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Articles from Case Reports in Pulmonology (January 1, 2016)

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A Case of Tuberculous Meningitis with Tuberculoma in Nonimmunocompromised Immigrant. Rali, Parth; Arshad, Hammad; Bihler, Eric 1293
Acute Respiratory Failure due to Neuromyelitis Optica Treated Successfully with Plasmapheresis. Zantah, Massa; Coyle, Timothy B.; Datta, Debapriya 1276
Airway Complications from an Esophageal Foreign Body. Garcia, Ismael; Varon, Joseph; Surani, Salim 2645
An Unusual Association in an Uncommon Disease: Two Cases of Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum Associated with Pneumorrhachis. Martins, Luis; Dionisio, Patricia; Moreira, Susana; Manique, Alda; Correia, Isabel; Barbara, Cristin 2099
Biphasic Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Masquerading as a Primary Skeletal Tumor. Gleason, James Benjamin; Tashtoush, Basheer; Diacovo, Maria Julia 2490
Community-Acquired Moraxella catarrhalis Bacteremic Pneumonia: Two Case Reports and Review of the Literature. Ariza-Prota, Miguel Angel; Pando-Sandoval, Ana; Garcia-Clemente, Marta; Fole-Vazquez, David; Casan, 1883
Endobronchial Cartilage Rupture: A Rare Cause of Lobar Collapse. Dasa, Osama; Siddiqui, Nauman; Ruzieh, Mohammed; Javaid, Toseef 770
Erratum to "Endobronchial Enigma: A Clinically Rare Presentation of Nocardia beijingensis in an Immunocompetent Patient". Abdel-Rahman, Nader; Izhakian, Shimon; Wasser, Walter G.; Fruchter, Oren; Kramer, Mordechai R. Correction notice 178
Extracorporeal Lung Support as a Bridge to Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tumor Embolism. Vasanthan, Vishnu; Halloran, Kieran; Puttagunta, Lakshmi; Nagendran, Jayan 2190
Humoral Immunity in Bronchiectasis: Finding Good's Syndrome. Pu, C.; Sukha, S.; Fakhran, S. 1923
Key Features in the Management of Pulmonary Carcinosarcoma. Panagiotopoulos, Nikolaos; Patrini, Davide; Adams, Benjamin; Pararajasingham, Jonathan; Shukla, Raje Disease/Disorder overview 1548
Mediastinal Mature Teratoma Revealed by Empyema. Raoufi, Mohammed; Herrak, Laila; Benali, Anas; Achaachi, Leila; Ftouh, Mustapha El; Bellarbi, Salma; 1789
Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid with Tracheal Involvement. Minaie, Arash; Surani, Salim R. 1587
Postpartum Tuberculosis: A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenge. Kodadhala, Vijay; Gudeta, Alemeshet; Zerihun, Aklilu; Lewis, Odene; Ahmed, Sohail; Gajjala, Jhansi; Medical condition overview 3317
Primary Pulmonary Amebiasis Complicated with Multicystic Empyema. Zakaria, Ali; Share, Bayan Al-; Asad, Khaled Al 1942
Primary Pulmonary Meningioma Simulating a Pulmonary Metastasis. Juan, Chun-Mao; Chen, Mei-Ling; Ho, Shang-Yun; Huang, Yuan-Chun 2131
Right Lung Agenesis with Tracheal Stenosis due to Complete Tracheal Rings and Postpneumonectomy Like Syndrome Treated with Tissue Expander Placement. Agrawal, Yashwant; Patri, Sandeep; Kalavakunta, Jagadeesh K. 1759
Severe Acute Pulmonary Toxicity Associated with Brentuximab in a Patient with Refractory Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Sabet, Yasmin; Ramirez, Saul; Cespedes, Elizabeth Rosell; Velasquez, Marimer Rensoli; Porres-Munoz, 2023
Stent-in-Stent Technique for the Treatment of Proximal Bronchial Restenosis after Insertion of Metallic Stents: A Report of Two Cases. Bondue, Benjamin; Schlossmacher, Pascal; Knoop, Christiane; Etienne, Isabelle; Luce, Sylvie; Sokolow 2193
Streptococcus intermedins Causing Necrotizing Pneumonia in an Immune Competent Female: A Case Report and Literature Review. Hannoodi, Faris; Ali, Israa; Sabbagh, Hussam; Kumar, Sarwan 2290
Subcutaneous and Pulmonary Dirofilariasis with Evidence of Splenic Involvement. Selvachandran, Adarsha; Foley, Raymond J. 1700
Systemic Air Embolism Associated with Pleural Pigtail Chest Tube Insertion. Alkhankan, Emad; Nusair, Ahmad; Mazagri, Rida; Ourani, Mohammed Al- 1780
Teppanyaki/Hibachi Pneumonitis: An Exotic Cause of Exogenous Lipoid Pneumonia. Rahaghi, Franck; Varasteh, Ali; Memarpour, Roya; Tashtoush, Basheer 2986
TINF2 Gene Mutation in a Patient with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Hoffman, T.W.; van der Vis, J.J.; van Oosterhout, M.F.M.; van Es, H.W.; van Kessel, D.A.; Grutters, 3555
Tracheobronchomegaly as a Cause of Bronchiectasis in an Adult. Govindaraj, Vishnukanth; Mohapatra, Madhusmita Mohanty; Kumar, Balla Nagamalli; Narayanasami, Suryak 1860

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