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Case closed.

SHOCKWAVES RANG THROUGH THE SKATE INDUSTRY WHEN it was announced that Lance Mountain s The Firm was closing its doors after 15 earnest years, and that Bob, Lance, and Rodrigo TX were all now joining forces with the fearsome foreign Flip team to form a multi-generational, international juggernaut of a skateboard squad. The reported casualties from this amalgamation are to include Barbee, Weiger, Yanni, Chalmers, Cerezini, White, Goo-Goo, and Wagner. Stay strong, ex-team riders.

In the Evil Knievel department, nuevo Flipster Bob Burnquist took the idea of making a good first impression on his new teammates to the X-treme and, with Geoff, Arto, and all the boys looking on (we are not making this up), jumped his skateboard right into the Grand Canyon. The fantastic feat (which was funded by and filmed for an upcoming episode of The Discovery Channel's Stunt Junkies) involved a Mega Ramp, a big rail, a parachute and a helicopter. Tim Payne and crew had to scramble to safely adjust said trajectory while Daniel Harold Sturt was seen threatening all shutterbugs to capture the epic imagery, now available to the highest bidder.

In an unrelated story, Danny Way is set to jump off the giant guitar in front of the Hard Rock Casino into a 30-foot quarterpipe.

Strictly street news flash: diminutive daredevil Rob Dyrdek announced the opening of his second Skate Plaza, this one in Shreveport, LA.
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Title Annotation:TRASH
Date:Jun 1, 2006
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