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10 Best baby milk formulas 2022 that are suitable for your little one from birth; Find out which baby formula is best for your baby that you can use from birth including Aptamil, Cow & Gate, HiPP Organic and more. By, Ruth Doherty & Charlotte Henry Aug 9, 2022 1385
Antimicrobial Potential of Streptomyces spp. Isolated from the Rift Valley Regions of Ethiopia. Elias, Firew; Muddada, Sudhamani; Muleta, Diriba; Tefera, Belachew Jun 13, 2022 7108
Short Communication - [beta] casein Polymorphism in Indigenous and Exotic Cattle Breeds of Pakistan. Mumtaz, Shakila; Javed, Khalid; Dawood, Muhammad; Imran, Muhammad; Ali, Asad; Ramzan, Nazia Report Jun 12, 2022 2256
Role of Lactium™ in Psychodermatology: The CERTAIN Trial[sup.#] on Patients with Acne Vulgaris. Kerure, Amit Shivaji; Udare, Satish; Vispute, Chetan May 4, 2022 5867
Effect of the Application of Cold Plasma Energy on the Inactivation of Microorganisms, Proteins, and Lipids Deterioration in Adobera Cheese. Aguilar Uscanga, Blanca Rosa; Calderón Santoyo, Montserrat; Ragazzo Sánchez, Juan Arturo; Alemán Dua Apr 8, 2022 6537
The Production of Streptomyces W-5B Extract for Antibiofilm against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Asnani, Ari; Purwanti, Azizah; Bakrudin, Windy Amalia; Anjarwati, Dwi Utami Mar 1, 2022 4597
Effects of protein content and the inclusion of protein sources with different amino acid release dynamics on the nitrogen utilization of weaned piglets. Hu, Nianzhi; Shen, Zhiwen; Pan, Li; Qin, Guixin; Zhao, Yuan; Bao, Nan Report Feb 1, 2022 7970
5 Foods that will ruin your skin. Jan 3, 2022 617
Senhwa Biosciences receives US FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Silmitasertib. Dec 20, 2021 180
Senhwa Biosciences receives US FDA Orphan Drug Designation for Silmitasertib. Dec 20, 2021 179
Senhwa's Silmitasertib Receives US FDA Orphan Drug Designation for the Treatment of Medulloblastoma. Dec 17, 2021 576
China's replicable poverty alleviation experience in the agri-food sector. Nov 4, 2021 1004
Differentially Expressed Salivary Proteins in Dental Caries Patients. Khan, Zaid Majeed; Waheed, Humera; Khurshid, Zohaib; Zafar, Muhammad Sohail; Moin, Syed Faraz; Alam, Report Oct 14, 2021 6219
Characterization of [beta]-casein Gene Sequence Variants in Cholistani Cattle. Report Oct 3, 2021 4809
Long-term Outcomes of Children with Cow's Milk Protein Allergy in a Pediatric Allergy Clinic. Ertugrul, Aysegul; Emeksiz, Zeynep Sengul; Ozmen, Serap; Bostanci, Ilknur Report Sep 1, 2021 4566
Polymorphisms of the CSN1S1 Gene and its Protein Variants in River and Swamp Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis). Report Aug 31, 2021 5287
Effects of Overexpression of ET-1 in Mammary Gland Physiology/Yuksek ET-1 Ifadesinin Meme Bezi Fizyolojisi Uzerine Etkileri. Gul, Nadir; Theuring, Franz Aug 1, 2021 5024
Rehardening of Eroded Enamel with CPP-ACFP Paste and CO[sub.2] Laser Treatment. Kasraei, Shahin; Kasraei, Parmis; Valizadeh, Sara; Azarsina, Mohadeseh Report Jul 15, 2021 5438
Optimization of Culture Conditions for Protease Production using Three Strains of Bacillus. Morabandza, Cyr Jonas; Dibangou, Valentin; Mabika, Faly Armel Soloka; Gatse, Elgie Viennechie; Tarci Jun 1, 2021 3874
Spotlight on Supplements: Alpha-Lactalbumin: Alpha-lactalbumin may help boost mood, sleep, and cognition. Cassady, Bridget May 19, 2021 365
Effect of Nitrogen and Vitamins on the Decay Rate of Pine Sapwood Exposed above Ground. Nicholas, Darrel D. Report Mar 22, 2021 2452
