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Carol Vorderman internet column:

Q THERE is a much quicker way to copy your address book to another computer, or back it up, than you described in a recent Help Desk. Open Outlook Express, then open the Address Book. Go to File, Export and choose "Address Book (WAB)", insert a floppy disc, select the A drive, then click save. Job done, without any use of the Find command at all. To import the address book to your new machine, simply repeat the process, but choose "Import" instead of export in the "File" menu. Another useful thing about using the "Export" and "Import" commands is that the saved copy of the address book can be merged with an existing address book, without overwriting it.

Terry Miles

AYUP, that's certainly quicker and a lot easier than my method! Thanks for pointing it out, Terry.

QHOW do I permanently delete programs so it saves hard drive space and then my web pages can download quicker?

Anthony Bradshaw

AFIRST, look on the Start menu (in the same part of the menu that contains the icon you use to run the program) to see if there's an option there to uninstall it. If there is, click that and follow the instructions. If not, open Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs, and look for the program on the list. If it's there, click it and click the Add/Remove button. But removing unwanted programs from your hard disk won't make web pages download any quicker: that's down to the quality of your phone line and modem, the quality of your connection to your service provider, and some things you can't control like how busy the Internet is when you're using it, and how busy the site is you're viewing.

QCAN you help me remove the hyperlink that is on my email messages every time I want to send an email? I did have an account with Virgin Net but I have signed up with Freeserve and have informed Virgin that I no longer wish to have an account with them, that was at least two or three months ago.

Mrs Ann Randell

AOUTLOOK Express has been set up to add a signature to all outgoing email messages that reads "". If the Virgin installation sets this up, it's a bit unfair: most users wouldn't have it there if they were given the choice, but don't know how to remove it. In fact it's easy: go to Tools, Options and click the Signatures tab. In the upper of the two large boxes click a signature (there may be only one there) and you'll see its text in the box below. Edit or delete that lower text. You can create new signatures and assign names to them, set a particular signature as the default, and (using the checkboxes at the top) choose whether the default signature should be added to outgoing messages automatically.

QI KNOW how to type a letter offline and then connect to send it. but is there a way of reading my incoming mail while offline? I know I can do it via Outlook Express but my ISP is and I have to log on even to check if I have got mail. Surely there must be a way of knowing if I have any mail pending without having to connect?

John Carr

ATHIS is a popular question, and not surprisingly, if we could have the Internet without the cost of the phone calls it'd be a lot better!

Unfortunately it's not possible. When someone sends you email, it gets as far as your service provider's computer and it waits in your private mailbox on that computer. It can't make the final trip to your own computer until your computer is connected to it, which you do using the modem and phone line. Once you've downloaded your mail you can disconnect to read it, of course, as it's now on your own computer.

QI HAD a copy of Microsoft Office 97 on my computer and I wanted to put them in a folder. I later began using Microsoft Word and after I had finished, I successfully logged off Word and then my computer. But much to my horror, when I went on my computer the next day, all of the Microsoft office EXE files would no longer run. When I checked it out a message said it had been uninstalled. How could this have happened? All of the folders are there but the computer does not recognise them!

Richard Binns-Hall, age 14

AI'M a bit suspicious about that "wanted to put them in a folder"! If you mean you moved some of the Microsoft Office files to a different folder, that would explain why it doesn't run. When Office (and almost any program) is installed, it makes a note of where its files are being put so that it can find what it needs when you use it. If any files are moved it won't be able to find them. If you can remember what you moved and where it was originally, put it all back. If not, uninstall Office (you can do that by inserting its CD and choosing the Uninstall option), and then install it again. You can move or rename the shortcuts that appear on the Start menu afterwards, but don't touch anything in the Program Files folder on your hard disk.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 17, 2000
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