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Authenticity game: don't make these mistakes when launching your business. Friedlander, Jamie Brief article Jun 1, 2017 219
Austria : Empowering women entrepreneurs in Europe and Arab countries will be the focus of UNIDO event at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. May 17, 2017 339
Monitorizacion del proceso emprendedor a traves del modelo de negocio. Batista-Canino, Rosa M.; Bolivar-Cruz, Alicia; Medina-Brito, Pino Clinical report Jul 1, 2016 13435
The conflict between strategic method application and theoretical knowledge in small and medium sized companies: the case of the Czech republic. Sebestova, Jarmila Case study Jun 1, 2016 4666
QFBA launching programme on innovation, entrepreneurship. Apr 17, 2016 450
The identification and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunity based on the model of organizational learning 4i/O processo de identificacao e exploracao de oportunidade empreendedora com base no modelo de aprendizagem organizacional 4i. Albuquerque, Adson da Rocha Pita; Teixeira, Rivanda Meira Apr 1, 2016 7168
Challenges in bootstrapping a start-up venture: Keenga Research turning the tables on venture capitalists. Ensign, Prescott C.; Woods, Anthony A. Jan 1, 2016 8531
Diasporic and transnational internationalization: the case of Brazilian martial arts. da Rocha, Angela; Esteves, Felipe; de Mello, Renato Cotta; da Silva, Jorge Ferreira Case study Oct 1, 2015 8784
International entrepreneurship and Effectuation: the Yaguara ecologico coffee case/Empreendedorismo internacional e Effectuation: O caso do Cafe Yaguara Ecologico. Porto, Paula; de Mello, Renato Cotta Sep 1, 2015 9462
Fundamentos teorico--metodologicos para la formacion en emprendimiento y el desarrollo de la capacidad de innovacion en profesionales. Caso de estudio: facultad de especialidades empresariales, UCSG. Hidalgo Proano, Luis Fernando May 1, 2015 4021
Understanding Entrepreneurial intention (EI): a case study of Lenggong Valley, Malaysia. Rosdi, Siti Asma' Mohd Report Feb 1, 2015 1788
Factors affecting women entrepreneurs success (case study: women entrepreneurs of Fars province). Maharlouei, Abbas Sabet; Eftekhari, Abedin; Shirazi, Sara Alavizadeh; Saadi, Seyed Mohsen Fahandezh Case study Nov 1, 2014 3641
Riding the practice waves: social resourcing practices during new venture development. Keating, Andrew; Geiger, Susi; McLoughlin, Damien Report Sep 1, 2014 14616
The role of intellectual capital and entrepreneurial characteristics as innovation drivers/El papel del capital intelectual y de las caracteristicas del emprendedor como motores de la innovacion/Le role du capital intellectuel et des caracteristiques des entrepreneurs comme moteur de l'innovation/O papel do capital intelectual e caracteristicas empreendedoras como motores da inovacao. Ugalde-Binda, Nadia; Balbastre-Benavent, Francisco; Canet-Giner, M. Teresa; Escriba-Carda, Naiara Jul 1, 2014 12584
Analysis of the relationship between emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial characteristics of students through structural equation modeling (case study: students of Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch). Moridi, Hadis; Farsi, Fatemeh; Yousefi, Zargham; Farsi, Mitra Report Jun 20, 2014 5504
Unrealistic profit experienced by Bumiputera entrepreneurs in the Malaysian construction industry. Halim, Mohd Suberi Bin Ab Report Jun 20, 2014 5257
Vietnam : Vietnamese entrepreneurs win fame. Sep 2, 2013 481
Babson's Daniel Isenberg Authors "Worthless, Impossible and Stupid: How Contrarian Entrepreneurs Create and Capture Extraordinary Value". Aug 27, 2013 1108
The e-factor; entrepreneurship in the social media age. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 103
How entrepreneurs do what they do; case studies in knowledge intensive entrepreneurship. Book review Jun 1, 2013 174
The standpoint of entrepreneuring opportunity: a studycase with micro and small entrepreneurs in Mossoro/RN/A otica da oportunidade empreendedora: um estudo de caso com os micro e pequenos empreendedores de Mossoro/RN. Ramalho, Leonardo; Soares, Fernando Porfirio; Araujo, Richard Medeiros May 1, 2013 11888
