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Woman sues husband after he comes out as gay six years into their marriage; A high court in Cape Town, South African heard how a man came out as gay to his wife almost six years into their marriage. By, Milo Boyd Nov 1, 2019 357
Washington Supreme Court Rules Against Florist in Gay Wedding Case. Jergler, Don Jun 7, 2019 493
Bespoke Wedding Suits for the LGBTQ Community - Online or in Person at My Custom Tailor. Mar 5, 2019 525
Japan gay couples seek marriage rights in Valentine's lawsuit. Feb 13, 2019 737
Arkansas Supreme Court Rejects Gay Rights Lawsuit. Dec 14, 2016 541
Fla. County official sues over marriage requirement. Nov 1, 2016 181
No more embarrassment: Alabama's controversial chief justice loses his job--again. Boston, Rob Nov 1, 2016 1423
Lesbian Sues Catholic School After Firing. Aug 19, 2016 518
Saying "I don't" to "I do". Finzel, Rochelle Brief article Jun 1, 2016 135
Top law man: Bakery's gay case ruling was wrong. May 11, 2016 194
China Court Rules Against Gay Marriage In Landmark Case. Apr 13, 2016 443
Chinese court rejects landmark same-sex marriage case. Apr 13, 2016 285
Ariz. woman sues tribe over same-sex marriage ban. Jan 1, 2016 241
The self-made trap. Arkes, Hadley Dec 22, 2015 3519
A right to refuse marriage licenses. Farmer, Brian Dec 21, 2015 830
Law of the land: gay marriage legal. Shackford, Scott Oct 1, 2015 311
Supremes tackle culture wars. Bresler, Robert J. Sep 1, 2015 1018
Cases with consequences: recent Supreme Court rulings were game-changers for the states - and not just because of the decisions on health care and same-sex marriage. Soronen, Lisa Sep 1, 2015 1972
Texas Concedes Case Over Benefits for Same-Sex Couples. Jul 20, 2015 413
Khaled Abol Naga responds to "closeted gay" accusations! Brief article Jul 13, 2015 156
Holdouts on Gay Marriage Could Face Lawsuits. Jul 10, 2015 1179
Love, loss and steadfast commitment lead a nation forward. Obergefell, Jim Editorial Jun 29, 2015 795
Five arguments to watch in marriage cases. Wolf, Richard May 8, 2015 872
Texas Sues Feds Over Benefits for Same-Sex Couples. Mar 18, 2015 387
States urged to defy: lawless marriage edicts by U.S. courts: with federal judges purporting to overturn states' marriage laws--unconstitutionally--some state officials are fighting back to protect their sovereignty. Newman, Alex Mar 9, 2015 2659
Same-sex marriage: a legal background after United States v. Windsor. Smith, Alison M. Report Aug 1, 2014 4014
Equality for same-sex couples has scored some big hits recently. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Jul 1, 2014 103
Is our fudicial system broken? Jun 9, 2014 745
Lawsuit challenges North Dakota gay marriage ban. Burbach, Kevin Jun 7, 2014 413
Five reasons gay marriage is winning. Eckstrom, Kevin Jun 6, 2014 1419
The anti-humiliation principle and same-sex marriage. Yoshino, Kenji Jun 1, 2014 11018
Big win for gay marriage in Ky.; Barrage of marriage-equality lawsuits versus voter opposition. Barrouquere, Brett; Crary, David Feb 13, 2014 812
Law and order utah's top 2013 legal stories: We asked the legal community to dish on what they think were the state's top legal cases and stories of 2013. From the Swallow scandal to trouble in the West Valley City Police Department to same-sex marriage, here's a rundown of Utah's headline-grabbing legal stories. Madison, Rachel; Francom, Sarah Ryther; Stewart, Heather Feb 1, 2014 1442
Game changers: some high-profile Supreme Court cases this term chart a new course for gay rights and voting practices. Savage, David G. Sep 1, 2013 1835
The aftermath of DOMA: sales boon, HR burden? Davidson, Kristi A. Aug 1, 2013 673
Justice Scalia slams court decision regarding homosexual "marriage". McManus, John F. Brief article Jul 22, 2013 113
Plaintiffs in California gay marriage case wed. Jun 29, 2013 566
State sues Washington florist for snubbing gay wedding. May 1, 2013 150
Tyranny of the minority? Johnson, Ted Mar 18, 2013 785
Bishops weigh in on marriage. Brief article Feb 15, 2013 169
Two cases to tackle marriage. Brief article Dec 21, 2012 167
Same-Sex Marriage Cases To Be Heard By US Supreme Court. Dec 8, 2012 202
Gay marriage cases may reach Supreme Court. May 14, 2012 390
Appeal verdict delayed in 'gay wedding' case. Oct 20, 2011 224
Mormons fined for Prop. 8. Brief article Jun 25, 2010 139
AG: Federal law unconstitutional; Coakley pushes gay marriage case. Feb 20, 2010 400
March madness? Only a few months away, the march on Washington could be a powerful triumph--if anyone shows up. Aug 1, 2009 351
What gives in Washington? As the Obama administration goes to court in support of "don't ask, don't tell" and the defense of marriage act, Michelangelo Signorile wonders if it's gay leaders who are to blame. Signorile, Michelangelo Aug 1, 2009 1293
A wedding album. Photograph Jan 13, 2009 271
Less perfect unions: the argument against same-sex marriage that hasn't been tried in the courts. McConnell, Margaret Liu May 19, 2008 3173
CNN's supremely awkward moment. Triplett, William Brief article May 19, 2008 212
A landmark appellate court decision in Martinez v. County of Monroe issued on February 1 states that valid marriages of same-sex couples conducted outside of New York State must be recognized legally within the state of New York. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article May 1, 2008 121
Civil rights charge stands in assault case; Gay marriage backer allegedly pushed. Jul 13, 2007 406
