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Case Of Lies.

CASE OF LIES. Perri O'Shaughnessy. 2005. Read by Laural Merlington. 9 cds. 11 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 1-59737-418-0. $9725. Vinyl; plot, reader notes. SA

O'Shaughnessy's Nina Reilly has returned home to Lake Tahoe, there to reopen her law practice and lick her wounds after the end of a failed love affair. When she does her massage therapist a favor and takes on a wrongful death suit that is only two weeks shy of being time-barred from going forward, Nina thinks that with her characteristic thoroughness and determination, she might be able to keep the case alive and get some justice for the victim's family. But she does not dream that her efforts would be complicated by so many unknown factors, additional deaths, and deliberate lies. A related subplot involves three young MIT math geniuses and offers some fascinating glimpses into the rarefied world of advanced number theory and its personal and technical applications.

O'Shaughnessy creates realistic and interesting characters. Merlington's fully voiced performance beautifully underscores both Reilly's toughness and her underlying vulnerability while giving life and depth to the rest of the cast as well. Francine Levitov, New York, NY
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Author:Levitov, Francine
Article Type:Audiobook Review
Date:Nov 1, 2005
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