Gene polymorphisms influencing yield, composition and technological properties of milk from Czech Simmental and Holstein cows. Citek, Jindrich; Brzakova, Michaela; Hanusova, Lenka; Hanus, Oto; Vecerek, Libor; Samkova, Eva; Kriz Report Jan 1, 2021 8932
Improved Survival of Leukemic Mice Treated with Sodium Caseinate in Combination with Daunorubicin without Toxicity. Aguiñiga-Sánchez, Itzen; Meléndez-Ibarra, Frida Montserrat; Ledesma-Martínez, Edgar; Weiss-Steider, Jan 1, 2021 6215
Casein Kinase 2-Interacting Protein-1 Alleviates High Glucose-Reduced Autophagy, Oxidative Stress, and Apoptosis in Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells via Activating the p62/KEAP1/NRF2 Signaling Pathway. Zhao, Xia; Wang, Jing; Li, Pei; Tang, Liying; Bai, Yuzhi Jan 1, 2021 4552
Differentially Expressed Salivary Proteins in Dental Caries Patients. Khan, Zaid Majeed; Waheed, Humera; Khurshid, Zohaib; Zafar, Muhammad Sohail; Moin, Syed Faraz; Alam, Report Jan 1, 2021 6218
Rehardening of Eroded Enamel with CPP-ACFP Paste and CO[sub.2] Laser Treatment. Kasraei, Shahin; Kasraei, Parmis; Valizadeh, Sara; Azarsina, Mohadeseh Report Jan 1, 2021 5439
Exploring the Genotype at CSN3 Gene, Milk Composition, Coagulation and Cheese-Yield Traits of the Sardo-Modicana, an Autochthonous Cattle Breed from the Sardinia Region, Italy. Pazzola, Michele; Vacca, Giuseppe Massimo; Noce, Antonia; Porcedda, Marta; Onnis, Maria; Manca, Nico Nov 1, 2020 5941
Associations between Mammary Gland Echotexture and Milk Composition in Cows. Schwarz, Tomasz; Scheeres, Nelia; Malopolska, Martyna M.; Murawski, Maciej; Agustin, Tristan D.; Ahm Nov 1, 2020 6459
Digestibility of Amino Acids in Protein-Rich Feed Ingredients Originating from Animals, Peanut Flour, and Full-Fat Soybeans Fed to Pigs. Aderibigbe, Ayodeji Simeon; Park, Chan Sol; Adebiyi, Adekunle; Olukosi, Oluyinka Abiona; Adeola, Ola Nov 1, 2020 6962
Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diet for Autism Spectrum Disorders: Can It Be Effective in Solving Behavioural and Gastrointestinal Problems? Baspinar, Busra; Yardimci, Hulya Oct 1, 2020 5525
Efficacy of gluten- and casein-free diets on autism spectrum disorders in children. Alamri, Eman S. Oct 1, 2020 3433
Bayesian Analysis of the Association between Casein Complex Haplotype Variants and Milk Yield, Composition, and Curve Shape Parameters in Murciano-Granadina Goats. Inostroza, Maria Gabriela Pizarro; Gonzalez, Francisco Javier Navas; Landi, Vincenzo; Jurado, Jose M Oct 1, 2020 12176
Modification of hydrophilic polymer network to design a carrier for a poorly water-soluble substance. Markovic, Maja D.; Panic, Vesna V.; Seslija, Sanja I.; Spasojevic, Pavle M.; Ugrinovic, Vukasin Dj.; Report Oct 1, 2020 8450
Is it Possible to Regain Lost Minerals to Initial Enamel Lesions Using Enamel Matrix Derivatives Combined with Casein Phosphopeptide Amorphous Calcium Phosphate: An in Vitro Study. Keskin, Gul; Guler, Cigdem; Yildirim, Sibel Report Sep 1, 2020 4003
Milk makes me feel bloated. Aug 17, 2020 456
Novel strategy for encapsulation and targeted delivery of poorly water-soluble active substances. Markovic, Maja D.; Panic, Vesna V.; Seslija, Sanja I.; Milivojevic, Ana D.; Spasojevic, Pavle M.; Bo Aug 1, 2020 8306
Quantification of the Effect of the Cattle Breed on Milk Cheese Yield: Comparison between Italian Brown Swiss and Italian Friesian. Franceschi, Piero; Malacarne, Massimo; Formaggioni, Paolo; Faccia, Michele; Summer, Andrea Aug 1, 2020 6492
CircRNA8220 Sponges MiR-8516 to Regulate Cell Viability and Milk Synthesis via Ras/MEK/ERK and PI3K/AKT/mTOR Pathways in Goat Mammary Epithelial Cells. Zhu, Chao; Jiang, Yue; Zhu, Junru; He, Yonglong; Yin, Hao; Duan, Quyu; Zhang, Lei; Cao, Binyun; An, Aug 1, 2020 7043
