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Cartoon mania is fun.

Byline: By Gary Beckwith

Title: Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt

Format: PS2

Developer: Warthog Games

Price: pounds 19.99

Here at the Chronicle towers and tucked away in the Gaz `n' Doug powerplay broom cupboard (Doug has a foot odour problem which prevents us working with the rest of our esteemed colleagues) we review a fair number of games.

Being a family paper we like to cover a good spectrum of genres.

Doug likes his war games and games about war with the odd war game chucked in for good measure, and I like to cover the rest including the occasional children's-oriented game like in this case ( Animaniacs.

Yes I'm pushing 30 but that doesn't prevent me from enjoying a quick blast on the usually easy to pick up and play cartoon adventure game.

When I read reviews about these types of games it always annoys me when the reviewers, more than likely also pushing 30, rant on about how the plots are weak or how predictable the games turn out.

Not me. These are games for the ankle biters and young at heart to enjoy. Bright, quirky and with a very small learning curve.

Animaniacs is exactly as above. Its production is slick and polished and has plenty of the original TV show's charm.

The game is a third person action adventure. Your aim is to guide Wakko, Yakko and Dot through six levels in a quest to locate the hidden Edgar trophies.

Each Animaniac has his or her own special abilities, and each must be used in order to fully explore the luscious landscapes. The game is basically spent chasing the evil film producer CC Deville and his stolen cache of Hollywood Edgars across the Warner Bros movie lot, with each level having its own distinct movie genre theme: western, horror and historical epic among others.

The game is strewn with quirky puzzles and ever changing enemies and obstacles, some tricky but most of them easily conquered,.

The graphics are true to the TV show and the script is hilarious in places. Well worth a play.

Also available on Xbox and Nintendo GameCube.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 22, 2005
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