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Carrier pilot learns secrets of Wright brothers.

Lieutenant Commander Klas Ohman, a Hawk (CV 63) F/A-18C Hornet and Navy test pilot, right, recently completed an aviation archaeology expedition at Jockey's Ridge State Park, N.C., retracing discoveries made by the pioneers of aviation 100 years ago In doing so, Ohman completed numerous flights in a replica of a 1902 Wright brothers glider, the first aircraft to incorporate yaw, pitch and roll controls, a technology that paved the way for powered flight and aviation as we know it today.

He was impressed by the experience, "The 1902 glider is challenging to fly," Ohman said. "Reenacting the flights helped us better understand the challenges the Wrights faced in their journey to develop aviation."

The experience allowed other military pilots to see aviation history firsthand as several U.S. Air Force and Army pilots joined Ohman for various flights. Learning the thinking processes of the aviation pioneers was enlightening for all involved, but the goal of the expedition was to further the future of aviation industry by inspiring young people.

Ohman logged a total of 25 flights in the glider, after training in a hang glider for two days. In order to fly, the historic glider replica requires a nominal 15 knots of wind and four people to literally run it up to about five knots over the ground. The longest flight measured was over 250 feet and was sustained for approximately 40 seconds.

Ohman looks forward to retracing more of the Wrights' historic discoveries in the upcoming months as the nation nears the 100th anniversary of the 17 December 1903 flight of the Wright Flyer, the first powered flight.

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Title Annotation:Lieutenant Commander Klas Ohman flies replica of 1902 glider
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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