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Carol Vorderman's Internet column: My mail's a big turn-off.

Q WHEN I'm online and choose to read my e-mail it disconnects straight afterwards. Is this normal? This is a nuisance as sometimes I just want to read my e-mails and carry on from there.

Cathy Petrou

A YOU can stop Outlook Express doing this by going to Tools>Options>Connection, and removing the checkmark beside "Hang up after sending and receiving". During the send and receive process, you should see a dialog box that displays the transfer process which has a similar checkbox at the bottom. If you're quick you can check or uncheck that box if you decide you want to hang up or keep surfing afterwards.

Q HOW do I stop the dial up connection box appearing in Outlook Express 5 when I want to work offline, to avoid having to click on three separate items, ie "Cancel", then "Work Offline", then "OK" to the Cannot Find File message?

Dave Cook

A IN Outlook Express, go to the Tools>Options>General tab and remove the tick from the checkbox labelled "Send and receive messages at startup". If you want to start Internet Explorer without dialling up, set a blank homepage by going to IE's Tools>Internet Options>General tab and clicking the "Use Blank" button.

Q I'VE recently tried and failed to print large images downloaded from the Internet. The image has a scroll bar for left/right as well as up/down, but no matter which area is displayed when selecting file, print, only the left-hand edge is reproduced.

Jenny Cheasman

A YOU don't say which program you're loading the image file into for printing. The best solution is to right-click the image on the web page and choose Save Picture As, and then open the file in a good graphics program such as Paint Shop Pro ( that provides a range of sizing, layout and print options.

Q EVERY time I start Windows 95, I get this message: "The following file is missing or corrupted C:\ATACR\ CR_ATAPI.SYS. There is an error in CONFIG.SYS file on line 2". Can you tell me what this is and how I can correct the problem?

John Stockbury

A CONFIG.SYS is a hidden system file on your C: drive that loads hardware device drivers used by Windows or MS-DOS. It sounds as though an entry in that file is referring to a file that doesn't exist. Choose Run from the Start menu, and type "sysedit" (without the quotes).

Click the window labelled CONFIG.SYS to bring it to the front. Find the line that refers to the file CR_ATAPI.SYS (it probably starts with DEVICE= or DEVICEHIGH=). At the very start of that line, type a semicolon so that it looks something like ;DEVICE=C:\ATACR\CR_ATAPI.SYS. Choose File, Save and then File, Exit.

Q IF you decide to change your Internet server, will you automatically lose the web sites already stored in your Favourites folder?


A NO, these are stored by Internet Explorer so they're completely independent of your service provider. Even if you have several ISPs, you'll only ever have one copy of Internet Explorer installed, and the same set of Favourites will always be available.

QI AM a novice on the Net and my son keeps asking questions I can't answer. His latest thing for school is how to download/copy pictures from www sites so he can illustrate his homework with them. How can I do it?

Gerald Hall

A JUST right-click on any image you see on a web page and choose Save Picture As from the popup menu. An ordinary file dialog will appear letting you choose the folder to save the picture in and (if you want to) choose a different name for it.

Q WHEN I use Outlook Express I can't check my spelling. The spelling icon is greyed out, and when I go to the Tools menu at the top it is also greyed out.

Steve Appleton

A OUTLOOK Express doesn't have its own built-in spell checker. Instead, it uses the spellcheck facilities built into Microsoft Office. As a result, you need to have Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint installed on your system to spellcheck Outlook Express messages. If you haven't, the spelling options will be unavailable.

Q I USE Microsoft Mail as my e-mail program at work, and it allows me to mark my messages so that when the recipient reads the message I have sent, a "read" message with the same title as the original message is sent to my inbox folder. How can I do this with the version of Outlook Express included on the ic24 CD-ROM?

Geraldine Beveridge

A WHEN you compose a new message (and before clicking the Send button) go to the Tools menu and click Request Read Receipt.

When the recipient opens your message, they'll usually see a prompt stating that you've requested a receipt and offering to send one automatically. The recipient still has the option of refusing, so if a receipt doesn't arrive at your Inbox that doesn't mean the message was never read.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Young, Rob
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 14, 2000
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