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Case erector.

The T-4036 case erector works with both RSC & HSC blanks. Knocked-down blanks are taken one at a time from the bottom of the blank hopper and transferred into the erecting station where the case is erected. The erected case is then transferred by a high speed tape head, where pressure sensitive tape is applied to the outside of the major flaps. The finished case is then discharged from the machine by the next box. The unit can run at speeds up to 18 cases per minute, designed for quick changeover in a compact footprint and is built in a heavy duty, welded steel frame. All gates and doors are equipped with safety interlocks; panels provide easy access to the machine. An Omron programmable controller and color touch screen user interface allow easy adjustments, full access to all functions and timing of the machine.


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Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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