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Q IS IT possible to delete an email from Outlook Express without opening it? As many emails now carry viruses, it seems prudent to delete emails that look worrying. However, as soon as I click once on the email it is readable in the bottom 'preview' section of the screen and sometimes pictures which are attached are also instantly visible.

AGO TO View/Layout and remove the checkmark beside 'Show preview pane' to stop messages being displayed automatically - you then double-click a message to read it. One useful feature added to Outlook Express 6 prevents pictures and other web-style content being displayed. Go to Tools, Options, Read and check the box marked 'Read all messages in plain text format'.

QI'M an OAP new to email. I am using Windows ME and Outlook Express 6.1 on ntlworld broadband. I can send email but I can't forward messages. When I click the forward button I get: 'The host "" could not be found.'

A'FMTP' should be 'smtp'. In Outlook Express, go to Tools/Accounts, select your NTL account and click Properties. Switch to the Servers tab and change that 'f' to an 's' in the Outgoing Mail box, then click OK.

QI AM running Windows 98 and don't seem to have a spell-checker in my email program, which is Outlook Express. It is there but not highlighted. Is there any way I can get it to work?

AOUTLOOK Express uses the spell-checking system built into Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) so you need to have one or more of these programs installed. If you haven't, the spell-checker is unavailable.

QHOW do I send and receive attachments?

AI'LL Assume you're using Outlook Express for email. While writing the message click the paperclip button in the toolbar and select the file or files you want to attach. When you click send those files will be sent with the message. Send a message like this to yourself so you'll find out what receiving an attachment is like. When you click the message to read it you'll see a paperclip button on the bar halfway down the window. Click that and choose Save Attachments. Then choose the folder to save the attached files into.
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