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Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.

Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc. was founded in 1950 by engineers who patented inventions using vibration as a source of energy to move heavy bulk materials.

Natural frequency feeders, conveyors and shakeouts for foundry applications provided a highly functional form of movement, improving separation and handling of sand and castings.

Inherent advantages of the natural frequency design--pioneered by Carrier--include low energy usage and minimum maintenance in rugged service and high-temperature operation.

Intensive research and development resulted in refinements and additional patents for specialized equipment to process materials in motion. Foundry sales expanded rapidly in response to specific applications for this engineering technology.

Carrier maintained leadership in the vibrating equipment market through the years as a division of Rexnord and as an independent company since 1983. Trained representatives specialize in foundry projects and R&D engineers continue to concentrate on equipment developments that enhance productivity for the metalcasting industry.

The 1985 addition of the Vibranetics Div. expanded Carrier's product line in feeders and bin dischargers. A Canadian subsidiary was established in 1986 to adequately service that expanding marketplace.

Carrier provides on-site assistance for custom-engineered projects with representatives in major U.S. cities, Canada, Mexico and Korea; and with licensees in Australia, Belgium, England, India, Japan, Sweden and South Africa.

Capabilities and Products

The company's engineering capabilities combine in a working partnership with foundrymen to establish and accomplish mutual goals of producing better quality products at minimum cost.

Technical assistance is provided to evaluate and assess equipment requirements, develop budget estimates and prepare preliminary engineering data for recommendations.

Application engineers consult with plant managers on each project to design, build and install a precise equipment solution. Applications progress as the range of material characteristics widens and reliable operation in adverse environments is expected.

Uncommon design skills and experienced craftsmen enable Carrier to offer quality, performance and cost-effective equipment for improved casting production.

Systems include design for all vibratory components interfacing with other types of equipment. Carrier's product developments focus on understanding and controlling every step of the casting process:

* Shakeout systems are improving mold sand separation while gentle conveying action protects casting quality.

* The Barrel Horse is a unique Carrier-patented design that solves casting damage and return sand mix problems.

* Sand cooler with water addition system results in consistent return sand temperature and moisture content.

* Castings cooler systems of high-temperature construction accumulate and cool to desired temperature.

* Conveying and feeding systems for cleaning room transport and material handling, preheat, charge makeup, slag quenching and scrap handling.

Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc. and Vibranetics Div., PO Box 37070, Louisville, Kentucky 40233-7070; 502/969-3171; fax 502/959-3172.
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Date:May 1, 1993
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