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Investigation on Mining Subsidence Based on Sentinel-1A Data by SBAS-InSAR technology--Case Study of Ningdong Coalfield, China. Ma, Fei; Sui, Lichun Sep 1, 2020 5786
The Dangerous Couple: Illegal Mining and Water Pollution--A Case Study in Fena River in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Duncan, Albert Ebo Case study Aug 31, 2020 8143
Effect of Coalbed Methane Well Fracturing on Slope Stability of Open-Pit Coal Mine: A Case Study of Shengli East No. 2 Open-Pit Coal Mine. Zhu, Qingzhong; Wang, Bo; Zhao, Xin; Liu, Chunchun; Yu, Qing; Zhang, Liwen; Hou, Tao; Sang, Guangjie Case study Jul 31, 2020 7739
Surface Subsidence Control during Deep Backfill Coal Mining: A Case Study. Li, Baiyi; Zhou, Nan; Qi, Wenyue; Li, Ailing; Cui, Zhizhong Case study Jul 31, 2020 6441
Analysis of Stress Asymmetric Distribution Law of Surrounding Rock of Roadway in Inclined Coal Seam: A Case Study of Shitanjing No. 2 Coal Seam. Xiong, Xianyu; Dai, Jun; Chen, Xinnian Case study Jun 30, 2020 5298
Simulation Analysis of Influencing Factors of Subsidence Based on Mining under Huge Loose Strata: A Case Study of Heze Mining Area, China. Zhu, Xianxiang; Zhang, Wenquan; Wang, Zaiyong; Wang, Chenghao; Li, Wei; Wang, Changhao Case study Jun 30, 2020 7823
Study on the Strata Movement Rule of the Ultrathick and Weak Cementation Overburden in Deep Mining by Similar Material Simulation: A Case Study in China. Zhang, Guojian; Guo, Guangli; Lv, Yi'nan; Gong, Yaqiang Case study May 31, 2020 10689
Study on Floor Mechanical Failure Characteristics and Stress Evolution in Double Predriven Recovery Rooms. Feng, Guorui; Li, Songyu; Wang, Pengfei; Guo, Jun; Qian, Ruipeng; Sun, Qiang; Hao, Chenliang; Wen, X May 31, 2020 7272
Mine Pressure Behavior Characteristics and Control Methods of a Reused Entry that Was Formed by Roof Cutting: A Case Study. Wang, Yajun; Wang, Haosen; He, Manchao; Wang, Qi; Qiao, Yafei; Yang, Jun Case study Mar 31, 2020 8099
A "User-Knowledge-Product" Co-Creation Cyberspace Model for Product Innovation. Wang, Yu; Wu, Jiacong; Zhang, Ru; Shafiee, Sara; Li, Cheng Report Jan 1, 2020 10662
Research on Ground of Penetrating Radar in the Coal Mine Detecting: A Case Study of Application in Huaibei Coal Mine. Ma, Yongsheng; Shen, Jinsong; Su, Benyu; Ma, Yanyan; Sun, Qilong Case study Oct 1, 2019 4192
Mechanism of Dynamic Failure in Roadways with Thick and Competent Roof Strata: A Case Study. Guo, Jinshuai; Ma, Liqiang; Ju, Feng; Zhang, Chengguo; Wang, Fangtian; Guo, Shuai Case study Aug 31, 2019 5949
A water-rock coupled model for fault water inrush: a case study in Xiaochang Coal Mine, China. Wu, Luyuan; Bai, Haibo; Yuan, Chao; Wu, Guangming; Xu, Changyu; Du, Yue Case study Apr 30, 2019 5292
Data-Driven Approaches to Mining Passenger Travel Patterns: "Left-Behinds" in a Congested Urban Rail Transit Network. Chen, Xing; Zhou, Leishan; Bai, Zixi; Yue, Yixiang; Guo, Bin; Zhou, Hanxiao Apr 30, 2019 8062
A Predictive Model of Mining Collapse Extent and Its Application. Nan, Jia; Liu, Cheng; Liu, Yi Mar 31, 2019 5700
