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Carlos Barba taking Venevision International to new heights.

Carlos Barba, president and CEO, Venevision International, believes in the quality of the product his company produces. Barba heads the Miami-based international distribution arm of Venevision, the leading producer, distributor and broadcaster of Hispanic television programming in Latin America. "Quality is a program that produces good ratings and acceptance by the audience. I am not talking quality of the casts, the story and the lighting; I don't want to be a critic."

"We produce soap operas - telenovelas on a daily basis. Some stations in Europe and Latin America show them Monday-Saturday in prime time, because it's a horizontal type of programming which creates a habit with the viewers. We select stories that have a tremendous appeal for the total audience."

According to Barba, the number one factor is a sensational love story. "If you don't have a love story, you don't have an audience," the former Telemundo senior programming vp said. "You need a good story and a good cast to create the suspense to attract the audience for the next day."

His company produces four novelas shown in the Hispanic market in the U.S., Latin America, Turkey, Spain, (Venevision prides itself in being the number one seller of novelas here) Portugal and Italy. "We are in very close negotiation with France, Germany and the Soviet Union," Barba said.

Venevision's success in Spain was not an easy task. "For years they refused to use this type of program. Thanks to the opening of private television, they started showing our novelas in the morning. They now run prime time and are very successful." Venevision also produces children's programming and an international news service. "In five years, I'd like to have the first Latin American television network. It will be an exclusive cable programming service for Hispanics, entitled The Hispanic Family Club."

He has his work cut out for him. "In the world of show business, if there's no show, there's no business," Barba reported.

Last May, his company secured the distribution rights (for the U.S., Puerto Rico and Venezuela) to Expo 92's salute to the 500th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America. Gala Lirica, a two-hour special, will feature concert performances by Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras among others.
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Date:Oct 1, 1991
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