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Cartoon corner.

These cartoons all relate to events that have been in the news lately. Study them, then answer these questions about each.

1. What topical issue does the cartoonist address?

2. What opinion or statement about that issue is the artist expressing?

3. What is your opinion about the issue being addressed?





Cartoon A: 1. the race to choose a Republican presidential nominee

2. that the Republican candidate--or person who will occupy the party's "throne"--is unknown

3. The Republican nominee has not been chosen yet, but students may have opinions about who it will/should be.

Cartoon B: 1. the process of becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen

2. The path from immigrant to citizen today is much more complicated than it used to be, and is considered by many people to be unfair. Note that the maze at the bottom has no clear exit.

3. Answers will vary.

Cartoon C: 1. concerns about the increase of texting in heavily traveled areas

2. Texting while biking is dangerous.

3. Answers will vary.

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