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Rafi Law Firm Represents Plaintiff in $1.7 Million Lawsuit from Gas Station Shooting. Oct 10, 2017 643
Record Setting $71 Million Verdict For Spinal Injury Suffered In New York Car Accident. Oct 2, 2017 461
Dallas Trial Lawyers Launch Hamilton Wingo LLP for High-Stakes Cases. Sep 6, 2017 566
Florida Lawsuit Filed by Clark, Fountain, La Vista, Prather, Keen & Littky-Rubin Sparks NBC Investigation into Dangerous Boat Industry Practices. Aug 21, 2017 449
Thomas J. Henry Secures $11 Million Verdict for Texas Man Injured in Trucking Accident. Aug 2, 2017 840
Opinions called into question: Minnesota Supreme Court's decision is roadmap for challenging expert's opinion in workers' comp cases. Meyerowitz, Steven A. Aug 1, 2017 623
Florida Attorneys David C. Prather & Christa McCann Secure $361,000 Verdict in Highly Contested Rear-End Collision with Minor Property Damage. Jul 5, 2017 622
Florida Personal Injury Lawyer David C. Prather Secures $500,000 Verdict in Auto Accident Case. Jun 27, 2017 612
Michigan Court of Appeals Affirms $22.6 Million Jury Verdict in Johnson Law, PLC Trucking Negligence Case. May 26, 2017 376
[euro]113,000 in NINE claims for accident-prone father of two; Crash victim's litany of cases laid bare. Nov 25, 2016 408
Injury Law Center Obtains Favorable Settlement in Highly Contested Motorcycle Collision Case. Nov 18, 2016 706
M.M.B. Financial to Offer Lawsuit Financing for Cash-Strapped Attorneys and Their Plaintiffs. Oct 3, 2016 499
New York Personal Injury Lawyers Munawar & Andrews-Santillo File Lawsuit Against Popular Eatery Pret a Manger and Others. Aug 24, 2016 497
All Lawsuits Dismissed Against Monster Energy Company Filed by Personal Injury Lawyers Morgan & Morgan. Jul 28, 2016 558
Commercial lawsuits. Jul 1, 2016 546
Legal-Bay Reports Bellwether Trials for Cook IVC Filter Lawsuits. May 31, 2016 839
Accident Lawsuit Funding Reports Readiness to Fund Personal Injury Cases in Memorial Day Rush. May 25, 2016 756
Legal-Bay Lawsuit Settlement Funding Announces Focus on Personal Injury Cases. Apr 13, 2016 839
Eugene woman files lawsuit claiming she was hurt by boulder. Mar 25, 2016 315
Legal-Bay Reports $13.1MM Settlement in Jail Injury Lawsuits. Mar 15, 2016 622
Class action law firm and personal injury Super Lawyer filed lawsuit on behalf of thousands of Flint victims. Feb 17, 2016 627
Accident Lawsuit Funding Announces Readiness for Increase in Personal Injury Case Funding Applications during Busy Holiday Season. Dec 6, 2015 658
Commercial lawsuits. Dec 1, 2015 1486
All Amtrak Train 188 Accident Lawsuits to Be Heard in Philadelphia. Nov 4, 2015 697
Lawsuit Funding Firm, Fair Rate Funding, Reports Increase in Lawsuit Funding Applicants In July. Jul 28, 2015 931
Legal-Bay Lawsuit Settlement Funding Announces Readiness to Fund Personal Injury Cases within 24 Hours of Approval. Jul 6, 2015 889
Commercial lawsuits. Jul 1, 2015 631
Accident Lawsuit Funding Firm, Fair Rate Funding Reports Distracted Driving Statistics. Jun 18, 2015 857
Accident Lawsuit Funding Reports $250K Settlement over Bus Accident. Jun 4, 2015 693
Lawsuit Funding Firm: Peachtree Corners Man killed in Bicycle Accident. May 13, 2015 721
Accident Lawsuit Funding Reports $1.3 Million Personal Injury Settlement for Woman who was Ejected from Seat on an Airport Express Van. May 6, 2015 737
Accident Lawsuit Funding Announces Implementation of New "No Doc Program" and Eight Hour Approval Process. Apr 22, 2015 691
Measure would allow juries to decide medical bills in PI suits. Blankenship, Gary Apr 15, 2015 939
Commercial lawsuits. Apr 1, 2015 1369
Iranian cabbie in Canada jailed over fare dispute. Feb 20, 2015 624
