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CaseSeeker Showcases at Paralegal SuperConference.

DALLAS -- Data Reign the distributor of the data and document management software CaseSeeker announced today it will showcase CaseSeeker to the public during the "Paralegal SuperConference" in Houston.

About the Paralegal SuperConference - Houston

The Houston - Paralegal SuperConference is a day-and-a-half event with over 35 workshops and sessions featuring speakers such as Malcolm Kushner, author of "The Light Touch: How to Use Humor in Business" and "Public Speaking for Dummies." This event takes place on June 15th & 16th, 2006 at The Houstonian Hotel in Houston, Texas. For information concerning attendance please contact

About CaseSeeker

CaseSeeker is a new addition to the growing family of quality, free form database products from askSam systems. CaseSeeker is a complete solution that combines numerous electronic discovery, document and data manipulation features into ONE application at a fraction of the cost of similar products containing FEWER features on the market today.

CaseSeeker contains Six (6) primary unique features which set it apart from other more costly applications.

1) "Free Form Database" - The foundation of CaseSeeker rest with its powerful free form database which allows the user the freedom to work the way they want and not the way similar product applications dictate.

2) "Auto Code" - At the initial import stage CaseSeeker gathers bibliographic data and automatically populates specific bibliographic fields at an accuracy rate of 80% or better for each document. The bibliographic fields populated are document type, date, to, subject, from, cc's, begin document number, end document number, keywords and names in text. Auto Code virtually eliminates the need for manual coding and its associated costs.

3) "Auto Flag" - Once the end user has provided a list of master keywords, CaseSeeker will search the entire text of each document within the free form database for 100% matches. Once fifteen (15) or more matches are achieved, CaseSeeker flags the document for specific review.

4) "Auto Cat" - Once the end user has provided a list of categories with their category keywords, CaseSeeker will search the entire text of each document within the free form database for category keywords with a 100% match. Once four (4) or more category keywords are matched, CaseSeeker assigns the document to the associated category.

5) "Annotator" - CaseSeeker contains a unique and innovative "Annotator" which allows users from any location to make comments on the document, highlight areas of the document, redact areas of the document and draw lines on the document all without altering the original document.

6) "Web Based" - CaseSeeker is a web based application which allows anyone in the World who has access to the web with a pre-assigned username, password and case number to access the database.

Although initially designed for the legal industry, CaseSeeker is extremely useful within government agencies, insurance companies, educational systems, human resource departments, libraries and private industry. In addition CaseSeeker is a natural fit with litigation support copy shops and data hosting companies.

About Data Reign

Date Reign is a specialty marketing and software distribution firm located in Dallas, Texas. Data Reign was selected by askSam Systems to be the software distributor within the United States for the data and document management software CaseSeeker. For more information about CaseSeeker, please visit

About askSam

Since 1985 askSam Systems based in Perry, Florida has been helping individuals and organizations manage their information. askSam' popular text-database and Web publishing tools provide a flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use alternative to traditional structured databases. The basic philosophy of askSam is FREEDOM ... freedom to work the way you want to, not the way a software application dictates, freedom for you to organize your information, regardless of the source, according to your own vision. For more information about askSam, please visit

About Estrin LegalEd

Estrin LegalEd is a Los Angeles-based paralegal training organization and host of "Paralegal SuperConferences" across the nation. The "Paralegal SuperConferences" attract hundreds of paralegals from major and mid-sized law firms, Fortune 1000 organizations and government agencies throughout the nation. For more information about Paralegal SuperConferences, please visit
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Date:May 23, 2006
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