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Carton flow rack speeds high-volume production. (News Trends).

Global Storage Systems (, a pallet rack manufacturer and division of the Canada-based Econorack, introduced its new carton flow rack and pallet delivery system at ProMat. Both products are designed for high-volume production inventory. SureFlo is a wide-track, wheeled carton flow rack that is similar to the site assembly of a full-width roller system and is easily installed. The roll tracks simply snap onto extrusion hangers, which are slipped over the top of rack beams. Pallet Runner, another high-density storage solution, maximizes throughput on a first-in, first-out and first-in, last-out basis. Using a laser beam, the system detects the placement of each pallet within the racks, lifts the pallet with a lift tray, and transfers it to the end of an aisle.

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Title Annotation:Global Storage Systems
Publication:Modern Materials Handling
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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