$1.36 Million Awarded By Trial Judge In Personal Injury Lawsuit by Attorneys with Law Firm McDonald Worley on Behalf of Victim. Jan 14, 2015 560
Commercial lawsuits. Jan 1, 2015 1190
Xarelto Cases Centralized in Louisiana - Meyerkord & Meyerkord, LLC Accepting Cases Nationwide. Dec 16, 2014 452
Coats Rose Attorneys Jerry Young and Tim Rothberg Win Lawsuit for Client Against Allstate Insurance. Dec 10, 2014 623
Legal-Bay Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company Increases Focus on Airplane Personal Injury Accident Cases. Sep 24, 2014 860
Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company Announces Agreement with Investing Partner for Large Personal Injury Case Funding. Sep 16, 2014 751
William D. Schroeder Jr., Attorney at Law Helps Clients Achieve Fair Compensation in Personal Injury Cases. Sep 7, 2014 345
Heninger Garrison Davis is Investigating Claims of GM Bad Ignition Lawsuits. Aug 14, 2014 550
Legal-Bay Lawsuit Settlement Funding Announces Large Lawsuit Cash Advance Program for All Types of Catastrophic, Personal Injury, and Accident Cases. Jul 30, 2014 819
City cleared in sinkhole lawsuit; Jury says Marlboro not liable for injuries. Murray, Gary V. Jul 15, 2014 301
Judge Ruling Favors Calmare Pain Therapy Reimbursement In Personal Injury Case Against Allstate Insurance Co. Jun 30, 2014 954
Accident Lawsuit Funding Company Announces Increased Focus and Assistance for Car, Truck, and Other Various Motor Vehicle Accidents, as Well as All Personal Injury Lawsuit Victims. Jun 11, 2014 622
Slawson Cunningham Whalen & Gaspari Receive Jury Verdict of Nearly $3.6 Million in Cycling Collision Personal Injury Case. Feb 17, 2014 265
Goldstein petitions for reinstatement. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 121
Los Angeles Personal Injury Law Firm, Grayson & Grayson, Announces Free Case Review for Truck Accident Victims. May 26, 2013 802
Commercial lawsuits. Apr 1, 2013 1129
Queens infant disfigured in botched bris, lawsuit charges. Fanelli, James Mar 22, 2013 387
INJURED COPS SUING CAR THEFT VICTIMS; Claims for injuries suffered in chases. Mar 20, 2013 385
Judge revives case against United Airlines over wheelchair. Mar 13, 2013 287
Women's Health News: Alleged Complications of Mirena IUD and Mirena Lawsuits Summarized by Injury Attorney Wendy Fleishman. Jan 30, 2013 574
Wal-Mart incident leads to suit. Nov 18, 2012 452
Burke, Wise, Morrissey and Kaveny: First Personal Injury Lawsuits Filed in Massachusetts against New England Compounding Center. Oct 22, 2012 327
Subway doors catch plaintiff's foot while exiting; defense verdict vacated, then reinstated: Selzer v New York City Tr. Auth. Rogak, Lawrence N. Oct 15, 2012 2886
Fed Court Wants New Briefs in Miss. Case Challenging Cap on Damages. Oct 11, 2012 212
Christiansen Davis Bullock, LLC, Files Suit on Behalf of Consumers Injured by Suave's Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit. Sep 21, 2012 406
Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. Personal Injury Lawyers File Lawsuit Against OfficeMax For Violating Bidding Practices. Sep 19, 2012 483
A Brief History of Sports Mascot Lawsuits. Kobritz, Jordan Jun 27, 2012 901
Allstate Slaps PIP Fraudsters With $6M Lawsuit. May 8, 2012 370
Case against Hollywood star settled; COURT. Apr 24, 2012 156
CRASH BOY WINS EUR11.5 MILLION AFTER HE SUES HIS MUM; 10-yr-old awarded record personal injury damages. Apr 21, 2012 447
Morgan and Morgan and Levine Kellogg Lehman Schneider + Grossman File Class Action Lawsuits Against Honey Retailers for Misleading and Deceptive Sales Practices. Apr 4, 2012 743
Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer, Farhad Hamdam, Is Now Dropping All Attorney Fees Unless the Case Is Won. Mar 19, 2012 514
