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Carole Malone's column: Boycott guilty of being a big-mouthed oaf.

I THINK I believe Geoff Boycott didn't batter ex-girlfriend Margaret Moore in the face. Being the kind of tight wad he is I suspect he'd feel a punch was wasted on a mere woman.

But I'm glad the French judge, Dominique Haumant-Daumas, rejected his appeal and found him guilty anyway. Because if ever there was a man who deserved a public kick up the backside it's Geoff Boycott.

The man desperately needed to win this appeal to save his TV career. But what did he do? He treated Judge Haumant-Daumas like a halfwit, rolling his eyes when she asked him what phrases like "fed oop" meant. He raged that he couldn't understand what anyone was talking about because it was all in French (not surprising as he WAS in France) and he was publicly scathing of Ms Moore.

We put up with his arrogance when he was playing cricket because his talent more than made up for it. No doubt the women in his life put up with it too because they found something in this boorish man to love.

However, Boycott is no longer loveable. Age has withered him, making him cruder and ruder than ever. Winning that appeal was his last chance to save his reputation and career - and he blew it.

And it wasn't Margaret Moore's was him and his big mouth.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Malone, Carole
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 15, 1998
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