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Q WHEN I right click on the C drive in My Computer, this message is displayed: "An error has occurred in the script on this page, object doesn't support this property or method." It then asks if I wish to continue running scripts on this page. When I answer no, it all returns to normal and I can continue to check the C drive. The same error occurs on My Documents, and when clicking on some of my files. I am using Windows 98.

A THIS is caused by the Web View feature - that displays folders such as web pages - and you can switch it off. In My Computer, choose View/Folder Options and click the Custom option followed by Settings. Choose "Use Windows classic desktop"/"Open each folder in the same window"/"Only for folders where I select..." and "Double-click to open an item". Click OK/Apply, then OK. Next, go back to View/ Folder Options, click the View tab, click Like Current Folder, then Yes, then OK.

Q I HAVE Windows XP. When I visit some websites a grey box appears with the error message "Exception: java.lang.Null Pointer Exception". Also, on the taskbar there is a message "Applet not loaded".

A A JAVA applet is a small program running on the web page, and if there's a problem left by the programmer it can prevent the applet from running. You could send an email to the owner of the website to let them know. To prevent the error message popping up, go to Control Panel, open the Java Plug-in item and remove the checkmark beside "Show Exception Dialog Box".

Q I KEEP getting messages returned to me that I haven't sent. The last one informed me someone who is using my email address must have a virus. Can you help?

A FIRST, this isn't a virus. This is "email spoofing" - spammers send out junk mail making it appear to have been sent by someone else (in this case you, although your address was chosen from a huge list). If any messages can't be delivered, they bounce back to the sender - again, you. The spammer may have a virus, or be sending one, but it doesn't mean that you have. Ignore these returned messages and delete them.
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Date:Apr 9, 2004
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