FAMILY'S RELIEF AS DISABLED SON WINS EUR5M CASE; Boy paralysed in botched birth. Mar 3, 2012 437
The case for a vaccine injury compensation program for Canada. Wilson, Kumanan; Keelan, Jennifer Mar 1, 2012 2156
A Need for Tort Reform for Personal Injury Lawsuits is a Myth Pushed by the Insurance Companies and Chambers of Commerce. Feb 7, 2012 456
Grayson & Grayson Personal Injury Attorneys Announce Free Case Review for Personal Injury Lawsuits. Feb 1, 2012 679
LiLo sued by pedestrian over alleged hit and run. Jan 26, 2012 224
Farmers resolves class action lawsuit. Bramlet, Christina Jan 1, 2012 315
Judicial Hellholes 2012. Wade, Jared Jan 1, 2012 811
Forewarned: sports, torts, and New York's dangerous assumption. Pomerance, Benjamin P. Jan 1, 2012 23863
Lieff Cabraser: Virginia and Ohio Patients File Suit for Alleged Defective DePuy ASR Hip Implant. Nov 23, 2011 441
Free Bus Accident Case Evaluation Offered at the LA Personal Injury Law Firm, Grayson & Grayson. Oct 21, 2011 640
Wrongful Death Cases Now Find Legal Representation at Grayson & Grayson, LA Personal Injury Law Firm. Oct 16, 2011 680
RD Legal Funding Expands Financing to Plaintiffs with Settled Cases. Oct 4, 2011 478
Arbitration enforcement. Oct 1, 2011 1109
Free Construction Accident Case Evaluation Offered at LA Personal Injury Law Firm, Grayson & Grayson. Sep 28, 2011 658
Spine Surgery Patient Brings Suit Against Medtronic For Devastating Side Effects From Its Infuse Bone Graft Medical Device. Sep 19, 2011 868
Free Dog Bite Case Evaluation Offered at LA Personal Injury Law Firm, Grayson & Grayson. Jul 9, 2011 602
You be the judge. SerVaas, Joan Jul 1, 2011 445
Napa Home and Garden Faces Lawsuits in South Carolina. Jun 21, 2011 883
Video surveillance in personal injury cases. Rubin, Robert I.; Stempler, Mark J. Jun 1, 2011 5153
Wilson County Jury Awards $1.6 Million Verdict in Personal Injury/Defective Product Case. May 31, 2011 737
LA Personal Injury Law Firm Now Offers Free Personal Injury Case Evaluation. May 27, 2011 506
Bronx Born Lawyer Wins Major Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit for Bronx Resident. Apr 26, 2011 334
Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney, David Makkabi, Now Offers Free Consultation and Services, Unless the Case Is Won. Apr 4, 2011 489
Time does not heal all wounds: an analysis of the defendant disarming decision in Murray v. Mansheim. Hansman, Raleigh E. Mar 22, 2011 15615
DePuy Hip Recall Lawsuit Filed By San Francisco Bay Area Patient. Feb 17, 2011 669
Jury Awards Patient $2.2 Million in Defective Laparoscopic Instrument Design Verdict. Jan 25, 2011 762
Lowe Eklund Wakefield & Mulvihill Co., LPA Attorneys Receive Jury Award of $587,000 in Personal Injury Case. Dec 14, 2010 545
Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implant Recall Lawsuit Filed By North Carolina Resident. Nov 10, 2010 575
Panish Shea & Boyle Announces Record-Breaking Verdict against Land O'Lakes, Inc. Nov 4, 2010 323
Officer sues man who fled arrest. Oct 9, 2010 402
Texas Woman Brings Suit Against DePuy Orthopedics and Johnson & Johnson For Defective Artificial Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant. Oct 7, 2010 662
Legal case briefs for nurses. Tammelleo, A. David Oct 1, 2010 1067
Faulty doors can leave you in a legal jam: learn how faulty or damaged door hardware can turn into a personal injury liability case against you. Leighton, John Elliott Aug 1, 2010 574
Beasley Allen Files BP Lawsuit in the Southern District of Alabama. Jul 27, 2010 708
Parkway Properties' Former CFO Drops SOX Claim, Serves Personal Injury Suit. Jul 20, 2010 1194
Ohio Woman Files Injury Lawsuit Against Zimmer For Failure of Faulty Hip Implant. Jul 20, 2010 675
