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Carole Malone column: Dressing down for the Blairs.

Byline: Carole Malone

KATHRYN Blair has a very pretty face. She also has legs the size of tree trunks.

And no, don't shoot the messenger for stating the obvious. Ask instead why Tony and Cherie Blair, the two people on Earth most acutely aware of their daughter's feelings about her weight, would allow a less-than- flattering photograph of her to appear on their Christmas cards knowing it would leave her open to derogatory comments at best and ridicule at worst.

And however much they protest, their daughter IS a matter of public interest because of the jobs they do. If they don't like that, they should go stack supermarket shelves for a living where they could be as anonymous as they want.

As it is, they have a duty to protect their children - a duty they constantly remind the media of when their kids are in the spotlight but one they forget when they want to play happy families - which is why they should have told Kathryn to wear trousers or a long skirt.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 21, 2003
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