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Cartridge Corner: .300 WSM.


One of several short-action magnum cartridges originally wildcatted by Rick Jamison and later introduced by Winchester, the .300 WSM utilizes a short, fat 2.1-inch case with a rebated rim. Performance approximates the classic, popular .300 Win. Mag. cartridge but fits into short-action rifles, making for a lighter, more compart, faster-functioning gun. If's also a bit more efficient than its older brother courtesy of the broader diameter and shorter powder chamber and achieves its velocity with less propellant However, the .300 WSM has a couple of significant disadvantages: Handloaders usually can't match factory-ammo velocities, and because it pushes case-diameter boundaries, is short, and has a steep 35-degree shoulder, it often presents feeding reliability issues. As a result, it has been unable to displace the legendary .300 Win. Mag. as America's most popular fast 30.


Like most .30-caliber magnums, the .300 WSM is adequate for any hooved game in North America and any plains game in Africa, although judicious bullet choice is necessary for bison, moose, and eland. Pia a heavy-for-caliber, deep-penetrating bullet, such as Nosler's Partition, Hornady's GMX, Barnes's TTSX, or Swift's A-Frame.

With lighter 150-and 165-gram fast-expansion bullets, it's a superb deer cartridge, providing flat trajectories and dramatic on-impact authority. And when stoked with a middle-ground 180-grain bullet, such as Nosler's AccuBond, it's one of the finest cartridges available for a light, maneuverable, authoritative elk rifle.


Pushed to about 2,900 fps, that 180-grain Accu-Bond bullet packs 3,360 ft-lbs of muzzle energy. Zeroed at 200 yards, it drops seven inches at 300 yards, 20 inches at 400 yards, and just 40 inches at 500 yards, where it's still smoking along at 2,050 fps and packing around 1,675 ft-lbs. of bull-dropping wallop.

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