Anti-Inflammatory Effect of a Peptide Derived from the Synbiotics, Fermented Cudrania tricuspidata with Lactobacillus gasseri, on Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Ha, Jimyeong; Oh, Hyemin; Oh, Nam Su; Seo, Yeongeun; Kang, Joohyun; Park, Min Hee; Kim, Kyung Su; Ka Jul 31, 2020 4386
Short Communication - 5' Flanking Region of Kappa-Casein Gene is Highly Polymorphic in Eight Dromedary Camel Breeds of Pakistan. Report Jul 23, 2020 2600
Quality Profile of Single-Breed Alpine Grey and Pinzgauer Bulk Milk. Zanon, Thomas; Costa, Angela; de Marchi, Massimo; Penasa, Mauro; Konig, Sven; Gauly, Matthias Jul 1, 2020 5272
Association of GHR Polymorphisms with Milk Production in Buffaloes. El-Komy, Shymaa M.; Saleh, Ayman A.; Abdel-Hamid, Tamer M.; El-Magd, Mohammed A. Jul 1, 2020 8774
Effects of Albumin Infusion on Serum Levels of Albumin, Proinflammatory Cytokines (TNF-[alpha], IL-1, and IL-6), CRP, and MMP-8; Tissue Expression of EGRF, ERK1, ERK2, TGF-[beta], Collagen, and MMP-8; and Wound Healing in Sprague Dawley Rats. Utariani, Arie; Rahardjo, Eddy; Perdanakusuma, David S. Jun 30, 2020 7099
Protein Level and Infantile Diarrhea in a Postweaning Piglet Model. Gao, Jing; Yin, Jie; Xu, Kang; Han, Hui; Liu, Ze Min; Wang, Chen Yu; Li, Tie Jun; Yin, Yu Long Jun 30, 2020 8553
Is ghee healthy as a cooking fat? Jun 22, 2020 368
Effect of all-trans retinoic acid on casein and fatty acid synthesis in MAC-T cells. Liao, Xian-Dong; Zhou, Chang-Hai; Zhang, Jing; Shen, Jing-Lin; Wang, Ya-Jing; Jin, Yong-Cheng; Li, S Jun 1, 2020 7937
Histone deacetylases inhibitor and RAD51 recombinase increase transcription activator-like effector nucleases-mediated homologous recombination on the bovine [beta]-casein gene locus. Park, Da Som; Kim, Se Eun; Koo, Deog-Bon; Kang, Man-Jong Jun 1, 2020 5719
The Dynamic Changes of African Elephant Milk Composition over Lactation. Kobeni, Sibusiso; Osthoff, Gernot; Madende, Moses; Hugo, Arnold; Marabini, Lisa Report Jun 1, 2020 11752
Changes in Metabolites from Bovine Milk with [beta]-Casein Variants Revealed by Metabolomics. Lv, Zhongwang; Liu, Hui; Yang, Yongxin; Bu, Dengpan; Zang, Changjiang; Yang, Kailun; Yu, Xiong; Wang Report Jun 1, 2020 6351
Transcriptome Functional Analysis of Mammary Gland of Cows in Heat Stress and Thermoneutral Condition. Yue, Shuangming; Wang, Zhisheng; Wang, Lizhi; Peng, Quanhui; Xue, Bai Jun 1, 2020 8513
Differential Somatic Cell Count as a Novel Indicator of Milk Quality in Dairy Cows. Stocco, Giorgia; Summer, Andrea; Cipolat-Gotet, Claudio; Zanini, Lucio; Vairani, Diego; Dadousis, Ch Report May 1, 2020 8534
Arginine Supply Impacts the Expression of Candidate microRNA Controlling Milk Casein Yield in Bovine Mammary Tissue. Zhang, Xin; Wang, Yifan; Wang, Mengzhi; Zhou, Gang; Chen, Lianmin; Ding, Luoyang; Bu, Dengpan; Loor, Report May 1, 2020 7080
Influence of the Casein Composite Genotype on Milk Quality and Coagulation Properties in the Endangered Agerolese Cattle Breed. Albarella, Sara; Selvaggi, Maria; D'Anza, Emanuele; Cosenza, Gianfranco; Caira, Simonetta; Scaloni, May 1, 2020 7534
Characterization of Proteolytic Activity of Artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) Flower Extracts on Bovine Casein to Obtain Bioactive Peptides. Bueno-Gavila, Estefanfa; Abelian, Adela; Bermejo, Maria Soledad; Salazar, Eva; Cayuela, Jose Maria; May 1, 2020 6027
Nisin Z Production by Wild Strains of Lactococcus lactis Isolated from Brazilian (Italian Type) Fermented Sausage. Fontes Saraiva, Margarete Alice; Birri, Dagim Jirata; Anders Brede, Dag; Baracat-Pereira, Maria Cris Apr 30, 2020 5641
