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Casahl Technology Releases Collaboration Products For Microsoft Exchange.

DANVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 12, 1998--

Replic-Action-based Products Give Data Integration,

Synchronization and Workflow Triggering Options to Microsoft

Exchange Users

Casahl Technology, Inc., the leading provider of software for integrating groupware with corporate database systems, announced the releases of RA.Synch, RA.Transport and RA.Interchange -- three products based on their award-winning Replic-Action technology.

RA.Synch is a two-way synchronization product built specifically for integrating corporate database systems with Microsoft Exchange. For example, a company has or wants to create a customer tracking system in Exchange for the purpose of sharing and collaborating on this information throughout their sales force.

The company has an invoicing system in Oracle and requires essentially the same customer information (billing address, contact, etc.). Instead of manually creating and maintaining the same customer information in two separate places (Oracle and Exchange), RA.Synch can integrate the two so that changes are automatically kept in sync. Even workflow triggers or transformations can be generated as a result of changes made in one or the other system.

RA.Transport is similar to RA.Synch except it is a one-way synchronization product. RA.Transport is designed for companies who wish to integrate database systems with Exchange in order to make corporate information available to end users, but don't require changes from Exchange users to be integrated back into the corporate system.

For example, a company has product information in their SQL Server database and want their remote field sales people to be able to see the latest specifications, pricing and availability. RA.Transport can synchronize the SQL Server database with an Exchange public folder application, which then enables remote users to synchronize with their off-line stores, giving them up-to-date information when making calls on their clients.

RA.Interchange is a product designed to enhance Exchange Server synchronization. It enables companies using Exchange to synchronize folders between Exchange Servers belonging to different organizations. With RA.Interchange, companies can also perform selective synchronization -- only selected fields, selected forms and documents matching a specific selection criterion will be synchronized.

For example, a company has an HR application in Exchange that only HR personnel have access to because of the sensitivity of the information. The company would like to publish an employee telephone directory in Exchange. RA.Interchange can be used to synchronize the Employee Form of the HR application with the telephone directory and screen out all sensitive fields. And if the company has departments or remote offices with Exchange Servers belonging to different organizations, RA.Interchange can keep them in sync.

RA.Synch, RA.Transport and RA.Interchange represent three of seven offerings in the Replic-Action family of products. Other products include Replic-Action for Lotus Notes, RA.DBMS, RA.GroupwareLink and RA.ERP. Replic-Action for Lotus Notes is the market-leading data integration product for Lotus Notes and was recently awarded the Editor's Choice "Gold" Award by Lotus Notes and Domino Advisor Magazine.

RA.DBMS enables users to share data between heterogeneous database systems (e.g. Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server). RA.GroupwareLink is a coexistence product enabling Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange users to synchronize their two groupware systems. RA.ERP gives Exchange or Notes users the ability to integrate ERP system information into their workflow and collaborative applications.

Casahl products are used by over 2000 customers including over 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

A 30-day free trial of Replic-Action products can be downloaded from Casahl's web site ( Other information about Casahl Technology, products, worldwide seminars and business partner program can be obtained from the web site or by calling 800/324-4284 or sending an e-mail to

CONTACT: Casahl Technology, Inc.

Ken Wilson, 925/736-7704 ext. 127
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 12, 1998
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