Arizona Woman With Defective Artificial Hip Sues Manufacturer Zimmer For Excruciating Pain. Jul 20, 2010 682
Connecticut Man Files Suit Against Zimmer for Extreme Pain and Injuries From Defective Artificial Hip. Jul 20, 2010 691
Californian Files Suit Against Zimmer For Extreme Pain And Injuries From Defective Artificial Hip. Jul 16, 2010 663
Mobile Resident Files Lawsuit Against BP Charging Ill Health Effects From Exposure to Oil. Jul 9, 2010 808
Try your case vs. settle your case--either way, you can lose-or win. Takacs, Timothy L. Jul 1, 2010 1791
Baron & Budd, P.C. Water Contamination Legal Expert Scott Summy to Provide Overview on Gulf Oil Cases Filed and Impact of Multidistrict Litigation. Conference notes Jun 23, 2010 381
Family sues farm in E.coli outbreak; UK & WORLD. Jun 19, 2010 340
New York Woman Files Suit Charging Butter Flavoring Chemical Diacetyl, Used in Microwave Popcorn, Led to Serious Lung Injury. May 6, 2010 458
KY: newborn delivered into commode: no inury to newborn - no cause of action. Apr 1, 2010 468
Florida and Kentucky Residents File Suit Against Zimmer for Multiple Surgeries and Debilitating Injuries Caused by Defective Hip Implant. Mar 11, 2010 1270
Celia Larkin beauty case is settled; COURTS. Mar 9, 2010 106
Maryland Couple Files Lawsuit Against Toyota For Traumatic Brain and Other Severe Injuries Suffered in Sudden Acceleration Accident. Mar 3, 2010 946
Falls remain a leading cause of injury and death. Mar 1, 2010 813
Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, Announces Nebraska Widow Files Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Toyota for Sudden Unintended Acceleration Involving 2006 Toyota Prius. Feb 12, 2010 570
Were nurses responsible for injury from infiltrating IV? Feb 1, 2010 868
Hedging bets: as litigation activity rises, some U.S. hedge funds are investing in corporate lawsuits. Maleske, Melissa Dec 1, 2009 1609
Lawsuits spring from fatal three-vehicle crash in Veneta. Oct 3, 2009 711
Parents sue over baby's death after circumcision. Verges, Josh Brief article Sep 22, 2009 151
Evidence (of foreign law). May 1, 2009 2047
Patient injured in 1999 surgery: case still not tried or settled. Tammelleo, David A. Mar 1, 2009 968
Eye injuries from 'toxic sofas' is part of largest consumer class action. Brief article Jan 16, 2009 312
Safety Flaws In Yamaha Rhino "Changed My Life Forever," Californian Charges In Latest Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Yamaha. Jan 9, 2009 517
Adams and Davis. Adams, Samuel Brief article Jan 1, 2009 130
Smith & Glauser. Davenport, Eric K. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 102
Travis Barker sues over plane crash; alleges mishap may cause 'permanent disability'. Dec 3, 2008 221
Travis Barker sues over plane crash; alleges mishap may cause 'permanent disability'. Nov 25, 2008 221
Web hits: The month in review. Oct 3, 2008 2065
Videos could determine claim. Huber, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2008 846
Amylin Pharmaceuticals Diabetes Drug Byetta(R) the Focus of California Lawsuit. Aug 20, 2008 353
Defective Yamaha Rhino Side by Side "Had Devastating Impact" on Life, Californian Charges in Personal Injury Lawsuit. Aug 15, 2008 509
Sovereign immunity. Aug 1, 2008 851
Personal Injury Lawsuits Charge Yamaha Rhino Side by Side ATV Is Dangerously Unstable. Jul 31, 2008 418
Court orders medical examiner to strike Taser from autopsy reports. Burtka, Allison Torres Jul 1, 2008 916
Injured Women Continue to Sue Planned Parenthood. Jun 1, 2008 1191
California Personal Injury Law Firm Bisnar Chase Sues Los Angeles Pepsi Bottling Group for Wrongful Death of Plaintiff's Mother. Apr 29, 2008 360