Differential Somatic Cell Count as a Marker for Changes of Milk Composition in Cows with Very Low Somatic Cell Count. Zecconi, Alfonso; Dell'Orco, Francesca; Vairani, Diego; Rizzi, Nicoletta; Cipolla, Micaela; Zanini, Report Apr 1, 2020 7310
Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii) Condensed Tannins as Feed Additives to Lactating Dairy Cows. Avila, Andre S.; Zambom, Maximiliane A.; Faccenda, Andressa; Werle, Caroline H.; Almeida, Ana R.E.; Apr 1, 2020 8529
Nutrigenomic Effects of Long-Term Grape Pomace Supplementation in Dairy Cows. Pauletto, Marianna; Elgendy, Ramy; Ianni, Andrea; Marone, Elettra; Giantin, Mery; Grotta, Lisa; Rama Apr 1, 2020 9557
Frequencies Evaluation of [beta]-Casein Gene Polymorphisms in Dairy Cows Reared in Central Italy. Sebastiani, Carla; Arcangeli, Chiara; Ciullo, Marcella; Torricelli, Martina; Cinti, Giulia; Fisichel Report Feb 1, 2020 4191
Chemical-nutritional characteristics and aromatic profile of milk and related dairy products obtained from goats fed with extruded linseed. Bennato, Francesca; Ianni, Andrea; Innosa, Denise; Grotta, Lisa; D'Onofrio, Andrea; Martino, Giusepp Jan 1, 2020 7100
Zerumbone Exhibits Antiphotoaging and Dermatoprotective Properties in Ultraviolet A-Irradiated Human Skin Fibroblast Cells via the Activation of Nrf2/ARE Defensive Pathway. Hseu, You-Cheng; Chang, Chih-Ting; Gowrisankar, Yugandhar Vudhya; Chen, Xuan- Zao; Lin, Hui-Chang; Y Nov 30, 2019 8790
Global Casein and Caseinates Market Report 2019 by Supply, Demand, Consumption, Sale, Price and Top Manufacturers. Oct 21, 2019 552
Hunt for milk's magic cheese 'clotting gene' HALF THEIR COWS HAVE THE GENE. BUT THEN THEY HIT A SNAG.... ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Oct 17, 2019 556
Casein & Casein Derivatives Market Size, Share, Global Analysis, Supply-Demand, Industry Research and End User Analysis to 2024. Oct 16, 2019 835
Global Protein Powder Market to 2024:- Analysis By Type (Whey, Casein, Soy, Hemp, Others), Application (Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Sports Nutrition, Others), Distribution Channel (Online, Offline). Oct 3, 2019 1020
Almond Milk Market Worldwide Size, Share, Growth, Key Players Update and CAGR of 15.19% by Foresight to 2024. Oct 2, 2019 895
Casein and Peptides Derived from Casein as Antileukaemic Agents. Ledesma-Martinez, Edgar; Aguiniga-Sanchez, Itzen; Weiss-Steider, Benny; Rivera-Martinez, Ana Roclo; Sep 30, 2019 11561
Structural Basis for the Selective Inhibition of Cdc2-Like Kinases by CX-4945. Lee, Joo Youn; Yun, Ji-Sook; Kim, Woo-Keun; Chun, Hang-Suk; Jin, Hyeonseok; Cho, Sungchan; Chang, Je Sep 30, 2019 6167
Goat Milk Formula Market by Types, Applications, Countries, Companies and Forecasts to 2029 covered. Sep 25, 2019 958
Casein Glycomacropeptide Market Projected to Augment at a Notable CAGR during the Forecast Period un. Sep 24, 2019 1260
Goat Milk Formula Market by Types, Applications, Countries, Companies and Forecasts to 2029 covered. Sep 24, 2019 973
Casein Glycomacropeptide Market Projected to Augment at a Notable CAGR during the Forecast Period un. Sep 23, 2019 1275
Dietician Says Camel Milk Alternative For Lactose-Intolerant People. Aug 31, 2019 307
Casein Glycomacropeptide Market Insights Projected to Rise Lucratively during 2026. Aug 24, 2019 1445
Got impossible milk? The quest for lab-made dairy. Aug 4, 2019 1096
Casein Glycomacropeptide Market Poised to Garner Maximum Revenues During 2018 to 2026. Jul 31, 2019 1426
