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Arbitration. Oct 1, 2014 4700
The effective prohibition preemption in modern wireless tower siting. Erber, Andrew Apr 1, 2014 14681
Sixth Circuit gets on track for plaintiff in railroad case. Sileo, Carmel Sep 1, 2004 671
Pilot Life pushed ERISA's preemption pendulum to the top of its arc, but didn't suspend the law of gravity. Mazer, Jason S. Jan 1, 2004 6476
"Joltin' Joe has left and gone away": the vanishing presumption against preemption. . Massey, Calvin Mar 22, 2003 2420
Supreme Court approves state review of HMO decisions; Congress stalls. Holt, Janet L. Sep 1, 2002 1374
Federal banking law doesn't pre-empt state usury claims. Sanders, Carol McHugh Jul 1, 2002 628
An antidote to preemption: plaintiff lawyers can see to it that the Supreme Court's Buckman decision does not spread preemption to perfectly healthy products claims. Heacox, Catherine T. Feb 1, 2002 4291
How to buck preemption in drug cases. Parr, Edward J., Jr. Nov 1, 2001 4519
The auto-safety preemption war since Geier: a year ago, the Supreme Court ruled that consumers may not sue auto manufacturers for failing to equip a car with air bags. But the narrow decision does not affect many other auto safety claims. Palmer, Robert M.N. Nov 1, 2001 4137
Yes, Virginia (Tech), our government is one of limited powers. Dimino, Michael Richard Jun 22, 2001 10541
Supreme court rules that suit for fraud on federal agency is preempted. Porter, Rebecca Apr 1, 2001 740
Can a State Have a Foreign Policy? Slade, David C. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 758
High Court narrowly blocks `no air bag' lawsuits. Shoop, Julie Gannon Jul 1, 2000 677
Compliance with minimum seat belt standards does not preempt claim, court says. Gelhaus, Lisa Jul 1, 2000 471
Idaho Sporting Congress v. Thomas and sovereign immunity: federal facility nonpoint sources, the APA, and the meaning of "in the same manner and to the same extent as any nongovernmental entity." Craig, Robin Kundis Jun 22, 2000 16403
Railroads gain immunity from unsafe-crossing suits. Gelhaus, Lisa Jun 1, 2000 301
Supreme Court case puts railroad crossing negligence claims at stake. Gelhaus, Lisa Apr 1, 2000 656
Plaintiffs will benefit from Third Circuit's rejection of preemption argument. Brienza, Julie Jan 1, 2000 504
ERISA preemption hinges on quality of care provided, Third Circuit rules. Porter, Rebecca Dec 1, 1999 640
Ohio tort `reform' measure overturned. Peck, Robert S. Nov 1, 1999 4446
ERISA does not preempt California law allowing untimely claims against insurers. Levy, Stephanie Jul 1, 1999 464
Quality-of-care case sidesteps ERISA in New York. Porter, Rebecca Jun 1, 1999 545
Fraud on FDA claim survives preemption. Apr 1, 1999 731
Airline Deregulation Act does not preempt routine personal injury claims. Kirby, Jennifer M. Brief Article Mar 1, 1999 524
Preempting the preemption defense. Stevick, Douglas L. Jul 1, 1998 4658
Challenging insurance coverage denials under ERISA. Connette, Edward G. May 1, 1998 4178
Brown v. Pro Football, Inc.: the Supreme Court gets it right for the wrong reasons. Roberts, Gary R. Sep 22, 1997 17500
Protecting medical malpractice claims against ERISA preemption. Way, Linda A. Mar 1, 1997 3623
Advocacy, practice and procedure. Denny, Otway B., Jr.; Levy, David J. Jul 1, 1996 853
Clouding the waters of maritime litigation. Anderson, Thomas R. Case Note Jun 22, 1996 10338
State statutes override admiralty rule in personal watercraft deaths. Dilworth, Donald C. Apr 1, 1996 692
Preemption of medical device tort claims: developments. Massey, Jonathan S. Nov 1, 1995 3675
Where does Myrick lead us? No preemption of defective restraint system claims. Coben, Larry E. Sep 1, 1995 1440
How to fight FIFRA preemption. Hoffman, Martin J. Jul 1, 1995 5100
The sleeping giant awakens: PUD No. 1 of Jefferson County v. Washington Department of Ecology. Ransel, Katherine P. Mar 22, 1995 14760
FIFRA preemption of common-law tort claims after Cipollone. Pellikaan, Sandi L. Mar 22, 1995 7454
The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Withdrawal Act: the importance of FLPMA's procedural requirements. Rauch, Samuel D., III Case Note Jan 1, 1994 15072
Federal sovereign immunity and clean water: a Supreme misstep. Heintz, Rebecca Case Note Jan 1, 1994 10925
Were the framers of the Constitution PC? Pfander, James E. Jan 1, 1994 702
The impact of Arkansas v. Oklahoma on the NPDES process under the Clean Water Act. Holmes, William J. Jan 1, 1993 7948
The states. Spaeth, Harold J.; Smith, Edward Conrad Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 2968

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