Revolutionizing "proof" in the court room: at trial, the injured plaintiff's doctor is usually called upon to establish that the accident caused the injury. But is the doctor the most qualified scientific expert to give an opinion on causation? In many New York court cases, the science of biomechanical engineering can challenge the reliability of the doctor's opinion and disprove the supposed link between accident and injury. Sands, Richard M. Cover story Apr 7, 2008 2199
Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Baxter for Near Fatal Adverse Reaction From Contaminated Heparin Drug. Apr 3, 2008 566
California Product Defect Law Firm Bisnar Chase Files Suit against Camping Equipment Manufacturer Coleman in Faulty Propane Heater Case. Mar 20, 2008 365
Johnson & Bell, Ltd. Receives "Not Guilty" Verdict in Favor of Restaurant Chain; Plaintiff Asked for More Than $850,000 in Damages. Mar 4, 2008 353
Massive Las Vegas Hepatitis C Scare Causes Public Health Crisis - Edward M. Bernstein & Associates Files Lawsuits. Mar 4, 2008 468
Pro-Life News in Brief. Mar 1, 2008 3896
Second Circuit affirms dismissal of case brought by Vietnamese Plaintiffs allegedly injured by U.S. use of Agent Orange and other defoliants during Vietnam War, deciding (1) that there is no universally accepted customary international norm against use of herbicides in war, and (2) that injunctive relief is inappropriate since U.S. court lacks jurisdiction over affected Vietnamese territory. Mar 1, 2008 1003
Addict's pounds 2m bid; GAMBLER SUES BOOKMAKER. Feb 28, 2008 383
California Auto Defect Law Firm Bisnar Chase Files Suit against Nissan Motor Company. Feb 28, 2008 382
Mohegan Sun casino lawsuit still in play; Does immunity extend to last 3 defendants? Feb 22, 2008 677
Modine Manufacturing Company and Plaintiffs Settle McCullom Lake Village Lawsuits. Jan 25, 2008 588
Scaffold lawsuit dismissed: plaintiff found to be solely negligent. Jan 14, 2008 295
Kentucky Resident Files Lawsuit Against Medtronic For Faulty Defibrillator Lead Wire That Caused Devastating Electrical Shocks. Nov 28, 2007 646
James Publishing (Costa Mesa, CA) has published "Personal Injury Trial Notebook," a loose-leaf volume with CD that is designed to help attorneys become both "efficient and effective" when working up personal injury cases. Nov 1, 2007 97
Seven Contact Lens Solution Users From Across America File Personal Injury Lawsuit Against AMO For Dangerous And Extremely Painful Eye Infections In AMO Recall Litigation. Aug 24, 2007 834
Third Circuit rules that Barbados Hotel can be subject to specific personal jurisdiction in a slip-and-fall case brought in Pennsylvania where Plaintiffs resided in Pennsylvania and Defendant had solicited Plaintiffs patronage at their home. Jul 1, 2007 877
Texas Corneal Transplant Patient Files Lawsuit Against Advanced Medical Optics For "Unbearable Pain" and Permanent Vision Loss In Contact Lens Solution Recall Litigation. Jun 13, 2007 814
Iraqi family to sue over death in custody. Jun 7, 2007 456
Schmidt & Clark Represents Plaintiff in First U.S. Products Liability Case on Recalled Contact Lens Solution. Jun 4, 2007 528
Indie Gets His Day in Court Against Supervalu. Brief article May 22, 2007 155
Craighead County man sues to keep settlement. Friedman, Mark Apr 23, 2007 203
Nevada courts curb lawyer's summation slamming plaintiffs. Burtka, Allison Torres Apr 1, 2007 960
Bracewell & Giuliani Prevails in Appellate Case for Energy Client. Feb 21, 2007 200
Maritime quantum study. Shaver, Jonathan Jan 1, 2007 1705
Weitz & Luxenberg Wins $6 Million in Pediatric Malpractice Case. Nov 27, 2006 513
Statement Regarding Dismissal of Personal Injury Class-Action Lawsuit. Nov 22, 2006 626
Weitz & Luxenberg Wins $8 Million in Obstetrical Malpractice Case. Nov 14, 2006 477