Casein Kinase 2 Interacting Protein-1 Suppresses Glioma Cell Proliferation via Regulating the AKT/GSK3[beta]/[beta]-Catenin Pathway. Xi, Yan-Guo; Ren, Deng-Peng; Jin, Jing-Yun; Zhu, Lei; Yi, Tai-Long; Shao, Xue- Fei; Sun, Sheng-Kai; Jul 31, 2019 5745
AQUARTER of British people [...]. Jul 27, 2019 434
Are protein shake supplements necessary for building muscle? Jun 6, 2019 507
Casein Glycomacropeptide Market Regional Growth Trends Focusing on Manufacturers Recorded during 201. Jun 1, 2019 891
PROTEIN QUALITY OF COMMONLY CONSUMED EDIBLE INSECTS IN ZIMBABWE. Chagwena, D.T.; Matanhire, G.T.; Jombo, T.Z.; Maponga, C.C. Jun 1, 2019 4985
Protease-Producing Bacteria from Soil in Nasinuan Community Forest, Mahasarakham Province, Thailand. Luang-In, Vijitra; Yotchaisarn, Manatchanok; Saengha, Worachot; Udomwong, Piyachat; Deeseenthum, Sir Jun 1, 2019 3546
Casein Glycomacropeptide Market Regional Growth Trends Focusing on Manufacturers Recorded during 201. May 31, 2019 905
Can Casein aid with fasting during Ramadan? May 23, 2019 602
ELABORACAO E ACEITABILIDADE DE IOGURTE DE QUEFIR ADICIONADO DE CASEINA POR ATLETAS E ESPORTISTAS/Elaboration and acceptability of yogurt of breaking added by athletes and sports. de Lara Castagnoli, Juliana; Bennemann, Gabriela Datsch; Schwarz, Kelin; Mazur, Caryna Eurich; Cavag May 1, 2019 4528
Natural Cheese Market Showcases Future Status of Prime Manufacturers Across Major Economies during 2. Apr 29, 2019 658
Natural Cheese Market Showcases Future Status of Prime Manufacturers Across Major Economies during 2. Apr 29, 2019 612
Casein Glycomacropeptide Market Expectations & Growth Trends Highlighted until 2026. Apr 16, 2019 1407
Casein Glycomacropeptide Market Latest Innovations, Drivers and Industry Key Events 2018 to 2026. Mar 15, 2019 1129
Casein Glycomacropeptide Market Recent Industry Trends and Projected Industry Growth, 2018 to 2026. Mar 15, 2019 1088
Why Dairy Makes Some People Sick --And How to Avoid the Problem. Mar 1, 2019 978
Association of casein micelle size and enzymatic curd strength and dry matter curd yield/ Associacao do tamanho das micelas de caseina com a forca e producao de massa da coalhada. de Freitas, Denise Ribeiro; de Souza, Fernando Nogueira; de Oliveira, Jamil Silvano; Ferreira, Diego Mar 1, 2019 4432
Casein Glycomacropeptide Market Globally Expected to Drive Growth through 2026. Feb 26, 2019 814
Casein Glycomacropeptide Market Segments, Opportunity, Growth and Forecast By End-use Industry 2018-. Feb 25, 2019 882
The effect of nanoemulsified methionine and cysteine on the in vitro expression of casein in bovine mammary epithelial cells. Kim, Tae-Il; Kim, Tae-Gyun; Lim, Dong-Hyun; Kim, Sang-Bum; Park, Seong-Min; Lim, Hyun-Joo; Kim, Hyun Report Feb 1, 2019 4335
Evaluacion de la calidad composicional, microbiologica y sanitaria de la leche cruda en el segundo tercio de lactancia en vacas lecheras/Evaluation of the compositional, microbiological and sanitary quality of raw milk in the second third of lactation in dairy cows. Gamez, H. Jurado; Dominguez, L. Munoz; Montenegro, D. Quitiaquez; Argoti, C. Fajardo; Santacruz, E. Jan 1, 2019 5388
Lactoferrin a multifunctional protein. Dec 10, 2018 1858
Cheese Ingredient Market Forecast Research Reports Offers Key Insights. Nov 21, 2018 666
Characterization of Milk Proteins from Different Animal Species through Gel Electrophoresis. Huma, Nuzhat; Ghaffar, Fozia; Rafiq, Saima; Pasha, Imran; Sameen, Aysha; Hayat, Imran; Hussain, Imti Report Oct 31, 2018 3419
