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Case report of a patient presenting with metrorrhagia due to retained pieces of fetal bone.

A patient named Saira Bano age--45 years Wife of--Muhammad Abdullah of Jagdishpur, Champaran, Hazaribagh presented in OPD of RAJENDRA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, Ranchi on 07.05.2012 with complain of heavy & irregular bleeding per vaginum for 6 months. Her Last menstrual period was on 27th April. Her cycles were 7-8 days/10 [+ or -] 5-7 days. Bleeding is heavy with passage of clots. Her Obstetrical history--Para--6+2, All full term normal delivery at home. Last one was Medical termination of pregnancy of 4 months--6 yrs back by untrained person.

General Examination--Patient was moderately pale. Her pulse was 100/min & Blood pressure--124/70 mm of Hg. Chest--Bilateral vesicular breath sound heard & C.V.S.--Tachycardia was present.

Per Abdominal Examination--Abdomen soft. No tenderness.

Per speculum examination--Cervix unhealthy congested infected discharge present.

Per vaginal Examination--Uterus was retroverted. Slightly bulky Mobility restricted. Fornices free.

Patient was admitted for further investigation. Her Haemoglobin was 8 gm% Total count & Differential count of W.B.C, Routine examination of urine, bleeding time & Clotting time, Blood glucose F & P/P Blood urea & Serum Creatinine all were within normal limits. She was HIV and Hepatitis B surface antigen--Negative, Her Chest X ray & E.C.G. was normal. Patient's Hb was built up by I.V. Iron sucrose + protein diet & vitamin + micronutrients.

U.S.G.--Report showed Endometrium is thick & echogenic--looks like old organized missed products.

Patient was posted for hysterectomy & Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with Bilateral Salpingo oophorectomy was done.

After hysterectomy on cutting open the uterine cavity two pieces of fetal bones were found. Bones were flat & probably scalp bones.

Patient post operative period was un-eventful & was discharged on 8th post operative day.


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[1.] Bratati Moitra


[1.] Assistant Professor, Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranchi, Jharkhand.


Dr. Bratati Moitra, 24, Bardwan Compound, P.O.--Lalpur, Ranchi.

Date of Submission: 31/07/2013.

Date of Peer Review: 01/08/2013.

Date of Acceptance: 05/08/2013.

Date of Publishing: 14/08/2013.

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Author:Moitra, Bratati
Publication:Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences
Article Type:Clinical report
Geographic Code:9INDI
Date:Aug 19, 2013
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