The slow death of lap-only seat belts: new regulations that take effect next year finally will eliminate dangerous lap-only seat belts from all new vehicles, but older models equipped with these belts will remain on the road. Attorneys representing injured plaintiffs must understand recent developments in this litigation. Kuhlman, Brad Nov 1, 2006 2745
Embracing risk factors in pharmaceutical litigation: plaintiff lawyers tend to be reluctant to take on a drug injury case unless the client has few or no risk factors for the injury alleged. But attorneys who take the road less traveled may discover it's the quickest path to success. Sizemore, J. Paul Nov 1, 2006 3326
Don't overlook the loss of expanded family service. Smith, Stan V. Mar 1, 2006 162
Regents of the University of California Sued for Fraud in 5 Wrongful Death and 4 Personal Injury Lawsuits over UCI Liver Transplant Program. Jan 6, 2006 764
You be the judge. Jones, Bruce M. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 160
The class stops the clock: some injured people don't consider litigation until it seems too late. But a decades-old Supreme Court decision may help you save an apparently time-barred claim. Jowers, Gerald D., Jr. Nov 1, 2005 4189
Dividing the assets often a painful business. Sep 1, 2005 710
Physician-patient relationship is sine qua non in malpractice suit. Tammelleo, A. David Jun 1, 2005 988
Jama v. U.S.I.N.S. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 173
Is risk of liability for floor maintenance nondelegable? Jan 1, 2005 867
Aw Shute, a flawed foundation. Watkins, James A. Report Jan 1, 2005 7294
Foul ball lands in court. Wade, Jared Aug 1, 2004 582
MS: surgery results in leg compression injury: split decision of court in favor of hospital. Tammelleo, A. David Aug 1, 2004 554
Calif. court: injured student can sue study-abroad group. Freedman, Eric Jul 5, 2004 557
Airline's failure to move asthmatic passenger away from smoke causing his death is "accident" within the meaning of the warsaw convention. Stempel, Jeffrey W. Jun 1, 2004 2598
Estimating economic loss in personal injury cases. Reinstein, Alan; Lander, Gerald H. Jan 1, 2004 3006
Review billing and insurance records. Blatt, Gayle M. Nov 1, 2003 220
Cinemark lawsuit. Brief Article Aug 25, 2003 130
Time your client's appearance. Bobb, Patricia C. Apr 1, 2003 194
Smith v. Board of County Com'rs. of County of Lyon. Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 262
Wild ride. (Whispers). Brief Article Dec 2, 2002 191
Win your case with low-tech exhibits. Lacek, Tom Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 244
FL: lap pad left in patient--hospital settles: jury finds Dr. 100% liable--does set-off apply? (Hospital Law Decisions of Note). Tammelleo, A. David Oct 1, 2002 556
When motorists get burned: a person should not survive a crash only to be burned in a vehicle fire. When it happens, a fuel-system defect could be the cause. Emison, J. Kent Apr 1, 2002 2602
Colorado says OSHA violations admissible in lawsuit. Scarlett, Thomas Apr 1, 2002 517
Avoiding the `misuse' defense in products cases: manufacturers often cite product `misuse' to blame consumers for their injuries. Plaintiff attorneys can thwart this effort to avoid liability by using careful discovery and creative pleading. Dell'Osso, Daniel Feb 1, 2002 2357
Defining the limits of a statute of limitations. (Legal Aspects of Public Works). Jan 1, 2002 1453
Kmart negligent in sale of gun used to commit suicide, jury decides. Reichert, Jennifer L. Dec 1, 2001 729
Perfecting slip-and-fall litigation: by selecting a strong case, hiring the right experts, and allocating fault appropriately, you can obtain justice for injured plaintiffs. Burks, G. Brent Dec 1, 2001 2418