The effects of different desensitizer agents on shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets after home bleaching: an in vitro study. Amuk, Nisa Gul; Baysal, Asli; Ustun, Yakup; Kurt, Gokmen Report Aug 1, 2018 4160
In vitro protein digestibility of animal, vegetal and microbial feed ingredients for Macrobrachium tenellum. Montoya-Martinez, Cynthia; Nolasco-Soria, Hector; Vega-Villasante, Fernando; Carrillo-Farnes, Olimpi Jul 1, 2018 4776
Emport LLC Introduces AlerTox Sticks Total Milk Rapid Allergen Test Kit. May 29, 2018 521
Optimisation of Production Condition of Alkaline Protease Using Indigenous Bacillus subtilis from Agricultural Soil. Solangi, Barkat Ali; Nawaz, Hafiz Rub; Nadeem, Uzma; Zehra, Beena; Noor, Agha Asad Case study May 1, 2018 2948
Enhanced Production of Streptokinase by UV- and Ethidium Bromide-Treated Streptococus equisimilis Mutant. Naeem, Muhammad; Sadia, Bushra; Awan, Faisal Saeed; Zia, Muhammad Anjum Report Apr 30, 2018 4862
That's a Wrap: Edible Food Wraps from ARS. O'Brien, Dennis Feb 1, 2018 571
Produce functional beta-casein using filtration. Lucey, John Feb 1, 2018 366
Comparison of Glycomacropeptide with Phenylalanine Free-Synthetic Amino Acids in Test Meals to PKU Patients: No Significant Differences in Biomarkers, Including Plasma Phe Levels. Ahring, Kirsten K.; Lund, Allan M.; Jensen, Erik; Jensen, Thomas G.; Brondum-Nielsen, Karen; Pederse Jan 1, 2018 9046
Roles of NUCKS1 in Diseases: Susceptibility, Potential Biomarker, and Regulatory Mechanisms. Huang, Pengru; Cai, Yujie; Zhao, Bin; Cui, Lili Jan 1, 2018 5144
Optimization of Process Conditions for Effective Degradation of Azo Blue Dye by Streptomyces DJP15. Pillai, H.P. Jai Shanker Report Dec 1, 2017 4475
Levels of inflammatory cytokines from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of children with cow's milk protein allergy. D'Apolito, Maria; Campanozzi, Angelo; Giardino, Ida; Pettoello-Mantovani, Massimo Report Dec 1, 2017 2701
Comparison of Thermal Decomposition of Polystyrene Products vs. Bio-Based Polymer Aerogels. Seleem, Suzanne; Hopkins, Mitchell; Olivio, Jordan; Schiraldi, David A. Report Dec 1, 2017 3180
Efecto de la relacion leche-lactosuero sobre las propiedades fisicoquimicas y reologicas en una bebida lactea fermentada. Maria-Pacheco V., Monica; Orlando-Porras A., Oscar; Velasco, Edwing; Morales-Valencia, Edgar M.; Nav Dec 1, 2017 4663
Potential influence of [kappa]-casein and [beta]-lactoglobulin genes in genetic association studies of milk quality traits. Zepeda-Batista, Jose Luis; Saavedra-Jimenez, Luis Antonio; Ruiz-Flores, Agustin; Nunez-Dominguez, Ra Report Dec 1, 2017 4018
Effect of supplementary glycerin on milk composition and heat stability in dairy goats. Thoh, Deela; Pakdeechanuan, Patcharin; Chanjula, Pin Report Dec 1, 2017 5852
Statistical Optimization of the Production of Protease from Bacillus sp. MSK-01 in Submerged Fermentation. Kaur, Kulwant; Sondhi, Sonica; Kaur, Palki Sahib Report Oct 1, 2017 4794
Nutrition Facts and Supplement Science for Managing Autism. Sep 22, 2017 396
Application of Box-Behnken Design for the Optimization of Culture Conditions for Novel Fibrinolytic Enzyme Production by Bacillus altitudinis S-CSR 0020. Smitha, K.V; Pradeep, B.V. Report Sep 1, 2017 5297
Create functional beta casein by filtration. Aug 1, 2017 346
Intake, digestibility, and rumen and metabolic characteristics of cattle fed low-quality tropical forage and supplemented with nitrogen and different levels of starch. Franco, Marcia de Oliveira; Detmann, Edenio; Filho, Sebastiao de Campos Valadares; Batista, Erick Da Jun 1, 2017 5841
