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Carole Malone column: Wasters welcome.

Byline: Carole Malone

SINCE my dad died and I've had to help my mum sort out what benefits she might be entitled to, and what she can expect in the way of a pension, I've discovered the hideous truth about Blair's Britain.

Which is that if you've sat on your fat, lazy backside all your life and let the State pay for everything from your house, your bills, your food and even your bloody pedicures (yes, you get those free, too) then the death of a partner doesn't affect your finances or your lifestyle one jot.

If, however, like my mum and dad, you've worked your guts out, taken nothing in the way of handouts, paid off your mortgage and by some miracle managed to save a few measly quid, then come the death of a partner the State not only taxes you to buggery but says: "Sorry luv - you're on your own."

It's not what socialism is about. It's not what New Labour was supposed to be about.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 29, 2004
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