Study on the Process and Mechanism of Slope Failure Induced by Mining under Open Pit Slope: A Case Study from Yanqianshan Iron Mine, China. Hu, Yingpeng; Ren, Fengyu; Ding, Hangxing; Fu, Yu; Tan, Baohui Case study Mar 31, 2019 9568
Coal Burst Induced by Horizontal Section Mining of a Steeply Inclined, Extra-Thick Coal Seam and Its Prevention: A Case Study from Yaojie No. 3 Coal Mine, China. Wang, Zhengyi; Dou, Linming; Wang, Guifeng Case study Mar 31, 2019 8327
Coal mining trends and future prospects: A case study of Eastern Salt Range, Punjab, Pakistan. Dec 31, 2018 6690
Kenya's Leading Mining Houses and Experts at Kenya Mining Forum in Nairobi in November. Discussion Oct 18, 2018 796
Fitch: Steep Decline in Commodity-Sensitive Sector Bankruptcies. May 31, 2018 344
Referendums on mining in Colombia: the conditions in which they are held and their political meanings. The case of La Colosa/Consultas populares mineras en Colombia: Condiciones de su realizacion y significados politicos. El caso de La Colosa/Consultas publicas mineradoras na Colombia: condicoes para sua realizacao e significados politicos. O caso de La Colosa. Dietz, Kristina Jan 1, 2018 10206
New Method to Design Coal Pillar for Lateral Roof Roadway Based on Mining-Induced Stress: A Case Study. Wang, Feng; Chen, Shaojie; Xu, Jialin; Ren, Mengzi Case study Jan 1, 2018 5478
Investigation of the Sedimentation Property of Backfill Material on the Basis of Rheological Test: A Case Study of Iron Tailings. Wang, Yong; Wu, Aixiang; Zhang, Lianfu; Wang, Hongjiang; Jin, Fei Case study Jan 1, 2018 5517
Research on Stability of an Open-Pit Mine Dump with Fiber Optic Monitoring. Zhigang, Tao; Chun, Zhu; Yong, Wang; Jiamin, Wang; Manchao, He; Bo, Zhang Jan 1, 2018 10629
Methane Extraction from Abandoned Mines by Surface Vertical Wells: A Case Study in China. Hu, Shengyong; Zhang, Ao; Feng, Guorui; Guo, Xiangqian; Miu, Xuyang; Li, Chao; Han, Dandan; Wang, Ji Case study Jan 1, 2018 4754
Field Measurement and Mechanical Analysis of Height of the Water Flowing Fracture Zone in Short-Wall Block Backfill Mining beneath the Aquifer: A Case Study in China. Zhang, Yun; Cao, Shenggen; Wan, Tong; Wang, Jijun Case study Jan 1, 2018 6146
Method of Spare Parts Prediction Models Evaluation Based on Grey Comprehensive Correlation Degree and Association Rules Mining: A Case Study in Aviation. Wang, Jun; Pan, Xing; Wang, Ligeng; Wei, Wei Case study Jan 1, 2018 6924
Effect of Shaft Pillar Extraction on Stability of Main Shaft: A Case Study at Xincheng Gold Mine, China. Liu, Xige; Zhu, Wancheng; Guan, Kai; Zhang, Hongxun Case study Jan 1, 2018 7583
Study on the Rock Mass Caving and Surface Subsidence Mechanism Based on an In Situ Geological Investigation and Numerical Analysis. Ren, Fengyu; Zhang, Dongjie; Cao, Jianli; Yu, Miao; Li, Shaohua Jan 1, 2018 9259
Study on Fracture and Stress Evolution Characteristics of Ultra-Thick Hard Sandstone Roof in the Fully Mechanized Mining Face with Large Mining Height: A Case Study of Xiaojihan Coal Mine in Western China. Ju, Feng; Xiao, Meng; He, Zequan; Ning, Pai; Huang, Peng Case study Jan 1, 2018 5583
Stability Control and Quick Retaining Technology of Gob-Side Entry: A Case Study. Luan, Hengjie; Jiang, Yujing; Zhou, Lujie; Lin, Huili Case study Jan 1, 2018 5887