Mammary alveolar cell as in vitro evaluation system for casein gene expression involved in glucose level. Heo, Young Tae; Ha, Woo Tae; Lee, Ran; Lee, Won-Young; Jeong, Ha Yeon; Hwang, Kyu Chan; Song, Hyuk Jun 1, 2017 4132
Big Muscles Latest Product Launch: Critical Mass. Apr 11, 2017 613
Purification and Characterization of Alkaline Metalloprotease from Bacillus sp. MTCC 9558 and its Application in Bioactive Peptide Production. Prasad, Roopa; Nair, Ananthakrishnan Jayakumaran; Abraham, Theruvath Koshy Report Mar 1, 2017 4300
Characterisation of Casein Kinase 1.1 in Leishmania donovani Using the CRISPR Cas9 Toolkit. Martel, Daniel; Beneke, Tom; Gluenz, Eva; Spath, Gerald F.; Rachidi, Najma Report Jan 1, 2017 7418
Nasogastric Tube Feeding-Induced Esophageal Bezoar: Case Description. Degheili, Jad A.; Sebaaly, Mikhael G.; Hallal, Ali H. Case study Jan 1, 2017 2597
Effect of Fluoride Varnish Containing CPP-ACP on Preventing Enamel Erosion. Bayrak, Sule; Tuloglu, Nuray; Bicer, Huseyin; Tunc, Emine Sen Report Jan 1, 2017 4593
Effect of Microwave Heating on the Dielectric Properties and Components of Iron-Fortified Milk. Tang, Xiao-Shu; Fan, Da-Ming; Hang, Feng; Yan, Bo-Wen; Zhao, Jian-Xin; Zhang, Hao Report Jan 1, 2017 6464
Vaccinomics Approach for Designing Potential Peptide Vaccine by Targeting Shigella spp. Serine Protease Autotransporter Subfamily Protein SigA. Oany, Arafat Rahman; Pervin, Tahmina; Mia, Mamun; Hossain, Motaher; Shahnaij, Mohammad; Mahmud, Shah Jan 1, 2017 7932
Glycomacropeptide Attenuates Inflammation, Pruritus, and Th2 Response Associated with Atopic Dermatitis Induced by 2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene in Rat. Munoz, Fabiola Carolina; Cervantes, Maritza Montserrat; Cervantes-Garcia, Daniel; Jimenez, Mariela; Jan 1, 2017 7671
Evaluation of skeletal muscle regeneration in experimental model after malnutrition/Avaliacao da regeneracao do musculo esqueletico em modelo experimental apos desnutricao. Pertille, A.; Moura, K.F.; Matsumura, C.Y.; Ferretti, R.; Ramos, D.M.; Petrini, A.C.; Oliveira, P.C. Jan 1, 2017 6053
Effects of Dietary Protein Levels on the Growth, Feed Utilization and Haemato-Biochemical Parameters of Freshwater Fish, Cyprinus Carpio Var. Specularis. Ahmed, Imtiaz; Maqbool, Amir Report Jan 1, 2017 10482
Casein supplementation does not affect the estimates of true total tract digestibility of phosphorus in soybean meal for growing pigs determined by the regression method. Liu, J.B.; Adeola, O. Report Nov 1, 2016 5860
Ileal amino acid digestibility of broken rice fed to postweaned piglets with or without multicarbohydrase and phytase supplementation. Dadalt, J.C.; Gallardo, C.; Polycarpo, G.V.; Budino, F.E.L.; Rogiewicz, A.; Berto, D.A.; Neto, M.A. Report Oct 1, 2016 5231
Casein-based edible film offers improved oxygen barrier. Oct 1, 2016 380
Eat your packaging. Sep 7, 2016 218
Analisis zimografico de metaloproteasas y catepsina en higado graso de pato criollo (Cairina moschata). Wilkesman, Jeff; Padron, Maria Fernanda; Kurz, Liliana; Awde, Sahar; Remignon, Herve Sep 1, 2016 4841
A1 beta-casein, inflammation, and type 1 diabetes. Klotter, Jule Jun 1, 2016 548
Efecto de algunos factores productivos sobre el contenido de kappa-caseina en leche de vacas de diferentes hatos en Risaralda (Colombia). Guevara-Garay, Luz Andrea; Rincon Florez, Juan Carlos; Llano Naranjo, Felipe; Cuartas Castano, Diego May 1, 2016 4015
Choc cookies withdrawn after casein find. Apr 8, 2016 197
pH-driven encapsulation of curcumin in casein nanoparticles enhances dispersibility. Mar 1, 2016 374
Post-exercise ingestion of a carbohydrate and casein hydrolysate supplement reduces perceived muscle soreness but not fatigue in Sevens Rugby Players. Bosch, A.N.; Hill, L.-D.; Jordaan, E. Nov 1, 2015 4626