Beyond sick building syndrome: mold litigation enters the main stream: Mold; a superficial, often wooly growth, found especially on damp or decaying matter or on living organisms. (Cover Story). Deering, Ann Cover Story Nov 1, 2001 2922
Mold generating lawsuits against building owners. LAPORTE, NICHOLAS Oct 17, 2001 827
Use of F word out of court can't support sanctions. Oct 1, 2001 310
More days before deadline. Dion, Jeffrey R. Sep 1, 2001 2557
Insurance covers third-generation DES claims, Second Circuit says. Reichert, Jennifer L. May 1, 2001 691
Grace Won't Pay. Cray, Charlie Brief Article May 1, 2001 266
Proposals for settlement in PIP Cases: Should U.S. Security Ins. Co. v. Cahuasqui be overturned? Heath, Robert N., Jr. Apr 1, 2001 2706
Dear Colossus ... Pillsbury, Rodney F. Feb 1, 2001 1424
U.S. District Court: RIGHT OF ACCESS. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 152
Is an outdoor stairway a sidewalk? Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 1077
Understanding personal injury claims. Waller, Adrienne Jun 1, 2000 1897
District of Columbia Court of Appeals flexes jurisdictional muscles. Hellwege, Jean May 1, 2000 798
Hospital Lien Invalid in Wrongful Death Suit. Tammelleo, A. David Brief Article May 1, 2000 775
Alternative liability theories in slip and fall cases. Hickey, Jack Apr 1, 2000 2249
Supreme Court to Hear Air Bag Dispute. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 172
Supreme Court Permits Pleading of Claims Involving Esoteric Medical Issues. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 489
Concept of Stacking Distinguished from "Other Insurance" Provisions. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 160
Oregon, Indiana courts weigh in on side of consumers in tort `reform' cases. Hellwege, Jean Sep 1, 1999 1361
Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds Steven Sharp verdict. Brienza, Julie Sep 1, 1999 669
Plaintiffs' counsel may attend IME, federal judge rules. Reichert, Jennifer L. Jul 1, 1999 385
Third Circuit favors flexibility in reviewing scientific evidence. Reichert, Jennifer L. Jun 1, 1999 826
Representing catastrophically injured clients. Foote, Jeffrey P. Apr 1, 1999 1821
Psychodrama and trial lawyering. Larimer, Katlin Apr 1, 1999 3920
1999 brings ups and downs for tobacco plaintiffs. Shoop, Julie Gannon Apr 1, 1999 889
Defective air bag responsible for child's death, jury says. Gelhaus, Lisa Apr 1, 1999 639
Brooklyn jury adds momentum to antigun litigation. Gelhaus, Lisa Apr 1, 1999 841
Plaintiffs score victories in breast implant cases. Hellwege, Jean Brief Article Mar 1, 1999 832
Airline Deregulation Act does not preempt routine personal injury claims. Kirby, Jennifer M. Brief Article Mar 1, 1999 524
Mountain bike litigation: navigating uncharted territory. McMurry, Kelly Brief Article Jan 1, 1999 2010
Carbon monoxide poisoning in trailer attached to car does not "arise" from use of motor vehicle within the meaning of state no-fault automobile insurance law and policy. Stempel, Jeffrey W. Sep 1, 1998 793
Experts and judges. White, Jeffrey Robert Sep 1, 1998 2687
Running at full throttle: peril amid the pleasure of personal watercraft. McMurry, Kelly Jun 1, 1998 1844
Connecting with severely injured clients. Singer, Amy Jun 1, 1998 2779
Remaining tax opportunities in lawsuits and settlements. Kerekes, Michael S. May 1, 1998 631
When air bags injure or kill. Subar, Lorin M. May 1, 1998 3881
Death-over-the-counter: dangers of ephedrine. Aaron, Jody L. Dec 1, 1997 2876
An ounce of prevention: proving shopping center liability for third-party crime. Gerson, Philip M. Aug 1, 1997 3985
Access denied: 'tort reform' rhetoric is closing the courthouse door. Daniels, Stephen Jul 1, 1997 2648
