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Carry the fire of the ASHRAE promise: a sustainable future; Terry Townsend, PE, 2006-2007 ASHRAE President.

When the Cherokees were forced to march a thousand miles along the Trail of Tears, they carried with them coals of their sacred fire. For them, carrying the fire, which they considered the spirit of the people, meant life would continue.

That's the challenge long faced by our members--ensuring that life not only continues but improves for our future generations. Those who came before us have long sought to be sustainable--that is, to find the most efficient and economic way of using natural resources in order to provide safe, healthy, comfortable indoor environments.

It is our responsibility today to ensure that their work does not fall by the wayside. But for ASHRAE to do this, we need your help--your influence begins with you.

We are now challenged by the crises of the world....

We are at an environmental tipping point right now. We're faced with an impending energy crisis and global warming situation that will affect people worldwide. We cannot continue on this path, and we all must do something about it in a bold and aggressive manner. We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late. The ASHRAE promise is that we will not be too late in providing guidance toward a sustainable future.

Renovating our Headquarters building as a sustainable facility allows us to demonstrate the importance of providing a healthy and productive work environment and showcase HVAC & R technology. In essence, we're walking the talk. The renewal of our Headquarters exemplifies our strong commitment to the same sustainability objectives we hope all building owners will pursue.

Greater outreach to other organizations and advocacy improves the influence of our members. We are working on a variety of initiatives that will help ensure a sustainable future for our world. ASHRAE wants to help the HVAC & R industry change its ways of doing things and broaden our influence globally. We're working with the Clinton Climate Initiative to help reduce carbon emissions in the world's 40 largest cities. This cooperative partnership will allow ASHRAE to share its technical guidance with world leaders. We've already met with government officials in London, England, and we look forward to working with other government officials around the world by showing how to effectively reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions.

We're also working more with our own government here at home. For years, we've wondered why ASHRAE hasn't been a major consultant to our federal government on energy issues. Now we've increased our efforts and visibility in order to make sure that ASHRAE's voice is heard. We are hosting monthly roundtable discussions on energy and related issues with more than 40 representatives of organizations and government agencies, and we're participating in Congressional visits this spring. We've worked hard with the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) to successfully convince Congress to extend the commercial tax incentives for energy efficiency by one year, and we're continuing our efforts to get further extensions. I and other members made the rounds with representatives from several federal agencies and organizations interested in the built environment. These meetings provide an excellent opportunity for ASHRAE leadership to share information and explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

We're continuing on our ASHRAE Vision 20/20 goal of providing guidance to achieve net zero energy buildings for all building types by the year 2020. We're looking to provide research that hopefully will produce economically viable renewable energy applications and develop carbon equivalent metrics as a part of our building performance metrics and protocol activities. We will not stop until we reach our goal of providing the necessary technical guidance to achieve a sustainable future.

We recently met with Wal-Mart to collaborate on some education, energy efficiency, and building monitoring goals. We're still working out the details of our collaboration, but we will keep our membership informed as we move forward at the speed of business in our efforts. Together, we are truly going to change the world.

We are the leaders that the world has been waiting for. We are the innovators and entrepreneurs that the world has been seeking....

We are forging ahead with our Advanced Energy Design Guides as well. We just released our guide for small retail; next up is our guide for K-12 schools, and then a guide for warehouses. Also out is the latest edition of the ASHRAE Green-Guide, which provides design and construction guidance for sustainable buildings. These books are incredibly important to help our industry work toward net zero energy buildings, and we're happy to be partnering with some of the best minds in the industry to create this guidance.

Also in the area of publications, we are working on guidance requested by our chapters and other professional organizations. These include a hot and humid climate design guide, a district heating and cooling design guide, and 90.1 Appendix G (Energy Cost Budget) with expanded regional data, which is being developed to support the 1200 US mayors who endorsed the Architecture 2030 Challenge. This publication will provide the necessary guidance for cities to participate in this initiative.

The Architecture 2030 Challenge and the AIA Green Buildings Coalition have as their central goal the achievement of net zero/carbon neutral buildings for all building stock by 2030. ASHRAE is one of many organizations that have committed to support those goals by developing tools that are needed to achieve these objectives.

We're continuing our standards work, which has always been the backbone of ASHRAE. We're updating our prescriptive and performance requirements for ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings, in order to work toward our goal of a 30% increase in stringency over the 2004 version by 2010. And we're working together with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) on proposed Standard 189P, which will be the nation's first code-intended high-performance green building standard. We now want to provide more than just minimum requirements for building codes. We're also continuing our work on a water conservation standard, Standard 191P, that can be used globally. We have also proposed baseline sustainability standards for both health-care facilities and low-rise residential buildings. ASHRAE is delivering on the challenge to take advanced energy conservation guidance mainstream by developing these code-intended baseline sustainability standards for all building types.

We're making all of our meetings greener through our Greening ASHRAE Meetings and Expositions (GAME) plan. We placed recycling containers around the meeting areas at the 2007 Winter Meeting. That's just one small step in our big plan to make our meetings as green as we can. We offered a carbon emission offset program for the first time. Not only did we receive 108 individual donations from attendees, but DuPont donated 3000 metric tons of C[O.sub.2] equivalent emission reduction. I want to thank DuPont for its support in donating emission offsets equal to 120% of the estimated C[O.sub.2] emissions of the Meeting.

We want to make our members as knowledgeable as they can be and therefore more valuable to the industry. We are moving ahead with our certification efforts related to health-care facility design; we expect to have our first tests administered around the 2007 Annual Meeting. According to the ASHRAE Certification Committee, we should have certification available in 18 to 24 months for HVAC & R for healthcare facilities, building systems' commissioning, building systems' operation and maintenance, and engineering for sustainability professionals.

We must continue our focus on the international growth of technology and the sharing of member ideas globally. ASHRAE is developing a Globalization Roadmap that will set a path for institutional change in order to fully engage our members globally so that a worldwide community can create a best practices databank of innovative and successful technologies.

Only ASHRAE, because of its size, resources, existing international presence and dedicated members, can bridge gaps between individuals and organizations to create a global network for HVAC & R dialogue that results in service and product development that provides "best practice" guidance and "building block" research.

Because we are here now, we are "on duty" and responsible for a sustainable future....

The Cherokees tell us that fire was appointed by the sun and the moon to take care of mankind. As the comfort makers of mankind, we must develop the definitive technical guidance, innovative engineering applications, and leading-edge research to take care of mankind by helping achieve a sustainable future. It is our time to step forward and take a leadership position as the engineering engine of the global sustainability effort.

Your life will influence your family; your family will then influence the community; the community will then influence the nation; your nation will then influence the world.

Chief Seattle was once asked, "What is the purpose of life?" His response was: "Children are the purpose of life. We were once children and someone cared for us and now it is our time to care."

We owe our prosperity, security, and way of life to the passion and dedication of past generations. Now it is our time to experience and share in a unifying cause of rising to conquer the crises that we are all faced with ... there really is no other option.

It is now our time to carry the fire of the ASHRAE promise of a sustainable future.
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