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Carving Small Characters in Wood.

Carving Small Characters in Wood

Jack Price

c/o Fox Chapel Publishing Company

9781497100183 $12.99 pbk

Synopsis: Great for beginners, Carving Small Characters offers simple carving techniques in a smaller format to create compact caricatures.

This book starts you off with fun, easy lessons on carving a basic character, then slowly progresses into more complex challenges like creating features and expressions. Detailed directions and high-quality photography walk you through each lesson, from carving the body, face, and clothes to ears, hairstyles, and grimaces. A final chapter provides insight on displaying your caricatures, a bonus challenge, and an inspirational small character gallery.

Author and renowned caricature woodcarver Jack Price is the leading voice to learn from on how to create small statuettes! A well-respected carver, Price is also the author of the popular books Carving Compact Characters and 50 Character Patterns for Woodcarvers. Beginning his career in 1975, he has been specializing in compact figures since 1978, with most of his work ranging from 2-3 inches in height. Inside Carving Small Characters in Wood, you'll learn everything you need to know to carve mini wooden statuettes from the leading expert of carving 2-inch tall figures!

For beginner caricaturists, or carvers who want to learn how to create smaller figures, Carving Small Characters is packed with approachable carving techniques and progressive lessons that will help you create tiny figures with big personalities!

Critique: Featuring full-color photography illustrating step-by-step processes, Carving Small Characters in Wood: Instructions & Patterns for Compact Projects with Personality is a hands-on guide to crafting small caricatures out of wood--creating simple, cartoon-like figures that may be as small as two inches high. Expert caricature woodcarver Jack Price walks the reader through basic methods followed by more advanced techniques for adding detail. Carving Small Characters in Wood is a treasure for hobbyist workers, highly recommended.

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Title Annotation:Carving Small Characters in Wood: Instructions and Patterns for Compact Projects with Personality
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Date:Dec 1, 2019
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