Tax law changes for damages received on account of personal injury or sickness. Abramowicz, Kenneth F. Jul 1, 1997 1558
First state tobacco case set for trial in Mississippi. Shoop, Julie Gannon May 1, 1997 607
Bystander injuries may not be restricted to 'each person' auto liability limits. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article May 1, 1997 561
Crime victims in apartment houses may be defrauded consumers. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article May 1, 1997 437
LIRR -- A Government Agency Above the Law. Jan 16, 1997 282
Refuting common defenses in traumatic brain injury cases. Howell, Mark F. Jan 1, 1997 3707
Appeals court approves class action settlement in asbestos case. Shoop, Julie Gannon Oct 1, 1996 575
Tenant, bit by dog, unleashes suit against landlord. Brienza, Julie Oct 1, 1996 641
Missing the beat: failure to diagnose heart attack cases. Gustafson, Jill Sep 1, 1996 4069
Asbestos settlements upheld. Jul 30, 1996 243
Federal Appeals Court Approves Fibreboard's Asbestos Global and Insurance Settlement Agreements. Jul 29, 1996 601
Are personal injury awards soaring? Kim Fallis-Howell Jun 1, 1996 1393
Pain in the courtroom: can you prove it? John Sutherland Jun 1, 1996 2323
SCC caps pain awards (ter Neuzen v. Korn). Teresa Mitchell Apr 1, 1996 193
Bristol-Myers Squibb wins Florida breast implant case. Brief Article Mar 1, 1996 217
Malathion makers have no duty to warn. Brief Article Nov 1, 1995 197
Defending claims of postconcussion syndrome. Price, David R.; Lees-Haley, Paul R. Oct 1, 1995 3151
Bad blood: contaminated plasma sickens users of Gammaguard. Shoop, Julie Gannon Sep 1, 1995 959
A hot issue. Castle, Timothy; Peel, Carl Sep 1, 1995 3273
A lawyer on a jury. Venning, Robert S. May 1, 1995 3058
Mild traumatic brain injury: when symptoms linger. Galski, Thomas Mar 1, 1995 2199
Third time's the charm? Manville trust restructured. Sargeant, Georgia Nov 1, 1994 618
Tax Court specifies conditions for accepting settlement allocations. Sager, Clayton R. Sep 1, 1994 1360
Statutes of limitations and repetitive strain injuries: winning strategies. Leibson, Russell; Wan, Danny Jul 1, 1994 2239
Families of vaccine victims can sue for damages. Dilworth, Donald C. Brief Article Jun 1, 1994 435
Gun shows may be liable for harm caused by stolen weapons. Sargeant, Georgia Brief Article May 1, 1994 431
Is the turnover duty real, or just unseaworthiness in disguise? Kammer, David D. Apr 1, 1994 6410
We need better judges. Pope, Michael A. President's Page Jan 1, 1994 1217
Taxation of personal injury awards. Colburn, Steven C.; Englebrecht, Ted D. Dec 1, 1990 2923
Audits of TPAs reveal common mistakes. Hembree, Olan A., Jr. Nov 1, 1990 1385
Litigating to avoid taxation of personal injury damages. Wells, Wayne R.; Royalty, Kent W. Nov 1, 1990 4361
The weaning of the green: environmentalism comes of age in the 1990s. Cross, Frank B. Sep 1, 1990 4791
Utilization management applied to chiropractic area. Aug 1, 1990 950
Rehabilitating workers' comp using cost containment. Calhoun, Richard J. May 1, 1990 2014
Planning a pollution response to trucking spill accidents. Knight, John A. Apr 1, 1990 1311
Handling claims the Burger King way. Herbstman, Donald Apr 1, 1990 2262
Defense strategy: tax pre-judgement interest. Truex, Bruce A. Apr 1, 1990 1402
Controlling losses the Burger King way. Herbstman, Donald Mar 1, 1990 4007
Self-insureds report 18% rise in health benefit costs. Mar 1, 1990 682
EC product directive holds new risk for U.S. companies. Casey, M. Patricia Jan 1, 1990 1911
Risk managers and defense lawyers. Quinley, Kevin M. Jun 1, 1989 1414
Workers' compensation faces new challenges. Johnson, Tom Jun 1, 1989 1421

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