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Carving out some extra space for a bed.

In order to make the two small bedrooms pictured below seem larger, their twin-size beds were removed from the main floor area and tucked into narrow, bed-size spaces that were created or found for them.

The cantilevered bed below projects partway into the bedroom and partway out. Architect Mark Hajjar of Orinda, California, designed the bed to fit into an opening framed for a window. On the outside of the house he built a pop-out that extends to the end of the eaves and ties back into the house with angled knee braces beneath the level of the bed. The mattress rests on a platform framed with 2 by 6's bolted to the studs of the popout and cantilevered about 18 inches into the room. The bed appears to float, giving it a light unobstrusive profile.

In the second example, San Francisco architects Cornelia and Derek Claudius used the low space under a steeply pitched second-story roof for an extra bed. They built a low stud wall with a framed opening that leaves the roof beams exposed behind the bed. Storage drawers pull out below the bed; low compartments open to the side.
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Date:Jan 1, 1984
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