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Case 6030 HDD Rig Offers Power In A Small Package.

The second of two new Case horizontal directional drilling systems has gone into full production, and the striking machines are beginning to appear on a variety of job sites.

The track-mounted Model 6030 Turbo is Powered by a Case 124-horsepower 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine and develops 30,000 pounds of thrust and pullback and 4,000 foot pounds of torque.

"We are getting very positive comments from the field," says George Whitaker, marketing manager for Case's underground construction group. "Users tell us the 6030 has plenty of power and excellent control characteristics."

Whitaker notes that directional drill users want as much power as possible in small, self-contained packages. The 6030, he says, offers more power than any machine of comparable size and price.

Myers Cable Inc., Fredericksburg, VA, is one of the first contractors to put a 6030 into service. "We looked at other products and found that, for its size, this machine has more power and is simpler to run," says Doug Myers. "We really like it"

One of Myers' first projects with the machine was to install duct for fiber optic cable to link facilities of the Spotsylvania, VA, school system.

A streamlined look - provided in part by its sloping fiberglass hood - draws immediate attention to the 6030. But there is much more than appearance that distinguishes the 6030 and the smaller 11,500-pound-class 6010, says Jerry Linden, marketing and sales development manager for Case underground equipment.

Duplex drive

Most significant, says Linden, is the Case duplex drive system. "Duplex drive and high-efficiency hydrostatic motors produce high performance and productivity levels without the excessive component loads inherent in drive systems used on other directional drills. With this design, we can deliver tremendous thrust and pullback without thrust cylinders and large motors and pumps" he stressed.

Linden says that because power usage is better balanced, reduced demands are placed on the engine, allowing reserve power for difficult conditions. Lower power loads also allow the operator to maintain more effective control. The drive system has high and low ranges and three rotation speeds.

"And because the duplex places lower loads on drive components, there is less wear on the total machine," Linden adds.

The 6030 has a load sensing management system which enables the machine to detect changing drilling conditions and automatically adjust engine speed, rotation and torque for maximum production. The automated radial stake-down system gives drillers a choice of five stake-down locations. The system also is detachable, allowing the drill rig to be temporarily moved from a job site without removing anchoring stakes. The 6030 can use Digital Control, McLaughlin or Radiodetection guidance electronics.

"Equipment reliability is a major purchase decision factor," says Linden, "and Case directional equipment is manufactured with proven parts and components used in other Case machines. Case family components represent more than one-third of the parts used in our 60-series directional drills"

Serviceability was an important consideration in the 6030's design, Linden adds. The fiberglass hood lifts and locks into an upright position for convenient access to all major engine service points. Maintenance points for other components also are easy to reach.

Case entered the HDD market in 1997 with the acquisition of the bor-mor product line. The 6030 and 6010, representing totally-new designs, were unveiled at the 1999 UCT show in Houston. The 6010 model has been in production since August 1999. Case also offers a wide selection of downhole tools, including bits, backreamers, pulling tools and other accessories.

"Design of both machines is based on thorough research" says Whitaker. "Using everything we learned, we have been able to circumvent some of the problems inherent with other products."

Whitaker calls the introduction of the 6030 a "very satisfying" product launch.

"Retail demand and demand from our dealers" he says, "has exceeded forecasts, and we already are looking at increasing production."
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Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Jun 1, 2000
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