Gay marriage opponents drop their lawsuit. Jan 5, 2007 405
Saudi house party. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 187
District changes policy over same-sex class. Pascopella, Angela Sep 1, 2006 388
Court asked to uphold marriage. Brief article Jul 14, 2006 127
Cross country. Feb 14, 2006 222
GLAD's marriage battle. Feb 14, 2006 257
Bringing marriage to the Midwest. Allen, Dan Brief Article Jan 31, 2006 81
Final victory for same sex marriage in South Africa. Brief article Dec 1, 2005 284
Canada recognizes gay adultery. King, Mike Brief Article Oct 11, 2005 108
Cherokee union. Allen, Dan Brief Article Sep 13, 2005 156
Mayor gets his day. Brief Article Jul 5, 2005 88
The history of marriage. Mah, Connie L. Jun 1, 2005 2059
Across the Nation. Brief Article May 24, 2005 188
No appeal for Indiana. Brief Article Mar 29, 2005 90
No reason to amend--for now. VanDeCarr, Paul Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 118
Boston legal eagle: the country's most powerful lawyer in the marriage equality fight is taking her case to other states--and trying to avoid the spotlight. Kuhr, Fred Biography Jan 18, 2005 1555
Homogamy nullified. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 295
Lesbians. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 129
Policy corruptions at external affairs. Jan 1, 2005 680
More licence taken by a judge. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 134
Raining on the parade of horribles: of slippery slopes, faux slopes, and Justice Scalia's dissent in Lawrence v. Texas. Sternglantz, Ruth E. Jan 1, 2005 10756
Is gay life better in Europe? An openly antigay president wins his second term. Voters OK a dozen statewide marriage bans. Gays feeling unwanted in the USA may be looking for utopia overseas. Here's a reality check from gay Europeans themselves. Caldwell, John Dec 7, 2004 2332
My Vermont (begin strikethrough)civil union(end strikethrough) divorce. Anderson, Kathy Sep 28, 2004 718
DOMA's unlikely victims: a Washington State lesbian couple's bankruptcy was the catalyst for an all-out battle over the federal gay marriage ban. Prince, C.J. Sep 28, 2004 455
Two steps down the aisle, one step back. Lisotta, Christopher Brief Article Sep 14, 2004 227
Unmarried in San Francisco: Dave and Jeff Chandler say the invalidation of their San Francisco marriage only makes them more determined to fight. Caldwell, John Interview Sep 14, 2004 590
Courts closed? Congress wants to prevent judges from ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. But is that constitutional? Lisotta, Christopher Aug 31, 2004 356
Just married and ready for a fight. Ryan, Benjamin Brief Article Aug 31, 2004 259
Seeking equality in divorce. Hays, Matthew Brief Article Aug 31, 2004 167
Criminal clergy? Universalist minister Kay Greenleaf is facing criminal charges for marrying same-sex couples, but that hasn't slowed her down. Letellier, Patrick Interview Jul 20, 2004 615
Thwarting marriage with intimidation? Brief Article Jul 6, 2004 151
No to nuptials in Arizona. Brief Article Jul 6, 2004 147
Going solo against DOMA as one Florida lawyer challenges the federal marriage ban, some gays would like him to back off. Lisotta, Christopher Jun 22, 2004 423
Truth and consequences. Bloch, Julia Jun 1, 2004 516
Marriage on her mind. Lee, Gretchen May 1, 2004 332
Marriage comes to Quebec. King, Mike Brief Article Apr 27, 2004 143
Portland's lifetime commitment: as Oregon continues to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry, some are describing the Pacific Northwest state as the new ground zero for marriage equality. Caldwell, John Apr 27, 2004 744
The same-sex debate. Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 242
Opponents. Feb 1, 2004 362
Same-sex "marriage". Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 179
Married in Massachusetts: meet the seven gay and lesbian couples whose desire to get hitched led to the court ruling that shook the nation. Caldwell, John Jan 20, 2004 950
Marriage mishegas. Clinton, Kate Jan 1, 2004 661
Across the nation. Brief Article Dec 9, 2003 145
Boston marriage. Editorial Dec 8, 2003 374
Massachusetts court gives green light for gays to wed. Colbert, Chuck Nov 28, 2003 628
Boston marriage showdown. Brief Article Nov 25, 2003 138
Arizona says no. Brief Article Nov 11, 2003 180
Case against marriage equality implodes. Wolfson, Evan Nov 1, 2003 2121
Marriage just lets the state back in. Howley, Kerry Nov 1, 2003 1570
Minister convicted over gay marriages. (Frontlines). Brief Article Jun 22, 2003 109
Same-sex "marriage"? (News in Brief: United Stated). Brief Article May 1, 2003 168
Split decision: a Texas judge grants a "gay divorce," giving the first legal recognition to civil unions outside Vermont. (Court). Apr 15, 2003 377
Marriage--who decides? (Court). Brief Article Apr 15, 2003 140
Marriage and the state. Jan 1, 2003 845
Is Massachusetts the marrying kind? Brune, Adrian Brief Article May 22, 2001 181
Equality practice: liberal reflections on the jurisprudence of civil unions. Eskridge, William N., Jr. Mar 22, 2001 12223
Genetics vs. love. DAHIR, MUBARAK Oct 10, 2000 1589
Separate but equal. GALLAGHER, JOHN Feb 1, 2000 1400
M vs H does not affect marriage, yet. Brief Article Jul 1, 1999 693
The marriage-go-round. Gallagher, John Jan 21, 1997 744
Gay marriage allowed in Hawaii, court says. Brief Article Jan 1, 1997 192
Same-sex couples. Moskowitz, Ellen H. Jul 1, 1996 538

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