of preemption argument. Brienza, Julie Jan 1, 2000 504
Class Action Lawsuit Concerns Widespread. Benton, Mikel M. Jan 1, 2000 1029
Lawyers, Guns and Money. Goch, Lynna Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 565
Deals with court reporters threaten impartiality, consumer group says. Reichert, Jennifer L. Nov 1, 1999 406
The Economic Loss Doctrine: How Will It Affect Y2K Recovery? Murphy, Edward J. Nov 1, 1999 3241
Readers RESPOND. Oct 1, 1999 822
Judge Cuts $4.9 Billion GM Settlement. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 132
$4.9 Billion Punitive Damage Award Among Highest Ever. Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 399
Bad science beats good in bad carpet case. Apr 1, 1999 346
Mountain bike litigation: navigating uncharted territory. McMurry, Kelly Brief Article Jan 1, 1999 2010
The hazards of multipurpose lighters. Cox, Mark A. Nov 1, 1998 2470
Preempting the preemption defense. Stevick, Douglas L. Jul 1, 1998 4658
Beware the threat of product liability litigation. Portman, Robert M. Jun 1, 1998 1105
Swimming with the sharks: after years of playing defense through the court system, more builders are taking the offensive and winning important lawsuits. Donohue, Gerry; O'Malley, Sharon Cover Story Feb 1, 1998 4691
The Texas long-arm statute does not reach French equipment manufacturer (but maybe it should). Ericson, Connie M. Case Note Jan 1, 1998 7887
Roundtable on products liability litigation. Panel Discussion Nov 1, 1997 4720
Products liability: tips and tactics. Turley, Linda Nov 1, 1997 9282
Class actions benefit consumers. Grande, Thomas R. Apr 1, 1997 3043
Rolling the "barrel" a little further: allowing res ipsa loquitur to assist in proving strict liability in tort manufacturing defects. Johnson, Matthew R. Mar 1, 1997 25562
Litigating bunk bed entrapment cases. Gordon, Robert E. Nov 1, 1996 1975
Rock-a-bye, baby: litigating the defective crib design case. Viles, Marcus W. Aug 1, 1996 1806
Hot tub drowning prompts safety alert. Shoop, Julie Gannon Aug 1, 1996 595
Hitting "Hit Man" in the pocketbook. Kirtley, Jane Apr 1, 1996 763
State lawsuits may proceed against medical device manufacturers. Gerberry, Robert A. Case Note Mar 22, 1996 10152
Bad blood: contaminated plasma sickens users of Gammaguard. Shoop, Julie Gannon Sep 1, 1995 959
Where does Myrick lead us? No preemption of defective restraint system claims. Coben, Larry E. Sep 1, 1995 1440
Breathing fire on tobacco. Zegart, Dan Cover Story Aug 28, 1995 3091
Litigation tariff: the federalist case for national tort reform. Abraham, Spencer Jun 22, 1995 3220
Gans Tire. Brief Article Jan 1, 1995 114
$10.65 million largest verdict. Smith, David (American novelist) Nov 14, 1994 655
Deposing the product manufacturer's in-house engineers. Robb, Gary C. Nov 1, 1994 2529
When a products defendant files for bankruptcy; timely action can protect your client. Keating, Kevin T. Aug 1, 1994 3317
What's happening in the law: surveying the new developments. Redden, Joe W., Jr.; Hix, Phyllis M.; Antognini, Richard L.; Lederer, Gregory M.; Muldowney, Timothy Jul 1, 1994 17067
Jury rules keyboard maker not liable for wrist injury in first carpal tunnel case. Sargeant, Georgia Brief Article May 1, 1994 346
Federal court reinstates defect claim against BIC lighters. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article May 1, 1994 205
Renewed look at the duty to warn and affirmative defenses. Richmond, Douglas R. Apr 1, 1994 9464
Court rejects market share theory in lead paint case. Shoop, Julie Gannon Brief Article Dec 1, 1993 461
RMed, Arco settle 'Fibersorb' suit: Arco sells Fibersorb business. Jul 1, 1993 315
The Products Liability Mess: How Business Can Be Rescued from State Court Politics. Farber, Daniel Book Review Jan 1, 1989 2481
Smoking gun. Kohn, Alfie editorial Jul 20, 1985 484
Legal guidelines for blood banking and transfusions. Lentz, Susan L.; Polesky, Herbert F. Oct 1, 1984 2042

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