"Global Soy and Milk Protein Ingredients Market 2015-2019" is now available at Fast Market Research. Oct 18, 2015 419
"Global Casein and Caseinates Market 2015-2019" is now available at Fast Market Research. Sep 8, 2015 428
PHYTOESTROGEN SECOISOLACIRESINOL DIGLICOSIDEO CHANGES LEVELS THE ESTRADIOL AND RELATIVE BODY OF OVARIECTOMIZED FEMALE RATS WISTAR/ Fitoestrogeno Secoisolaciresinol Diglicosideo altera niveis de 17[beta] estradiol e peso relativo corporal de ratas ooforectomizadas. Guerra, Thais de Rezende Bessa; Boaventura, Gilson Teles Sep 1, 2015 4071
PMR: Global Casein and Caseinate Market to Reach US$ 3564.4 Mn by 2025. Aug 22, 2015 565
Effects of L-tryptophan, fructan, and casein on reducing ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and skatole in fermented swine manure. Sheng, Q.K.; Yang, Z.J.; Zhao, H.B.; Wang, X.L.; Guo, J.F. Report Jul 17, 2015 5639
Ex vivo digestion of milk from red Chittagong Cattle focusing proteolysis and lipolysis. Islam, Mohammad Ashiqul; Ekeberg, Dag; Rukke, Elling-Olav; Vegarud, Gerd Elisabeth Report Apr 1, 2015 6513
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Filtration approach produces functional beta-casein. Dec 1, 2014 363
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Raft of tasty products meet special needs of gluten and lactose-intolerant consumers: people who can't eat certain kinds of foods used to miss out on many flavors to savor. Not anymore, as today retailers offer a wide variety of SKUs tailored to their requirements. Oct 1, 2012 3125
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Pawar cashing in on milk protein? Jan 21, 2010 494
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Amelanotic melanoma with tonsillar and thyroidal metastases and no primaries detected. Tombolini, Mario; Cigna, Emanuele; Sorvillo, Valentina; Socciarelli, Fabio; Scuderi, Nicolo; de Vinc Report Oct 1, 2009 2361
From lubricants to packaging materials: ARS scientists just say "no" to petroleum. Wood, Marcia Sep 1, 2009 1556
Is the South American water snake helicops angulatus (Linnaeus, 1758) (dipsadidae:xenodontinae) venomous?/?Es venenosa la serpiente de agua suramericana Helicops angulatus (Iinnaeus, 1758) (colubridae:xenodontinae)?. Estrella, Amalid; Rodriguez-Torres, Alexandra; Serna, Lucia; Navarrete, Luis Fernando; Rodriguez-Aco Report Jul 1, 2009 3818
Improving milk protein functionality by treatment with transglutaminase. Jan 1, 2009 518
Alter the meltability of cheese. Dec 1, 2008 379
Vegan cheese: new and improved versions. Campbell, Melanie Jul 1, 2008 1922
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The history of tomorrow's materials: protein-based biopolymers. Ralston, Brian E.; Osswald, Tim A. Feb 1, 2008 3101
Pharmachem names Metagenics distributor. Jul 1, 2007 118
Dairy, biofuel byproducts offer new route to films. Jul 1, 2007 445
Microfiltration of skim milk. Jun 1, 2007 126
Animal additives. May 21, 2007 132
High-speed interferometric detection of label-free immunoassays on the biological compact disc. Zhao, Ming; Nolte, David; Cho, Wonryeon; Regnier, Fred; Varma, Manoj; Lawrence, Greg; Pasqua, John Nov 1, 2006 2759
Edible, water-resistant film from milk protein. Core, Jim Nov 1, 2005 493
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Woman to woman. Fuchs, Nan Kathryn Mar 1, 2002 906
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Cow's milk: new link to diabetes? Brief Article Oct 19, 1996 307

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