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Caring mother was right to slap me.

MY girlfriend and I had attended our local church's prayer meeting, finishing around 9.30pm. We then went back to her digs, which she rented from a lady of the church. We had some refreshments, chatted and cuddled.

When I arrived home just after midnight my mother met me at the door, very cross. She gave me a slap and a sound telling off. She had been brought up in the old school. She didn't want her son to indulge in pre-marital sexual relations which both parties might regret.

Do you think I would report my mother to any authority for her punishment of me? I was 22.

No! I loved my mother too much. My father had been killed in an accident when I was four and Mother did her utmost to make up for my loss.

I never came home again that late in the two years of our courtship. I married my girlfriend in1968.

I believe parents should not have the right of reasonable chastisement taken away from them. Government should not interfere in family life.

Robert Stanley Lea Caerphilly

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 17, 2018
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