Grouting Reinforcement of Large Building Foundation over Old Gob Areas: A Case Study in Huaibei Mining Area, China. Guo, Wenyan; Liu, Shiqi; Hu, Bingnan; Xu, Yanchun; Luo, Yaqi Case study Jan 1, 2018 6790
The causes of mining induced ground steps occurence - case study from Upper Silesia in Poland. Strzalkowski, Piotr; Scigala, Roman Case study Jul 1, 2017 3137
Business-community relationships for extractive industries: A case study in Peru. Ventura, Jose; Jauregui, Kety Case study Apr 1, 2017 10971
Mining Community-Level Influence in Microblogging Network: A Case Study on Sina Weibo. Liu, Yufei; Pi, Dechang; Cui, Lin Report Jan 1, 2017 9439
Quantitative Evaluation and Case Study of Risk Degree for Underground Goafs with Multiple Indexes considering Uncertain Factors in Mines. Dong, Longjun; Shu, Weiwei; Li, Xibing; Zhou, Zilong; Gong, Fengqiang; Liu, XiLing Jan 1, 2017 11292
Surrounding Rock Deformation Mechanism and Control Technology for Gob-Side Entry Retaining with Fully Mechanized Gangue Backfilling Mining: A Case Study. Gong, Peng; Ma, Zhanguo; Zhang, Ray Ruichong; Ni, Xiaoyan; Liu, Fei; Huang, Zhimin Report Jan 1, 2017 8216
Analytical Analysis and Field Observation of Break Line in the Main Roof over the Goaf Edge of Longwall Coal Mines. Guangchao, Zhang; Fulian, He; Lishuai, Jiang Jan 1, 2016 5999
Lineament Length and Density Analyses Based on the Segment Tracing Algorithm: A Case Study of the Gaosong Field in Gejiu Tin Mine, China. Ni, Chunzhong; Zhang, Shitao; Liu, Chunxue; Yan, Yongfeng; Li, Yujian Case study Jan 1, 2016 3670
A career in the view of repatriates: a case study in a Brazilian mining multinational/A carreira na visao de repatriados: um estudo de caso em uma multinacional Brasileira do ramo da mineracao. Guimaraes, Paula Pacheco de Azevedo; Salles, Denise Medeiros Ribeiro; Lontra, Victor Hugo Cabral Cru Case study Jan 1, 2016 7858
Income factor shares from mining in remote Australia: an analysis of the ranger uranium mine and the Tanami gold mine in the northern territory. Blackwell, Boyd Dirk; Dollery, Brian Report Sep 1, 2013 6504
I swear on my grandkids' life I did not do anything; MINING CASE STUDIES. Jun 20, 2013 290
Digging for talent: Sudbury mining workshop draws students from across Canada. Kelly, Lindsay Jun 1, 2013 794
Pan Asia Corporation Limited (ASX:PZC) Signs Key MOA's With Leading China Mine Design and Mining Contractors. Oct 3, 2012 919
Source apportionment of respirable particulate matter using principal component analysis: a case study from India. Suman, Gurdeep Singh; Pal, Asim Kumar Dec 1, 2010 4239
Contribution of expatriates in the management of subsidiaries to the corporate governance of international firms: the case of Vale. van Aduard de Macedo-Soares, T. Diana L.; Schubsky, Adriana Maria Gutierrez Report Jan 1, 2010 7630
Environmental victims and resistance to state crime through transnational activism. White, Rob Essay Sep 22, 2009 6370
Coasian contracts in the Coeur d'Alene mining district. Higgs, Robert Mar 22, 2005 6609
The role of law in the rule of economics: a critical study of Ghana's labor laws. Visano, L.A.; Bastine, N. Adete Jul 1, 2003 7919

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