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Carol comes out of her shell with Joel; TRIALS, TEARS & TANTRUMS IN THE CAMP.

PLUCKY Carol Vorderman and Joel Dommett hatch new ways to flirt together - while dressed in comedy chicken outfits.

The pair took part in the Dingo Dollar Challenge, where they had to put eggs in a nest while on a bungee rope.

Carol started flapping around Joel in her costume and squawked: "Ahh, my little bush cock, what's the plan?" The comedian crowed back: "You're one sexy bird, Carol."

With eggs bouncing all over the place, Joel asked Carol to load him up with one, urging her: "Shove it up me, Carol."

As they cracked on to win the challenge, Carol admitted: "I never thought I'd be stuffing something between his legs."

Carol, 55, and Joel, 31, have flirted since arriving in camp, with Carol teasing Joel about "touching his stick" after he carved one for her.

Joel also stunned campmates telling them of his sex-tape hell.

He said: "I was so naive.

Someone messaged me and after a while said did I want Skype sex, so I was like, 'Yes'."

Joel, who showed off his six-pack in the jungle shower, added: "I thought I was having Skype sex with someone but it was actually a video. It turned out it was someone watching me - a porno Gogglebox."


POWER SHOWER Joel and Larry wash

IN IT TO WING IT Carol and pal Joel get into the challenge

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 21, 2016
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