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Case history of man who presented with melanoma to left thigh.

The following is an interesting case history of B. F., a 66-year-old male diagnosed with malignant melanoma 5 years ago, and is presently classified as stage 4 MIA [melanoma inhibitory activity], who has managed the condition with great success for over 5 years with the use of complementary medicine. He lives in Sydney, Australia, and has a very positive attitude. The following is a brief history of events:

April 2005: Melanoma diagnosed and removed from left thigh together with 3 centinal nodes from the groin. Postsurgery pathology was clear.

June 2008: Observation of a lump in the left groin. Ultrasound revealed a large mass 6.3x2.6x4.2 confirmed by needle biopsy to be a tumor. An ileoinguinal dissection was used to remove the tumour together with 22 lymph nodes. Three nodes were found to be positive. The following August, radiotherapy was applied to more deep-seated nodes too close to the bowel for resection. A pulmonary embolism occurred following dissection which led to a 6 month course of Clexane administered by self injection. A full length compression stocking was supplied to limit lymphoedema to the left leg.

After surgery, the following nutrition supplements have been taken daily:

* Coenzyme Q10 150mg x 3(Bioceuticals CoQ 10 Excel 150)

* Curcumin C3 Complex 250mg x 5 (Pharmafoods Curcumin Forte)

* Omega 3 oils (EPA 550mg and DHA 120mg ) x 6 (Blackmores Joint)

* Vitamin D3 1000 IU x 6 (250H cholecalciferol blood level 136nmol/l) also containing selenium 150mcg (Pharmafoods Vitamin D3)

* Resveratrol 100mg with grape seed and grape skin synergists, quercetin 40 mg started March 2010 then changed to 3/day August 2010 (Pharmafoods UltraRenew x 2)

* St. Mary's thistle extract equiv. silybin 360mg (NutraLife Liver Guard)

* Glucosamine 1500mg x 2 (NutraLife)

* Medication includes Olmetec plus for high BP now maintained at 116-130/70-80

June 2009: A lump was discovered under the left axilla. Needle biopsy confirmed a malignant melanoma that was removed and surrounding tissue was found to be clear.

March 2010: 2 lumps discovered, one in left axilla and one in left side of neck. 2 lumps and 8 lymph nodes in neck and 30 nodes in the axilla were removed after revealing positive pathology. Radiation was commenced after pathology confirmed that the tumor had escaped to the surrounding tissue. This resulted in slight lymphoedema to the associated breast and arm but not requiring pressure bandage.

August 2010: Whole body CT scan including the brain, neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis was clear

September 2010: B. F. walks 5 km each day, including some hill climb. He gets plenty of fresh air and sunshine sitting watching the ocean daily. He maintains that one needs cardiac fitness, especially before being admitted for any surgery. While he refuses to eat a great variety of fruit and vegetables, he eats whole onions and chiles and starts each day with a lemon-juice drink. He eats plenty of meat and fish and consumes three-quarters of a bottle of red wine daily. He has a very positive attitude and says, "You can't let the doctor do all the work. You've got to do your bit to fight it. A lot depends on your attitude. If you're all right with it, so is everyone around you.

"This thing inside is trying to kill me so I'm going to kill it. I used to talk to it during radiotherapy, saying: die, you bastard, die. I will be the ultimate winner, because when I die, so will it."


Robert Buist, PhD

Complementary Medicine


Sydney, Australia
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Date:Apr 1, 2011
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