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This cartoon exaggerates reality to comment on the same topic as the News Special on pp. 6-8. Study the cartoon, then answer the questions.

1. What is unusual about the bank sign?--

2. What do the egg and bacon on the sidewalk tell you that the sign doesn't?--

3. What images in the cartoon tell you that this condition isn't normal?--

4. Of these, which image is the most exaggerated--and least likely to occur?--

5. How do you think the cartoonist feels about global warming? Explain.--

1. It normally would show both time and temperature, but is avoiding showing the temperature.

2. that it is hot enough to fry food on the pavement

3. the crying children, the melted truck, the ice cube on the man's head

4. the melted truck

5. Answers will vary (general idea: The cartoonist thinks that it will get worse).
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Title Annotation:What Do You Know?
Publication:Junior Scholastic
Date:Apr 16, 2007
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