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Carlsberg announces 1991 promotions.

Carlsberg announces 1991 promotions

The Carlsberg family of beers recently announced its 1991 sales promotions--"In a Glass All Its Own," the "Honorary Miss Carlsberg 1991" and "Save the Elephants"--which will be conducted at various times throughout the year.

"In a Glass All Its Own" repeats last year's successful glassware promotion in which draught glasses with the Carlsberg logo are offered to consumers through on-premise sampling events.

"The Honorary Miss Carlsberg 1991" promotion offers a take-one poster to both on- and off-premise customers. In addition to the poster, point-of-sale materials will include a convenience pole and cooler stickers.

In a separate program specific to its brand, Elephant Malt Liquor will make a cash donation to Wildlife Conservation International to assist that group's effort to preserve the African elephant, during the brand's "Save the Elephants" promotion.

"WCI has a wide and comprehensive mission, and we are proud to receive from Elephant Malt Liquor their generous support for a very important and integral part of that mission--namely, saving the African elephant," explained Dr. John Robinson, director, WCI.

"Elephant Malt Liquor has found a very worthwhile cause in Wildlife Conservation International and hopes this donation will help keep the vibrant and intriguing elephant alive," said Brian Porter, Carlsberg brand manager, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. "We have a responsibility to future generations."

PHOTO : THE HONORARY MISS CARLSBERG 1991 poster giveaway is one of several promotions being conducted by the Carlsberg family of beers this year.
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Title Annotation:Carlsberg Brewery Ltd.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 20, 1991
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