Microcredit lending to female entrepreneurs: a Middle East case study. Gomez, Alida M. Case study Mar 1, 2013 4411
Silicon Oasis TechForum networking event to spotlight SMEs and entrepreneurs. Feb 6, 2013 277
Globalizing China; the influence, strategies and successes of Chinese returnee entrepreneurs. Book review Feb 1, 2013 138
The management of technological "horizontality": the Vaelsys example!/La gestion de la "horizontalidad" tecnologica: el caso Vaelsys./A gestao de "horizontalidade" tecnologica: o exemplo de Vaelsys. Merino, Carlos; Cermeno, Eduardo Dec 1, 2012 6372
Business Process Reengineering (BPR): analysis of a case from the perspective of the new sociological institutionalism/Reingenieria de procesos de negocio (BPR): analisis de un caso desde la perspectiva del nuevo institucionalismo sociologico/Reingenierie des processus d'affaires (BPR): analyse de cas dans la perspective du nouvel institutionnalisme sociologique. Gonzalez, Jose Maria Gonzalez Oct 1, 2012 13938
Entrepreneur is sweet on idea of paying less corporation tax; Case study: SME owner. Mar 22, 2012 380
The JAMU system in Indonesia: linking small-scale enterprises, traditional knowledge and social empowerment among women in Indonesia. Torri, Maria Costanza Report Mar 1, 2012 6895
Risk and uncertainty in internationalisation and international entrepreneurship studies: review and conceptual development. Liesch, Peter W.; Welch, Lawrence S.; Buckley, Peter J. Nov 1, 2011 11318
Institutional entrepreneurship: an analysis of a case in the Brazilian electric power sector/Empreendedorismo institucional: uma analise de caso no setor de energia eletrica Brasileiro/Emprendedorismo institucional: una analisis de caso en el sector de energia electrica Brasileno. Avrichir, Ilan; Chueke, Gabriel Vouga Nov 1, 2011 7945
100 Free UPC Retail Bar Codes to be Given Away to Innovative Companies and Individuals; Selected Products to be Profiled in a Case Study for Entrepreneurs by The BarCode News ( Case study Jan 25, 2011 539
A comparative study of international and domestic new ventures. Spence, Martine; Orser, Barbara; Riding, Allan Jan 1, 2011 7607
Gender empowerment and equality in rural India: are women's community-based enterprises the way forward? Torri, Maria-Costanza; Martinez, Andrea Report Jan 1, 2011 10352
Small business and entrepreneurship. Book review Aug 1, 2010 157
The interplay of form, structure, and embeddedness in social intrapreneurship. Kistruck, Geoffrey M.; Beamish, Paul W. Jul 1, 2010 12752
Strategic sensemaking within funding relationships: the effects of performance measurement on organizational identity in the social sector. Grimes, Matt Jul 1, 2010 10029
Building an entrepreneurial organization: a study in the U.K. Johl, Satirenjit K. Survey Mar 1, 2010 9163
Strategic collaboration and mentoring women entrepreneurs: a case study. Ncube, Lisa B.; Wasburn, Mara H. Case study Jan 1, 2010 8636
Social entrepreneurs, local initiatives and social economy: foundations for a socially innovative strategy to fight against poverty and exclusion. Klein, Juan-Luis; Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle; Fontan, Jean-Marc Case study Mar 22, 2009 9318
Two decades of international entrepreneurship research: what have we learned where do we go from here? Coombs, Joseph E.; Sadrieh, Farid; Annavarjula, Madan Jan 1, 2009 14339
A case study of intrapreneurship obstacles: the RAJA Passenger Train Company. Feyzbakhsh, S. Alireza; Sadeghi, Roshanak; Shoraka, Sara Case study Mar 22, 2008 3859
La etica empresarial como creacion de valor. Ugarte Vega Centeno, Maximo Jul 1, 2007 3880
The internal entrepreneur as a catalyst w successful product development: a case study. Nov 1, 2006 107
Not just domestic engineers: an exploratory study of homemaker entrepreneurs. Singh, Robert P.; Lucas, Leyland M. Jan 1, 2005 5541
Chinese enterprise in colonial Malaya: the case of Eu Tong Sen. Fee, Lian Kwen; We, Koh Keng Oct 1, 2004 10063
Microenterprise in Russia during its economic transition, 1991-1993. Buss, Terry F.; Yancer, Laura C. Apr 1, 1999 4293

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