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This cartoon uses satire to comment on the same topic as the News Special feature on pp. 6-8. (Satire pokes fun at characters in order to make a point about a serious subject.) Study the cartoon, then answer the questions.

1. Who do the two people represent?

2. Which speaker's remark do you think the cartoonist finds reasonable?

3. Which remark is exaggerated for comic effect? Explain.

4. What is the "serious subject" of this satirical cartoon?

5. What opinion does this cartoon illustrate? Explain.



1. American voters or future voters

2. the one asking the question

3. the one delivered by the kid with the "Dull" laptop

4. whether or not Americans grasp the importance of the political process

5. that Americans voters often judge candidates by the wrong criteria; other answers acceptable
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Title Annotation:What Do You Know?
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Date:Jan 21, 2008
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